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  1. It was a clean hit, boys. Sorry but even though it’s one of our stars, that doesn’t take away the fact that it was clean. Mikey had his head down trying to get by on the boards and boogerslime gave him a good knock, shoulder first, no elbow, head not targeted.

    If the hit happened a fraction of a second later, it would have been straight shoulder to shoulder contact. Just one of those “hockey plays” and since we’re on the losing end of this one, there will be a lot of Kings fans crying foul but simply put, it wasn’t.

    Richards knew he was there. Booger’s feet weren’t moving so no charging involved and he didn’t leave his feet either. Boogerslime was in front of him so there’s no lateral hit validity. It’s a clean hit, simply put. Mikey had his head down.

    If one of our boys laid that hit on someone, we would all be saying the same thing due simply to the fact that the roles would be reversed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I bleed Kings colors and want Richards on the ice each and every night but this is hockey. It’s a rough sport. Things like this happen.

    Flame away.

    • No flaming required, as you state the case very well. However I think the one area that sets things apart for me is this argument:

      “If the hit happened a fraction of a second later, it would have been straight shoulder to shoulder contact.”

      This falls into the “if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle” line of reasoning to me…too many “ifs” and “woulds”. The point is that the contact was with the head/jaw and not the shoulder and the onus of that contact is on Bergenhiem, not Richards. I don’t think Bergenhiem was targeting the head but he made contact nonetheless and deserves supplemental punishment (anyone have his address? Asshole may have just crushed our entire offense!).

      I will say that I come from the camp that believes any contact with the head should result in penalty/suspension, for what it’s worth, but this is the type of hit that needs to be regulated out of the game as much as possible.

      • Agreed. for the most part…

        Richards’ head wasn’t THAT down, and more importantly, he didn’t drop his head right before the contact. I don’t think there should be a suspension when a guy drops his head level at the last second and ends up getting hit in the head. Richards skated with his head pretty level the whole time he had the puck, so Bergenheim, even if not targeting the head, was a little high on his hit regardless of the level of RIchards’ head.

        Like you said, it’s the hitter’s responsibility (unless the player changes elevation at the last second, which is not the case here).

        Now I don’t necessarily think Bergenheim should be suspended, but if the league is looking as all head shots this year, then this had to be borderline cause for suspension or fine. I’m OK if he isn’t, just again, glad the players reacted the way they did.

  2. I’m just glad to team finally reacted to a hit. Clean or not on replay, the players don’t watch video reviews, and on the ice it was questionable, so the team should have and thankfully did make Bergenheim a marked man after that. Much better than the past where Malkin hits Simmonds with no one really caring, and so many more examples.

    I have a feeling Richards presence has a lot to do with that reaction as well. They know if it was someone else on the receiving end of the hit, Richards would be all over that asshole, so they have to do for him as he would do for them.

    • I was glad to see some team response as well..some getting physical ..
      But what a crap price to pay..and Willie..
      Hope when I catch up on these blogs I read good news
      Arcadia CA had 100 mile an hour winds ..We have been declared
      a State of emergency…aahhhh
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • High winds in my central coast neighborhood…no kings last might for me, either…

        In another video (having missed the game) it looks like Stoll was pissed about the arm to the head after Richards slashed the guy about 5 times.

        As for the initial hit, well Richards hit the numbers…how do you target a man with your back? No penalty…this is not a situation to complain about.


  4. I agree – hard hit – but clean. I said for a long time that if the league was going to start looking at every hard hit for possible fines and suspensions then the players on the ice would start reacting indignantly to every hard hit. There was a glorious time not so long ago when players would just return the favor, but no more. It’s the pussification of hockey, and you see it all over the place this season – brawls breaking out over crushing hits.

    Welcome to the new NHL.

    • I don’t think this has anything to do with the “pussification” of hockey, but rather protecting players health from dangerous hits. If you look back at hitting in the 70’s-80’s it was much more about separating players from the puck and body through body contact. The upward drive of the shoulder to/through the head is not a natural hockey hit and players can be taught/learn to hit with as much force but in a safer manner.

      Your point about brawls breaking out over crushing hits is absolutely spot on! So frustrating…

      • Complaining about a “hit” like this is a perfect example of the “pussification” of hockey. His back was turned to Richards.

        I really think smaller pads need to become a recurring topic.

        • I guess we disagree on the definition of pussification then. Where would you find one anyway?

          The pad issue is indeed a topic that should be addressed.

  5. Watch the longer version — it has a second or two more of the lead up.

    I’d say a case can be made that the head was targeted. I’m not sure it’s a compelling one but it’s not totally merit-less.

    I just hope Richards is not gone too long.

  6. Very close hit maybe it was clean, but when Letang got crushed he turned into the hit and the league suspended patchy now you argue that a second earlier and it would have not hit the head and I say call the game the same all the time. I dont think he was targeting the head, but his shoulder hit richards head and nothing else. Not too mention as the scrum breaks out afterward he elbowed richards in the head again. The NHL would suspend bergenheim if he hit Cindy Crosby like that so all I ask is for the calls to be fair to all.

  7. Per Hammond — Richards to IR tomorrow. That means 7 days without him.

    Not clear if he’ll be placed onto it retroactively to today (could they do so back to yesterday?)

    Here comes da Penner!

  8. Anybody have the film on Mitchell’s injury? Would like to see that again.

    I keep thinking Allison & Deadmarsh. Please, God, don’t let it be so!?! All I want for Christmas is a Stanley Cup in LA.

  9. This is some bullshit. It didn’t look that bad to me. The 2nd one looked more directly to the head than the 1st.

  10. You know.. I have a problem with the whole idea of hits to the head. I’m a pretty tall guy.. 6’3″. If I’m skating on the ice and lay a hit on a guy who is 5’10 lets say, that in is an extra 5 inches my head level is above his head level. Which would mean about 5 inches my shoulder is above his.

    There is only so much a taller player can do to check someone shoulder or below, and even less if said player is making a move, putting him at a lower height to begin with.

    I’m almost fine with head shots in certain circumstances, as long as the secondary rules are followed. And as long as its shoulder, and no elbows involved. There is only so much you can do. I’ve played hockey, granted not at this level, but even if I had my arms tucked, it would be at head level against a lot of guys.

  11. I MISS RICHARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. the snow on the site is a nice job

    Good Job.


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