The Quota Is Enough – Kings Edge Panthers 2-1

I’m noticing a trend.

It goes something like… Kings score quick random goals, get outplayed most of the game, Quick holds on for a win. Well, perhaps it’s not a trend, they don’t always win. Still, the Kings were pretty badly outplayed for the majority of this one. The Panthers’ exciting brand of feisty hockey kept the Kings busy and Quick busier, with oaf Tomas Kopecky making it particularly unpleasant for Jonathan to make 41 saves.

Which brings me to another trend. Quick is getting up in some faces more often, his temper on a shorter fuze. I have a feeling we are in store for some fun old-time hockey moments from Quick as he fills out the boyish exterior with a hardened interior. Hopefully Hextall has been showing him good spaniel slashing technique. Hey, maybe that and his improved play with the puck on his stick go hand in hand.

But enough about Quick, he wasn’t completely left out to dry. Johnson and Scuderi played strong games, bailing Quick out when he needed it. Voynov further proved that he is only getting more and more comfortable and poised. Brown is picking up speed. He had a fantastic game, and is really coming on strong lately.

The bad news is that both Willie Mitchell and Mike Richards left the game and did not return and it wasn’t because they just couldn’t stand looking at Brian Campbell’s laughable avian face.

No idea what happened to Mitchell. Sub-horizon region injury. Richards gets pounded by Sean Bergenheim, proceeds to harass him, takes a double minor at the end of the second period and doesn’t skate a shift of the third. The happiest person on the ice was Kopecky, who was the number target for leaving the game possessing fewer ribs than he began it with before Bergenheim put his shoulder in Richards’ head.

Though the game was brimming with energy, from the ice to the sounds of the arena, I still worry, and will continue to worry, until our trend becomes winning games through force and not purely by resilience.

Quick is a joy to watch, but I think I’m ready for some healthy servings of offensive zone pressure.


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  1. Wonder how many games they’re gonna win the rest of the season scoring the quota?

  2. After that second period I was ready to say “Jonathan Quick: the #6 team in the western conference!” but despite failing to dictate overall pace the Kings did have their moments. They were certainly more creative with the passing and plays this game when they did have control, even if they couldn’t quite bury the puck. The defense was also great and very smothering. Someone just needs to slap the shit out of everyone until they wake up and dictate the pace of these games because these baby steps aren’t going to cut it.

  3. Well, let’s remember they were down to 5 D-men from the get go. And, with so many penalty kill situations the lines get messed up for a bit. That eplains some, not all, of the chasing and scrambling.


  4. Be happy we got the two points.

    So I can tell the Great Bitch Goddess Luck, “That’s it, baby. Now work the shaft. Just the shaft.”

    (Quick is the reason why, but he’s not the whole reason why. Even when we were chasing out tails in the second period and skating over our dicks, the defense was doing more than just coughing up pucks in the defensive zone.)

  5. As my Dad said, “Quick has cock like horse.”

  6. That was Eastern conference style hockey, and they’ll get more of it with Montreal on Saturday. Let’s hope they make the most of their national exposure at 12:30.

    Penner was a healthy scratch, I believe, so thanks to TM for that.

    Quick is not only on top of his game, he’s getting lucky a lot. I suggest we continue ritually sacrificing a duck to the Hockey Gods each week to placate them.

    It’s the least I can do. Besides…duck is delicious!

  7. “Quick is a joy to watch”

    First of all, I want to preface this post by telling you that I know nothing about hockey. I went to one game back in the 90’s on a date, but then did not watch again until a couple of years ago. I have always been a fan of sports, but just never really watched hockey. When I went to my first live game last year(yes, I’m practicing revisionist history, because the first one didn’t really count), Quick was the player I found most intriguing. He seemed to have the greatest amount of raw athletic ability, he was like a 2 y.o. horse making his first start – you could tell there was something there, and he just needed more experience. He immediately became my favorite player. That part is not revisionist. He is as athletic as anyone in the league and you said it all in the quote above. He has become an amazing player and is the Kings’ biggest asset.

    • All I can say is welcome to the insanity! You are going to get sucked in – a downward spiral like a drug. A while back my wife and I started going to a game here and there when work would give us free tickets; a date night. We really didn’t know very much about the game, any of the players, etc. Now, I lose my wife six months out of the year due to hockey :). What’s also interesting about the Kings is that there are just as many rabid female fans – and everyone shares a camaraderie. You’re in the secret club just by identifying yourself as a fan – everyone is very friendly, etc. Mark my words – you’ll start watching more here and there, and before you know it you’ll be a super fan.


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