Freud didn’t believe in coincidences. Neither does God, if you believe in him. I find coincidences revealing.

Tonight, Terry Murray finally got the L.A. Kings where they belong under his tutelage.

After tonight’s game, the L.A. Kings are the worst offensive team in the National Hockey League.

Let that sink in.

Anze Kopitar, Mike Richards (for all but 2 games), Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, Dustin Brown, Dustin Penner, Jack Johnson, and Drew Doughty and we are 30th out of 30 teams in goals per game.

This was not easy. It took painstaking effort to get us to this place. Please take a moment to give Terry Murray a round of applause. I’ll wait…

But, but, but, the bounces, we are not getting the bounces! Oh? That second L.A. Kings goal Justin Williams scored sure as hell looked like a damn lucky bounce off the glass to me. Didn’t it to you? The puck is small, the ice is slippery, the players are on skates, every team gets good and bad bounces. Good teams make their own luck.

Bad coaches (read: Terry Murray) deflect, talk about “effort”, “pucks to the net”, bounces, happy horse shit that he has regurgitated all season and which avoid the fundamental, indisputable and self evidence fact. The L.A. Kings are the worst offensive team in hockey.

Anyone in the media or L.A. Kings employee, Rich Hammond, have the courage to ask Terry Murray, “Coach, the L.A. Kings are 30th in goals per game. What responsibility, if any, do you place on yourself versus player execution?” Sounds like a fair question, no?

I doubt it. Perhaps Helene will.

You know what else I doubt? That anything will change. Are you reading, Mr. Lombardi? We are losing faith in you.