One of our readers, Sydor25, sent me this article as a response to one of our writers, JT Dutch’s, Recent Career Norms article. Enjoy.

Average. That is all it takes. Here are the Los Angeles Kings career average goals per 82 games, including this season:

Gagne 31
Kopitar 29
Richards 25
Penner 24
Brown 22
Williams 20
Stoll 17
Hunter 17
Moreau 13
Richardson 9
Clifford 6
Fraser 6
Lewis 3
Westgarth 1
Doughty 11
Johnson 7
Martinez 7
Mitchell 3
Greene 2
Scuderi 1

Total 254 (3.10 per game)

If everyone was just AVERAGE, that would be 3.10 goals per game over 82 games.

Hunter and Moreau are the only ones that jump out as unrealistic, but Voynov, Loktionov and Parse should have been able to make up some of the 30 goals.  Even if you cut them in half to 15 goals, combined for all 5 players, that still results in 239 goals over 82 games or 2.91 goals per game.

As I write this, the Kings currently sit at 2.26 goals per game, dead last in the entire NHL.  It’s not the roster. Nobody had to have a career year or even a breakout season. It’s not just bad luck.  It’s the culture that Lombardi has built through Terry Murray and AEG needs to wake up if Dean is unwilling to do so.

Do I want to see Dean go?  No, I like what he has tried to build, but he is an extension of his coach and if he keeps the coach, then he is failing his players, ownership and fans.