30th in goals per game comes with an expected level of consternation. It also brings attention to the problem. Better 30th than 25th. It forces general managers and coaches to make adjustments or changes.

Failing to meet expectations, those shared by the media, pundits and your fellow fans, brings disappointment. It also mandates questions – were the expectations reasonable? Is the team playing below its skill set? Should changes be made?

Consecutive first round playoff exits frustrate. They also set a bar of playoff success as the only meaningful measure. It pressures management, coaches and players to get there or be replaced.

Money spent to the salary cap without results angers. Anger brings orders that end with “or else.”

There is opportunity in everything, but especially failure.

Surly & I will do our part.

Do yours.

Never give up hope.

Never settle for anything other than a team that will contend for the Stanley Cup and, one day soon, win it all.