Video: Allow Me To Introduce Bruce Boudreau To The Hear No Evil Anaheim Ducks Fans…

Since most pussy Orange County Ducks blogs (which is, pretty much, all Ducks blogs) likely won’t post this video, let me do my community service for their ignorant and myopic fan base and introduce Bruce Boudreau.

Enjoy dipshits…and fuck you.

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  1. That fat Douche shoud fit in well with the fat douche duck fan(s)…DOUCHES!

  2. Hopefully he will hire Terry Murray as assistant coach!

  3. I love that fucken video. The fucker always makes me laugh. Why can’t our fuck of a coach tell it like it is instead of acting like a fucken phil jackson zen master yoda mind fuck coach. Too fucken bad he’s the new coach of the fucks. In any event, fuck you terry murray and I can’t fucken wait for a new head coach.

    -the fucken end.

    • Remember we had a coach like that before TM. That didn’t work out too good either. Players tuned him out.

    • Can’t stop laughing…

      I think it’s time for Surly and Scribe to go undercover for Terry Murray’s welcome to the Pacific Division conversation with Bruce Boudreau.

  4. Omg that is awesome

  5. Not the best way to motivate your team IMO. Cussing is effective but he’s just ranting. I don’t know how often he did that but if its often I can see how it would get old real quick.

  6. Say hello to the new anahiem fucks

  7. I can’t believe that is fucking real, hilarious to say the least. I like it… anaheim fucks

  8. You know he is going to call him Corey Fairy.

  9. I can just hear it now “Teemu’s the only Fuckin guy, not Fuckin standing around in the Fuckin offensive zone. Perry Fuckin makes a bee line to the Fuckin point instead of the Fuckin front of the net, and Getz passes it no no Fuckin body in the Fuckin slot. Fuckin Anze Fuckin Kopitar takes the Fuckin pass away, and does a Fuckin stretch pass to Mother Fuckin Mike Fuckin shorthanded Fuckin Richards, and beats 3 Fuckin Ducks, all standing at the Fuckin blue line, watching the Fuckin mother Fuckin God Damn Fuckin puck go by them, and he scores the Fuckin game Fuckin winner with 2 Fucking minutes left in Fucking regulation. You guys Fuckin Suck!”.

  10. Reminds of the Sopranos. Or Joe Pesci. How much do you think that suit cost? LOL, epic fucking rant.

  11. let me do my community service for their ignorant and myopic fan base and introduce Bruce Boudreau.

    … I think it helps when you address their fan base on their level when you introduce Mr. Boudreau.

  12. Don’t hate on Bruce, he’s been a AHL coach for the Kings, and coached a team which has one of the better line-ups on paper, and couldn’t do squat in the playoffs.

    Fuck the Schmucks, but anybody who had their apartment used as the apartment that Reg Dunlop lived in is pretty funny. That shithole was where Lily went to after she left Brayden, and brought their St. Bernard with her.

    Bruce even has a cameo in the movie as #7 for the Hyannisport Presidents.

    Hey Jonas! Hiller,! Hiller – your mom sucks pussy! Hey Jonas she’s a dyke! I know, I know! She’s a lesbian, a lesbian, a lesbian!

    Terry Murray: I am personally placing a hundred-dollar bounty on the head of Bruce Boudreau. He’s the head coach and chief punk of the Fucks.

    Bob Miller: A bounty?

    Terry Murray: Yeah, a hundred bucks of my own money for the first of my guys who really nails that creep.


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