It’s Time To Ask Dean Lombardi Some Direct Questions…

Mr. Lombardi,

Do you believe the Kings can be a successful regular season and post season team scoring 1-2 goals per game?

Why do you think the Kings’ 5 on 5 scoring continues to suffer despite the increase in top 6 offensive skill?

Coming into this season, did you expect to see the L.A. Kings’ offense struggle this badly despite adding Mike Richards & Simon Gagne?

After watching the last four Stanley Cup champions, aren’t you persuaded that defense does not win championships in hockey but balance does?

Are you at all concerned when you see no adjustments to the offensive structure and attack, especially the role of the F3 and D1, in the third period and last 5 minutes of a game we trail, in that it looks identical to the first period and first 5 minutes of a 0-0 game?

Is it coincidence that players like Teddy Purcell, Brian Boyle and Matt Moulson could not produce offensively here, yet do so on other teams? As a follow up, how would Moulson-Boyle-Purcell look as an L.A. Kings third line right now if used as a third scoring line versus a third grinding & checking line?

Do you believe a player like Dustin Penner who I think had more goals than any other L.A. King at the time you traded for him suddenly and overnight got fat, slow, lazy and unexpectedly lost his scoring touch when he came here?

What would the L.A. Kings record be if Jonathan Quick had not stolen about 6 games this season? Does that concern you?

Do you believe a team that needs exceptional goaltending night in and night out to have a chance to win is one ready to contend? Do you believe that is sustainable without offensive support?

If Mike Richards’ injury keeps him out for an extended period of time, do you intend to use that as a justification for losing after what you have seen the Pittsburgh Penguins do without Sidney Crosby and even, for long stretches, Evgeni Malkin?

Do you see any substantive resemblance between the Penguins, Blackhawks, Canucks, Red Wings, Bruins, or even your model franchise, the Philadelphia Flyers’ offensive system and that of our own? Do you realize the Flyers score 3.5 goals per game and are 1st in the league? That we score 2.27, are 27th and are even behind Columbus?

This April will be the start of your 6th year with the L.A. Kings as General Manager. Is this team, currently struggling to score more than 2 goals in any game and with as many wins as losses, meeting your expectations?

Do you see how hard the players are working out there and playing within the coach’s system but the team is still struggling to score? Do you really place that on the players?

What are your expectations today for this team?

What will you do if they are not met?

Do you think the fans and especially season ticket holders, like me, will accept anything less than playoff success this season?

I have sent these questions to Dean Lombardi.

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  1. He’s too busy complaining to Mike Murphy.

  2. Love it….keep us updated.

  3. I agree completely, and would like to add…
    Would a well coached team continue to look unprepared and lackadaisical in every day game at home?
    I have always heard coaches say that if their team didn’t look ready to play, it was the coaches fault. If it is not Terry Murray’s fault, then whose is it?

    • It is rather extraordinary isn’t it? Any Sat afternoon game vs. good competition (we’ll call the Habs good competition as the Kings seem to never beat them) and the quota for those games seems to be one goal for.

      The only questions are; who will get it, and in what period.

    • I’m baffled why a noon/afternoon start results in poor performances. I think for most people that is the time they are at their peak as far as physical abillity. The CNS is primed and ready to go, there’s no fatigue due to the length of the day, etc.

      • We are especially pathetic at afternoon starts, but I dont think its the time of day really that’s the problem. It’s the lack of ability for players to go through their routines. Morning skate, dinner, naps, etc. hockey players and most athletes tend to be big time creatures of habit.

        Now granted the other team has to deal with this problem as well so it’s not an excuse, just a contributing factor. One could argue that it’s easier to an afternoon game for the road team since the routine for away games differs frequently by necessity.

        But still, a team’s inability to cope well with adapting to rude changes is a fault of the coach. I know what you’re thinking, Terry Murray bad at helping his players adapt to change? Preposterous!

  4. “I have sent these questions to Dean Lombardi.”

    You have direct contact to the source? LOL you guys are legit!

    Definitely curious to see if and how he’ll respond.

  5. Bobby, I thought that I had a lot of questions. Boy oh boy. You covered it all.
    I wish to make two points to add to your list. Only one is a question though.
    The question would be along the lines of: do you take any responsibility for the fact that while you have a clear point of view (very commendable) that the intense focus on building from goal on out has left this team after five years with not one forward that you’ve drafted (with the obvious exception of Schenn and Simmer = Mike Richards) who has more than one goal a third of the way thru the season.

    It seems to me that as admirable as it is to build from the back out, you tend to get results like what we’re seeing: excellent d (like today, only 2 goals against) but only 1 for.

