Mr. Lombardi,

Do you believe the Kings can be a successful regular season and post season team scoring 1-2 goals per game?

Why do you think the Kings’ 5 on 5 scoring continues to suffer despite the increase in top 6 offensive skill?

Coming into this season, did you expect to see the L.A. Kings’ offense struggle this badly despite adding Mike Richards & Simon Gagne?

After watching the last four Stanley Cup champions, aren’t you persuaded that defense does not win championships in hockey but balance does?

Are you at all concerned when you see no adjustments to the offensive structure and attack, especially the role of the F3 and D1, in the third period and last 5 minutes of a game we trail, in that it looks identical to the first period and first 5 minutes of a 0-0 game?

Is it coincidence that players like Teddy Purcell, Brian Boyle and Matt Moulson could not produce offensively here, yet do so on other teams? As a follow up, how would Moulson-Boyle-Purcell look as an L.A. Kings third line right now if used as a third scoring line versus a third grinding & checking line?

Do you believe a player like Dustin Penner who I think had more goals than any other L.A. King at the time you traded for him suddenly and overnight got fat, slow, lazy and unexpectedly lost his scoring touch when he came here?

What would the L.A. Kings record be if Jonathan Quick had not stolen about 6 games this season? Does that concern you?

Do you believe a team that needs exceptional goaltending night in and night out to have a chance to win is one ready to contend? Do you believe that is sustainable without offensive support?

If Mike Richards’ injury keeps him out for an extended period of time, do you intend to use that as a justification for losing after what you have seen the Pittsburgh Penguins do without Sidney Crosby and even, for long stretches, Evgeni Malkin?

Do you see any substantive resemblance between the Penguins, Blackhawks, Canucks, Red Wings, Bruins, or even your model franchise, the Philadelphia Flyers’ offensive system and that of our own? Do you realize the Flyers score 3.5 goals per game and are 1st in the league? That we score 2.27, are 27th and are even behind Columbus?

This April will be the start of your 6th year with the L.A. Kings as General Manager. Is this team, currently struggling to score more than 2 goals in any game and with as many wins as losses, meeting your expectations?

Do you see how hard the players are working out there and playing within the coach’s system but the team is still struggling to score? Do you really place that on the players?

What are your expectations today for this team?

What will you do if they are not met?

Do you think the fans and especially season ticket holders, like me, will accept anything less than playoff success this season?

I have sent these questions to Dean Lombardi.