Open Game Thread: Kings/Panthers Lack Of Wit Edition

Maybe it’s the wind, but I’m not feeling it today, this whole writing business.

I’m definitely feeling the game. Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, taking the form of sweeping coaching changes across the NHL, or maybe it’s just heart burn, but I think the Kings are going to come out with guns blazing. We are well into the well defined period when Dean Lombardi is sniffing around to make changes and whether he rides the wave or weathers the storm will have a lot to do with how the Kings play the next bunch of games.

I get the feeling this relative fact is not lost on the dressing room.

As such, I’m expecting a positive reaction. I’m looking for Hunter to try and make his promotion to the first line something earned rather something given. I think we will see a reenergized Kopitar come out of his mini slump. Speaking of slumps, Williams is due any day now. Speaking of chumps, has anyone come to terms with the fact that Westgarth is the best player on his line? Scary, huh.

I’ve stopped expecting much from Doughty, but hey, here’s hoping.

I don’t have to bother expecting from Quick. I know he’s going to bring the noise.

Apparently the Panthers are pretty good this year. I wanted their new coach, Kevin Dineen, for the Kings. Taking his team down a notch will have to do instead.

I am not looking forward to seeing Brian Campbell’s immensely ugly head. I am hoping Clifford makes it uglier. I know Campbell isn’t a fighter, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting Clifford to punch him.


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  1. Your optimism helps, since all I think of is if they lose, maybe they’ll fire Terry Murray, but in all honesty, I never want to see the Kings lose. So here is hoping that they win, and TM gets canned!

    I wonder though, do we score more than 2 goals? I think it’s time since it seems we go on a streak of 2 goal games, then blow our wad with 5 goals…which I know they will since this will be the first game of the season I won’t be able to watch…

  2. Kings look really good so far. A few moments where Florida showed their speed, but nothing too dangerous.

  3. Why isn’t Mitchie playing? I missed that.

  4. Oooooooooooohhhh! Hooooooly shit NICE friggin shot Brownie Boy! Voynov is so money.

  5. And some more penalties. With options.

  6. Damn! When’s the last time the Kings got to pick their poison. Good thing Floridas power play hasn’t been too dangerous.

  7. … I see Richards wanted to keep up his streaky scoring, so he assisted on the Bergenheim goal – but that’s kinda doing it wrong. And Doughty would have been crucified if he did what Richards did, chasing around Bergenheim and taking a couple of silly penalties in a game where the Kings are already being shafted by the stripes as it is.

    • And yet now the whole team is going after Bergenheim. I like to see them take the head shots seriously.

      Doughty would be crucified because Drew hasn’t carried the offense as much as Richards has along with Kopi. Mistakes happen, I’m more concerned that we are getting outplayed.

      • I like to see them take the head shots seriously.

        … Bergenheim did nothing dirty in that play. Richards was going after him as much as he was going after Richards, and Richards stumbled to boot and the position of his head changed. Richards had no one to blame but himself on that one.

        • He had the puck and was trying to clear. He wasn’t going after Bergenheim on that play. It was accidental ill give you that. But I’m not talking about whether it’s suspension worthy. I’m talking about the team picking up the physical play because one of their guys could have gotten hurt from it. This team has always had problems with responding as a team to questionable hits. On the ice it was questionable. The players aren’t looking at slow mo replays. The response to pound Bergeneim that much more is wonderful to see.

          Now end your crusade against Richards and start enjoying a wonderful hockey player :)

  8. Is the NHL so anxious about keeping the game moving that they create a horseshoe in the rules where offsides isn’t offsides if you accidentally kick it back into your own zone?

    That’s bullshit. Quick should have had another shut out.

    Great game tonight if you’re into chewing on your fingernails all night. Expensive, too – losing two players. Kings have to solve the scoring drought.

    Two points – two bloody points…

  9. That’s it. I am nominating Patrick O’Neal for biggest douche in the universe.


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