    The observation I want to make is that, living on the east coast I see a lot of the Rangers, Flyers, Minn, NJ (we’ll ignore them for the moment), TB, etc. And it’s disheartening to see teams moving the puck quickly, skating w speed thru the neutral zone, and challenging from the slot, and then comparing it to what we see w the Kings. Two years ago I never could have told you I’d be jealous of the Rangers!! But the much maligned Sather has found a way to bring in young forwards, get speed and production, while quietly building a very solid and under rated defense. If you doubt me, they’ve won 12 of the last 14 games.

    • Was on the East Coast last week and caught a number of Rangers, Flyers, Islanders and Devils games.

      Against the Rangers the Flyers never connected two passes in a row while Boyle was nothing to write home about.

      Moulson, who is having a great season, was invisible in two games against the Devils.

      The Devils, so very thin, seem to be alternating big minutes other game between Parise and Kovalchuk. These two horses will be worn out by season’s end.

  6. It’s time for DL to really swallow his pride on this TM issue. Yes Murray was a sound choice for a young, rebuilding team in need of structure in the wake of the brief Crawford era, but DL continues to add talent and the results remain the same.

    It’s painfully obvious to everyone not DL or TM that this system is crushing the creativity of the offensive players on this team. How long until Lokti is shipped off because he won’t play a heavy dot to board” game. As was pointed out in the original post, why is it other players are moved for not being able play in the TM system but go on to thrive elsewhere?

    DL has some soul searching to do and needs to figure out what his priority is. Is he sitting in his office in El Segundo with the focus of making the LA Kings a Stanley Cup contending team or is he more concerned about keeping an old friend employed. I think most agree on what the obvious choice is…

    and a guy like Randy Carlyle who understands that both offense and defense win not only games, but championships is waiting for someone to dial his number.

    Do what you came here to do DL.

  7. I am happy that you sent these questions to DL. I doubt he will answer but at least he will have to think about this. I have been behind our GM but I have seen that adding offensive players like Penner, Richards and Gagne are not working within TM’s system.
    I for one am happy that TM has taught our core to be strong defensively but it is tie to take the next step and that cannot be done with him at the helm. We have so much young “O” talent in the system that it is scary to think what TM will do to ruin them.
    So Dean bottom line is save us. Do what other teams have done this year and let the coach go. This is not working. I will not stand behind you at the end of this season if you don’t attempt to fix this.

  8. What would the L.A. Kings record be if Jonathan Quick had not stolen about 6 games this season? Does that concern you?

    … I’m curious. Which six has he stolen??? That seems like a high number. I would say he’s stolen a couple, maybe three.

    • damn i forgot what is was like havinh.JT come in witj his infinate ammount of hockey knowledge and bestow it upon us un informes and un educated masses by contridicting and challenging what scribe or surly or anyone else for that matter write. thank you so much for returning JT we were all walking blind in the dark during your absence

    • 10/15 v. Flyers, 10/20 v. Coyotes, 10/22 v. Stars, 11/28 v. Sharks, 12/1 v. Panthers and the 6th one was actually Bernier on 11/22 v. Blues. I mistakenly thought it was Quick. Same premise though .

      • 10/15 v. Flyers, 10/20 v. Coyotes, 10/22 v. Stars, 11/28 v. Sharks, 12/1 v. Panthers and the 6th one was actually Bernier on 11/22 v. Blues.

        … Alright, well … I disagree with the 10/20 and 10/22 games; I thought the Kings played terrific D in both of those shutouts and didn’t allow many quality shots in either one of them. I don’t think Bernier stole the win against the Blues, but he did play well.

        The win against the Flyers and the recent win against the Panthers – I agree 100% with both of those, and the win against the Sharks was mighty impressive as well. I don’t think we’re too far off.

        • I can see your perspective and I think it is fair. When I look at a match where the goaltender had to play outstanding the entire game and (the and being the key) there is no way the team would have won absent that, it is a steal. I think your definition (not unreasonably) requires an even higher “ass saving” component. That is why the Bernier game against St. Louis was a steal. We had no business winning that game without his incredible saves.

  9. I am tired of this disney on ice called LA Kings. Who is running this circuis anyway. AEG, Robitaille, Lombardi. I have been loyal Kings fan since the 84-85 season, that’s before Gretzky and I am really close to giving up and adopting another team. We are a joke of the NHL. How long does it take to realize that T. Murray is not the coach for this team. Our offense is worst than last year and last year we sucked. How long is Jaime Kompon going to run our pathetic power play. I am tired of the lies AEG gives us but I guess all they care about is the sellouts. Common people wake up, stop going to the games and supporting this sham. Until we get a new coaching team and maybe even new GM, we really don’t know what this team can do. I am tired of other lesser skilled teams coming to our building and dominating us in every part of the game. We are slow and have energy for one period. If not for Quick we would be in the bottom of the division. We are 28 th in offense, it’s a shame. Does AEG even care or read what the loyal fans have to say. My final question is quoting the Pink floyd masterpiece, ” is there anybody out there” from Comfortably Numb.

