Papa Parise Says Zach Is Gone. Well, Kind Of, Sort Of…

From Zach Parise’s father, J.P. Parise

“Money will be a factor, of course,” J.P. Parise said. “But he likes to win, he likes to have a chance, he likes to compete. … That’s why he decided to accept a one-year contract. He wants to see where [the Devils] are heading, what kind of players they have. They have acquired some good young players. He’s not going to rush into anything. He’ll take his time, analyze the whole thing.”

So, let me make sure I have this straight:

1. Money will be a factor = $7ish million. New Jersey, a franchise with financial problems and $11 million in salary committed to Ilya Kovalsuck, likely won’t pay that.

2. He likes to win = he wants playoff success.

3. He likes to have a chance = he wants to play for a contender.

4. He likes to compete = he likes to have a chance = he wants to play for a contender.

5. He wants to see where the Devils are heading = he wants to see if the Devils are going to win, have a chance and be a contender.

6. Which kind of players they have = players that compete = give the Devils a chance to be a contender.

7. They have acquired some good young players = he has to say something nice here.

8. He’s not going to rush into anything, he’ll take his time, analyze the whole thing = see ya, wouldn’t want to play for ya.

Was Ilya Kovalchuck worth it, Mr. Vanderbeek?

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  1. what’s with the snowflakes? very west hollywood of you.

    If he wants to win, why would he come here? After this season, it will be THREE 1st round playoff exits and Lombardi will probably hire a coach he hates.

  2. Love the change. It’s like back in the day when my freinds and I would smoke a doobie and sit in the closet with a blacklight, and laugh our asses off. Just kidding.

    Sort of.

    I wish I could covet Parise as much as you guys do, but I don’t see the Kings landing him.

  3. Format is cool. I like the colors actually. The snowballs are interesting.

  4. On the less blockbuster front heres what I think should happen trade wise:

    Alec Martinez, Jarret Stoll, and Dustin Penner to Edmonton for Ryan Jones and Sam Gagner.

    Edmonton seems to be running out of room for another young creative forward in Gagner. Gagner hasn’t lived up to expectations in Edmonton, but he may be a player who would benefit greatly from a new start. With Stoll involved in this trade, he can add creativity to our third line, with Stoll staying put, he can center the fourth line consistently, or even fill in on injuries to any players on the top 6.

    Ryan Jones is a guy who can add some speed and tenacity to the fourth line. He’s an upgrade from Lewis or Richardson, or Clifford, or Moreau for the simple fact he has hands at the end of his arms.

    Stoll and Penner are two guys that carry a pretty obese cap hit, but are loved in Edmonton. If anybody is willing to take those contracts, it’s Edmonton. And with a very solid bet at having a Letang like 2 way defenseman in Martinez, I think this would be a very dicy, interesting trade that may take either team to the next level.

  5. “If #JeffCarter was available and he cost us Lokti, Martinez, an offensive prospect and/or a 1st, do you do it? #LAKings #BlueJackets”

    The salary cap says no. Penner would have to be moved to fit in any other top 6 players. The Kings are at the cap.

    • No….as a long time Flyers fan you don’t want Jeff Carter. MR is much beter without him and Carter is one dimensional and takes entire shifts and games off. He never used his size , doesn’t use his body, is terrible in the neutral zone…and he has no chemsity with MR , which is why he was Giroux winger last year.
      Mike is much beter off without Carter. And Columbus wont’ trade him.
      Also, I don’t think DL would do it, based on what he said regarding the rumors of Carter and Richars in Phlluy that ‘he talked to a lot of people there ‘ and that he ‘knew the score’
      The Kings don’t need another center and Carter hated being a winger.

  6. Back to the subject of the article….Parise.

    Still think all along this is the player that DL has coveted as his ‘last piece’ to the puzzle. The fact that he was only signed to a one year contract, will be a UFA, NJ has serious money issues, seems to be in a situation that is a rebuild team/a non-rebuild team to me is just karma. There are to many question marks with NJ I think that will cause him to look elsewhere.

    LA has to get into the second round at minimum this season. For starters, it shows improvement they are getting closer to the prize. As you point out with your speculation by his dad, he will want to go someplace that is a contender and allows him to compete. For the sake of LA fans and to help DL in his attempt, the Kings have to advance at minimum to the 2nd this season.


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