Open Forum: L.A. Kings vs. Montreal Canadiens, Eh?

Bad luck. If the L.A. Kings, throughout their history, didn’t have it, we’d have no damn luck at all. Mike Richards is on IR. It’s a concussion. A fucking concussion. He hasn’t suffered one that I can find for his entire career while playing that balls out style. He comes here, boom, first one. Am I whining? A little. I’m pissed off…but as a friend of mine from high school used to say, better pissed off than pissed on…and fuck you for sarcastically asking, “you remember what people said in High School?”

Today, it’s the Canadiens. Les salauds arrogants qui pensent qu’ils détiennent au hockey. That’s French for “the arrogant bastards who think they own hockey.” My best friend is French. He also grew up in Canada. I don’t like him today. In fact, today is the only day of the year he is not permitted to speak or even think French. He’s a Kings fan but I see how his eyes light up when he sees a Habs jersey.

The Habs are 10-11-5. They score more goals than we do but who doesn’t. They also give up more goals. Their powerplay sucks. They PK is outstanding – 4th in the league. They lost 4-3 in a shootout two nights ago against the San Jose Sharks. They have some goal scorers – Max Pacioretty (who I believe is still serving a 3 game suspension), Erik Cole, Brian Gionta and Dean Lombardi’s favorite surfer, Michael Cammalleri…inside joke that only Dean and a few others will get. Cammy is struggling a bit this season. Scott Gomez is their Dustin Penner.

Carey Price is a good goalie. We need French Canadian, Jonathan Bernier, to be better. He is 0 – 1 lifetime against the Habs and gave up 4 goals to them in the last outing. Damn French.

We’ve already discussed the forward lines and I’ve given you my 2 cents.

If it seems I am in a bad mood, I am. I won’t be at the game tonight. I can’t even watch it on TV until later in the afternoon. It’s a good reason though – my daughter’s birthday. At noon, when her little friends come over, everything will be fine until about 12:35 when I will get the shakes like a heroin addict who quit cold turkey and the wife will look at me with a “no…no…no hockey game on the TV” admonition, at which time I will fall to the ground and begin to convulse. The screaming children will run to their parents while the wife tells everyone to “ignore” me because it’s just the hockey game I’m freaking out about…which will thereafter put me in a bad mood again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go blow up balloons.

For nostalgia’s sake, a look back at the top 10 reasons French Canada sucks.


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  1. Let me get this straight, Lokti is a top6 center, play maker, playing 3rd line with Richardson & Westgarth? Murray’s an idiot.

    • Loktionov is not a Top 6 forward. Loktionov is just not strong enough, and is easy for big defenseman to neutralize. Loktionov has been pretty below average so far. They tried the wing experiment with him, moved him back to center. He was a wing on the 2nd line, and wasn’t very impressive.
      You are just starting to see how clever Murray is? This guy has been playing musical linemates his whole career as a coach. He was criticized in Philly for the revolving goaltender management, and seems to be contradicting the statement of Bernier playing more than 25 games this season, so Quick can rest more.
      Lets face it, right now and even before Richards got injured, the Kings can’t score 5 v 5. Williams, Penner, Stoll, Brown have not been producing as expected. Williams is really gripping the stick hard. Penner finally got his 1st, pretty or ugly he finally got #1. Brown was just coming around when he got to play on the left wing, and then Richards gets injured.
      I don’t know what is going on with Williams, but Murray keeps putting him out on the PP, and he’s not doing much of anything except missing the net, making a bad play.
      Everybody says the Kings defense is good. Maybe they are good, but they aren’t great, and until they stop allowing teams to dominate the center of the ice near the front of the net, they are going to remain good.
      How long is Quick or Bernier going to be able to keep bailing out a team that can barely average 2 goals a game?
      I don’t know what can be done in terms of offense (Parise) but Lombardi doesn’t seem to be doing any dealing, unless he is doing his usual bullshit, never really revealing the truth.
      This team is predictable, and either it’s the system, or chemistry, but it ain’t working.
      Usually the GM will have to do something, and I think many of us hope its the coach and that guy from roller hockey who is in charge of the PP.
      Is it me, or did the Kings regress back into the Kompon powerplay plan?
      I’ll tell you this, the refs made some bad calls, and I mean bad. Penner goaltender interference? No, Stoll might have been pushed but he didn’t exactly not fall on Price and rolling on him. Slash on Stoll during a faceoff inside the MTL zone. I guess sticks just bust in half after a faceoff by themselves.
      Ref or Linesman whoever #14 was, the NHL should revoke his license to ref NHL games. This guy was horrible.