  10. The one and only virtue left in having TM coach this team cannot be realized until he is gone. The incessant line juggling, the emphasis on defense, the constant switching of positions of the forwards away from their natural/preferred locations will all yield players that are fundamentally better and more flexible.

    The next coach will have better material to build with. He will be able to add creativity to craftsmanship. That could be special.

    Let’s also note that the players had the chance to put their coach in the spotlight today. Win 500 is a big deal. But the performance we saw — on one of those rare days with massive exposure (NHL Network and HNIC ) — tells me that the players didn’t want to go that extra distance to get him the extra recognition.

    Carlyle and Boudreau each reached the end of their strings because they could no longer get the most out of their team. They lost the room. In particular, they had scoring problems. Is that not the case here?

    Ken Hitchcock has made a remarkable difference in St. Louis. Could Carlyle do that here?

    Denis Savard to Joel Quinville: same team, new coach, new and spectacular results (without the amazing goaltending we have available to us.) Who will be our Coach Q?

  11. They’re all potheads. Every last one of them. (Except maybe Hunter, but he’s new; give him until Springtime and he’ll be “cool”.) In fact, with the Kings, this isn’t only endemic, but it goes back a long way. Probably started when Vachon came along. There are a few suppliers in Marina Del Rey who have been channeling some of the most powerful, magical Green Triangle herb for 50+ years. (I think the Brian Wilson/Beach Boys scene was the first high profile bunch to hook up with these guys.) This is life-altering stuff, and it just happens to go perfectly hand-in-hand with the beach culture, the car culture, the chicks, the music, the view of the city from Mulholland Drive after a few days of Santa Ana winds have rendered the light crystal clear and enhanced that delicate cotton-mouth parch to the palate which makes one want to quench their thirst from nothing less than the Fountain of Eternal Delight… There’s a certain lifestyle these guys get sucked into. Chillin’ on the beach, mingling with celebrities, backstage passes, gourmet take-out, bimbo hockey pussy, agents who open all the doors, lawyers with hands in everybody’s pockets… They’ve got it made. And then add some primo green bud to the mix and look out: the Doors of Perception open wide. Why do you think so many NHL stars starting coming to LA in the summer? That whole Chris Chelios boot camp story was just a cover up. Did you ever look closely at the eyes of some of those guys who came here for the great “plyometrics” training? Blake, Sakic, Kariya, Selanne… Permanently stoned. (Do you think it’s just a coincidence that LA is becoming more and more the underground center of the NHL universe?) And what about Kopitar, Doughty, Greene, Penner, JJ… Lombardi himself, for that matter. (Just read his interviews!) If they don’t look like they’ve got bong water on the brain I don’t know who does. You can even see it in some of the young ones like Lokti, Clifford, that guy Kitsyn. Sheesh. With the sunsets on the sea and the sand in the toes and the sound of the waves and the spindrift on the face and all those babes with their silky hair brushing against their tanned skin as they stretch back, lick their lips and take another toke… Ahhhhh. There are far more important things in life than winning or losing, let me tell you.

    If you want to ask Dean questions — and understand his answers — be sure you meet him on his own terms. Whether you roll it, bowl it, shake it or bake it, don’t forget to take it. It cured Dave Taylor’s stuttering, it’s how Steve Duchesne learned to speak English, it’s what turned Sean Avery on to Neil Young, it’s why Ron Duguay asked if he could wear no. 420, it’s why Paul Mulvey wouldn’t fight… it even led to Wayne Gretzky sporting facial hair for the first time.

    Anyway, good luck with the questions, Bro. The Kings may never win the Stanley Cup, but rest assured that they’ve got their names written on the Sands of Eternity.


    • W.

      • What media? The Times cut the road budget.

        • The game was broadcast North America wide — NHL Network in the States. And, more importantly, CBC had it on HNIC.

          Frankly, that’s about as much TV coverage as a west coast team ever gets.

          The Times is generally meaningless. The sole exception is the absolutely amazing Helene Elliot. There is no better beat writer in the NHL. Not one.

  12. I think some of our media needs to get involved. We may not have the reporting that Canada and the east coast has but we need @helenenothelen and @reallisa to start asking DL many of the same things that are posed above. It’s time to ask the tough questions. We all know nothing is going to change with the current head coach.

  13. Another year of struggling to get into the playoffs? Unacceptable! Period!

    We need to make the coaching change in order to make that point!

  14. Lieweke said that Richards will be back by Christmas…

    …too soon?

