Here’s how the Kings skated today at forward in lieu of Mike Richards.


Boy is that right wing atrocious. Actually, atrocious is putting it nicely. Let’s go with horrendous pile of puke and bile. I rhyme when I’m disgusted. But what are we gonna do? Well Richardson should be in there on the third line. We call that a no-brainer. Lewis? While I think his perpetual benching is a bit overblown (is Fraser that frigging good? Rhetorical) plugging Lewis back in also isn’t going to solve much of anything.

With Mike Richards out, now is the perfect time to try and catch lightning in a bottle from Manchester. Even considering that no one on the Monarchs is lighting up the scoresheet, it is hard to predict who will take an NHL opportunity and run with it. Bobby will say Brandon Kozun, who has an underwhelming 10 points (6 goals) in 23 games. Let me throw a different name at you.

Jordan Nolan.

Nolan is a RW who is tied for the team scoring lead with 14 points with Marc Andre Cliche, in 23 and 25 games, respectively. I know, 14 points is pathetic as the scoring lead. As a side note here, Loktionov also has 14 AHL points this season in 17 games. Like I said, Manchester is struggling. They did lose their 2 best players in Voynov and Loktionov. Losing Nolan would probably hit them hard.

Fuck ‘em. Sorry Jungle Dave.

Nolan is a big boy, 6’3, 225 lbs. Both years I’ve watched him in various camps he has stood out in a good way. He loves to use his size, makes his living in the front of the net and his hands are made of a substance softer than stone. Give Nolan a game or two on the second line. Bench Hunter’s unproductive ass, put Richardson on the third line in place of Moreau and let’s see what happens. It can’t be worse than Hunter, Moreau, Westgarth.

Let me repeat that.


That’s our NHL lineup on the RW after Williams.


If the last thing you ate is still in your stomach, you aren’t paying attention.

Hunter. Moreau. Westgarth.

I can’t decide whether it’s a positive or negative that Westgarth is the only one I want to stay in the lineup. Let’s call it two parts Westgarth having improved and three parts Hunter and Moreau adding nothing to the team. Why are there 5 parts? I don’t know, stop asking silly questions.

Back to Nolan. I don’t believe one call-up can turn our offense around. I don’t know if Nolan is even the best man for the job. I believe that he has a man’s body and can add a different look to our lineup. Maybe he won’t work out. What I want to see while Richards is out is a rotation of guys from Manchester. If Nolan is a big bowl of ‘meh’ after a couple of games, replace him with Kozun, then try Vey, or Legein or Mignardi. Let’s just see something fresh, something that has the chance to boost our team, because what I do know is exactly what we get from Hunter and Moreau: not enough.

UPDATE:  Apparently I was wrong in thinking we had roster space for a call-up.  Someone has to go down.  I nominate Hunter first, Fraser second, Moreau third.  I know you are thinking, Moreau third?  Yes.  Out of those three I think Moreau is the most useful, which isn’t saying much.  Moreau is someone we actually went after and signed.  You can’t blame Moreau for being overplayed.  That is the coaches fault for dressing him every game.  It’s the coaches fault for not punishing his various offenses.   Hunter is a player in whom the Kings have invested precisely nothing.  This experiment can’t just go on and on and on.  What we would be doing if Hunter played in training camp the way he is playing now?  Well, he wouldn’t have earned the contract in the first place and we would likely be plugging in rookies.  So there you have it.  I’m officially going to say, waive Trent Hunter.

Well, that, or get a coach who utilizes his lineup properly and gets the most production possible out of his players, but let’s not get crazy here… that’s for tomorrow’s post.