  2. I feel your pain regarding Mike . I didn’t know it was a concussion, hadn’t read that yet but appears to be minor. This is his 2nd in the NHL, he got one in his rookie year (2005) and was out 4 games.
    Unfortunately , he has become the pulse of the team, the engine that makes the m go. This week they will struggle. I am hoping he’s only out 3 to 4 games.
    That was an odd hit in that his head was up. That’s why he’s not had a concussoin since the one in 2005, he’s always on guard.

    Don’t forget that CBC did an interview with Mike the other day and it will; be on today between periods.

  3. Haha so that’s what happens when you have kids? No hockey game during birthday parties??

    Actually I feel your pain, I got finals next week so no watching for me.

    I just want Bernier to beat his hometown team. That would be sweet.


  4. Dude same here…gotta run the son to a birthday party also. Then the honey-do list but at least I’ll be drilling deep tonight. :D I’m like DD, it’s tough to get motivated for a 12:30 game. Thank God for dvr’s!

  5. Yet another reason why 12:30 games are bullshit. A 4 year olds birthday and a hockey game should never have to run the riskif overlapping.

  6. Remember folks, birth control is never optional. So my parents fucked up, so yours did; there is no reason to make the same fuckin mistake.

    At 1130 there are already toomany douche bags in blue and red at Staples. I hate when the opposing team has more fucking fan support than we do. We need to find a way to publish the asshole season ticket holders who capitalize on demand for tickets when the original six or Vancouver come to torn. They aren’t real fans and need to be dealt with.. severely. And now.

    Surly beyond the norm in sympathy for that sad fuck Surly,


    • Sad fuck Surly? I’m in an OK mood today. Of course, that will change in one direction or the other in about 3 hours. So fuck your doomsday soothsaying. I shall be happy later, after a thumping of all things Canadianien. Their beer, their women, their team. Pound them all, not for pleasure. But for spite. Pound their beer and don’t pay it. Pound their women and tell them it was awful. Pound their team and laugh in their faces. Watch the women cry, the men sip their sissy beer and their team wipe their snow-snotted noses.

      GO KINGS! I have a good feeling about this game even with all the reasons I shouldn’t.

  7. All these birthday parties and I just poured my first 7&7. I’d have one for everyone but I do want to see the end of the game.

    Go Kings!!

  8. Unfortunately, Mike Richards has fallen victim to the Kings curse. Either the team sucks…or, when the team is good and/or has high hopes…injuries run rampant throughout the lineup.

    Ask Kopitar about the Kings curse…he knows it all too well.

    In my eyes, the 2 guys we needed healthy all season were Kopitar and Richards…I feel if other guys got hurt, we could cover it, if one of those guys went down, itd be tough to keep playing at the same level…I could be wrong here, we’ll see how the team reacts …

    • In my eyes, the 2 guys we needed healthy all season were Kopitar and Richards

      … Think of it like this. It’s an eye-opening situation.

      If the Kings can’t win games without Mike Richards (and Willie Mitchell for that matter), then we’ll know that the team isn’t ready to contend for anything.

      Teams win with depth. Richards and Mitchell are two fine players. If the Kings can withstand their loss and still achieve success – this will give the rest of the team confidence to play AS a team, and validate the depth on the team to a certain degree.

      So far, the Kings have played pretty well and are getting some nice shifts. We’ll see how it goes.

      • I agree that we need to be able to win without them for a stretch. I think we can.

        We are outplaying the Habs overall but also during the puck blindly too often and Price isn’t giving up hot for rebounds.

  9. Can anyone tell me why Bernier thought being to the right of the blue paint was a good idea?

    • Can anyone tell me why Bernier thought being to the right of the blue paint was a good idea?

      … Because he couldn’t see and because the path the other way was semi-blocked? He just guessed the play would go the other way.

      • I do have to see another replay. Just saying what i Saw live, which was Bernier push off too far right. My buddy says Kopitar lost his man do it was probably both. That’s the kind of mistake Bernier doesn’t make if he plays more.