  15. Got another question you can send him.

    A few games ago we seemed to make a concerted effort to move the puck up quicker on breakouts instead of pausing and making so many D to D passes first. Last couple games that effort seems to have disappeared. What’s going on with that?

  16. After 4.5 years of good management the Kings made a u-turn. The 09-10 summer building period lost to Kovalchuk followed by the Penner-Sturm debacle (a move I supported at the time) now the Edmontion-Smyth fiasco.

    Then, the Doughty situation in the midst of which the conditioning coaches left, leaving a team that once physically dominated 3rd periods (and never blowing leads) now struggling to both hold leads and finish games.

    Next young players languish in the system as Moreau and Hunter are brought in to do, what? Be taught to play by a coach that specializes in working with rookies?

    Hate to say it but the Kings seem to be reverting to their former knack as an organization that betrays players and undermines confidence.

    Is this any way to work with pro athletes?
    –good game? Pressbox the next game
    –poor play? Logs are rewarded with 1st line and PP minutes, youth is axed.
    –Potential shut out record? Benched, record denied, game lost, team identity crushed.
    –Promised goal rotation? Sit game after game regardless of quality of play.
    –Stable of young, NHL ready talent? Work your ass off and watch from afar as Hunter and Moreau are signed.
    –Young top 6 center? Play as a 3rd line wing while waiting to be axed.
    –Young top 4 defense? Equal the 1-4D while waiting to be axed.
    –Make a mistake? Youth axed, underachievers are rewarded (Hunter) and coddled (Penner).

    And back on another point…what’s this bull shit that a log like Moreau is needed for the playoffs? Isn’t the experience of Richards, Gagne, Scaduri and Williams enough?

    It can be said the market for wings has not been wholly cooperative for the past two years, that however does not change my opinion that this is a good squad kept in disarray due to coaching and somewhat indifferent/insensitive management.

    • I don’t know if DL has brought in another strength and conditioning coach, but I think Tim Adams is a very weird dude, and I’d like someone to ask Penner if any of his nagging injuries have anything to do with doing thousands of yards of lunges every day. That is beyond retarded.

      I’m not really concerned about that as long as he gets someone intelligent to replace him.

      I do know that a couple of years ago he offered Alan Aragon, who is a very smart nutritionist and has a pretty thorough understanding of strength and conditioning, a full time job with the Kings, but he declined. So I think Deano was on the right track there. Hopefully he can get some good recommendations from him.

      • Tim Adams. That was the dude with the bug gut, right? That loses some credibility with me. Practice what you preach isn’t just a cliche

        • I don’t remember if he was portly, but I’m leaning towards not fat. But he was very, very strange in a way that makes you instantly feel like he is not credible and a complete quack. Like, if your doctor tried to sell you on alkaline water type of quack. Take your damn hippy shit elsewhere.

          Anyways, I don’t think judging a S&C coach on his appearance is a very smart idea, for many reasons. Most of all, looks don’t correlate to performance. Second, the ones who are so worried about their physique usually have no fucking idea of how to train for performance and resort to machines and bodybuilding splits.

          A S&C coach with a gut is probably just one who focuses his own training more on gaining strength and possibly competing in strength sports. That’s just where he’s at in his life at that point.

          I would say that a strength coach who actually focuses on strength is a bit scarce in a sport where you have players skating around at 20 miles an hour smashing into each other. Football is light years ahead of hockey and the two sports are really not all that different as far training requirements go.

          Had Lokti been pounding away on the basic lifts for a few years and had gotten significantly stronger over that period, I feel like he may never have gotten injured. Same goes for Willy. At the least, it could have been less severe. Acquiring actual strength (as opposed to jumping around with light weights and losing your breath while calling it strength training) makes you more powerful, faster, and probably most importantly, more durable.

  17. Hey can you relay a message to DL for me if you’re at it…

    Dear Mr. Lombardi, stop smoking pole and get with the program and get the team a much needed coach that isn’t afraid to get the Most out of his players on Both ends of the ice. Need I remind you that your boss just spent a shit load of money to get us quality guys (good job by the way) and the team is sucking ass scoring. You’re looking like an asshole right now.

  18. You sent that to him! Awesome.

  19. Maybe we should get a petition of concerned fans going and send it to DL. Whaddayathink? Seriously.

  20. On some fucked up level the best thing that the Kings could do is suck really bad for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Lose every damn game. TM is sure to be a goner. Hire Carlyle, or some pee-wee coach, get Richards back, acquire Parise at the deadline, finish 4th in the west, win the mothafucking cup!
    Ok shut-up. A man can dream can’t he?…

  21. Lombardi,

    Why haven’t you fired Terray Murray yet?


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