Maybe it’s the wind, but I’m not feeling it today, this whole writing business.

I’m definitely feeling the game. Maybe it’s the holiday spirit, taking the form of sweeping coaching changes across the NHL, or maybe it’s just heart burn, but I think the Kings are going to come out with guns blazing. We are well into the well defined period when Dean Lombardi is sniffing around to make changes and whether he rides the wave or weathers the storm will have a lot to do with how the Kings play the next bunch of games.

I get the feeling this relative fact is not lost on the dressing room.

As such, I’m expecting a positive reaction. I’m looking for Hunter to try and make his promotion to the first line something earned rather something given. I think we will see a reenergized Kopitar come out of his mini slump. Speaking of slumps, Williams is due any day now. Speaking of chumps, has anyone come to terms with the fact that Westgarth is the best player on his line? Scary, huh.

I’ve stopped expecting much from Doughty, but hey, here’s hoping.

I don’t have to bother expecting from Quick. I know he’s going to bring the noise.

Apparently the Panthers are pretty good this year. I wanted their new coach, Kevin Dineen, for the Kings. Taking his team down a notch will have to do instead.

I am not looking forward to seeing Brian Campbell’s immensely ugly head. I am hoping Clifford makes it uglier. I know Campbell isn’t a fighter, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting Clifford to punch him.