        • … I think Bernier has already made a few good saves in this one.

          And now, it’s 2-zip on a bad luck play with Greene losing his balance and culminating on three little passes and a beautiful finish.

          Bernier gets no love, man. It figures.

          • Bernier has played pretty well. Made a few fine stops. Nothing he could do about the second goal. Live I though he didn’t play the first goal well at all but I’m willing to see a replay later and change my mind.

            My problem with his game tonight is his glove hand, but that’s something that is solved by playing more… But then again Murray won’t play him more, so we’re playing cat and mouse.

          • That was probably the best goal I have ever seen live. We were 6 rows back 115. The sheer beauty, of knowing where your line mate or what they are going to do is amazing.
            The noise it made, unbelievable.
            That was so quick, Bernier had no chance, hell 2 goalies wouldn’t have saved that one.
            I guess having a guy on your line more than 2 games says something about building chemistry.

    • Looked like he was screened before the move and had to guess….that or still creaming about playing the Habs.

  10. I am so glad I am one of the few that gets the surfer joke. I am also still wishing we had Cammy but thats a whole different story.

  11. … Fans are booing?!?!?! What in the hell.

    And Murray is reaming them out.

    Jeet Christ. This team is working hard in this one. They’ve had some bad luck and the opposing goalie has been lights out.

    Probably bad to say this – but I hate the atmosphere surrounding this team. The Kings have gone from a team just over .500 with a positive atmosphere to a team just over .500 with a poisonous atmosphere that stinks like shit.

    And the goal by Penner doesn’t change that. I’m happy for Dustin, though.

    Let the players fucking play and shut the fuck up.

    • Kidding, right? They looked like they were sleep walking until that power play.

      • They looked like they were sleep walking until that power play.

        … The Kings have been outplaying Montreal for the entire game. If that’s sleepwalking, then they can stay asleep.

        Just because they’re trailing in the game doesn’t mean they haven’t been working. For fuck’s sake. Might as well skip the whole “watching” part and just look at the final score. “Oh, other team scores more goals than our team? Our team must not have shown up! lol”

        • Price has been fantastic. Stil I see the Canadiens being a bad team more than I see the Kings dominating. We are playing well but our pathetic offensive system, with it’s inability to get a goalie moving side to side, is makin Price look damn good.

          • Stil I see the Canadiens being a bad team more than I see the Kings dominating.

            … I don’t think the Canadiens have been anywhere close to bad today (other than not staying out of the box), nor have the Kings dominated. Montreal got the chance for an outnumbered rush when Greene fell down, and they ran that to perfection; not exactly the sign of a team playing badly.

            The Habs have a goal differential of -1 (64/65) while the Kings are at +4 (58/54). That’s not a big edge. And the Kings are missing a top six forward and a top four defenseman. The Canadiens are playing their number one goalie, one of the elite in the NHL, and the Kings are playing a goalie who’s hardly played. They’re pretty even going in; if anything, the edge is to the Habs.

            It’s not over, and the Kings should have had a man advantage, but this is everything it looked to be – an even game.

  12. Kings hit their quota….. 2 or less goals in a game.
    The NHL should move to a scoring system that resembles golf…the lower the score the better. Then, we’d be freaking amazing.

    • Ryan, I found this whole thing so frustrating. It’s groundhog day!! But your post made me laugh. That’s whats needed – until such time as A) they find a guy who is a pure goal scorer, and B) some of these guys who have histories of scoring goals can recapture at least a minimum of their past capabilities.

  13. Wow we could only score 1 today I see. This means our goalies can only let in 1 goal on a consistent basis so that we can have a good chance of winning. This is not looking good.

    • I agree and it goddamn sucks. Bernie did a good job. He’ll sit because he let in 2 goals. I get the impression that the reason Quick is so aggressive this season, storming off the ice after losses, breaking sticks, etc. is because he knows he’s holding the team up all by himself. People are making millions more than him, and he’s the guy. He has no help.

  14. Absolutely, Drew.
    Problem is…how do you add a Richards and a Gagne…and still suck in the goal scoring department? Think about how bad we’d be if Richards’ and Gagne’s goals weren’t there…frightening.

    How do the Flyers rid Richards and Carter, which is 60-70 goals per year, and be the #1 team is goals per game in the NHL?


    Oh ya…the coach and the system…hmmm….weird.


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