L.A. Kings vs. Dallas Stars Open Forum: The Black Hole Edition

(Western Conference Standings)

With a thousand lies
And a good disguise
Hit ‘em right between the eyes
Hit ‘em right between the eyes
When you walk away
Nothing more to say
See the lightning in your eyes
See ‘em running for their lives

Fucking Win! Go Kings!

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  1. “Just fucking win” indeed. The pieces of the puzzle are there, and I guess all I can say is that it’s up to them to fit together. All of us have been making suggestions and sometimes even demanding that they fit together, but in the end, none of our opinions have any effect. That’s part of the game. At this point we are all grasping at straws. But you know what? We are all in this together. We are all die hard Kings fans. We all know that eventually, the pieces WILL fit together, and we WILL suddenly be the team we were all along.

    Faith is a funny thing. It’s just a way of justifying our ideas once them become reality. If you’re a christian, you have been waiting a long time. If you’re a King’s fan, well, lets just say I think we all hope it won’t be 2000 years! :-)

    Bottom line: Beat those fucking Texans!

    GO KINGS GO!!!!!!!!

  2. Every game from this point forward is a big game. Last season, the meltdown we had damn near cost us the playoffs. I don’t want to live dangerously again. The competition looks just as fierce, if not more so, this season.

  3. Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap
    Concrete shoes
    Done dirt cheap
    High voltage
    Done dirt cheap

    Too bad Moreau’s gone now :D

  4. … Please don’t make mention of the Black Hole. It’s a silly expression.

    Not every season is going to be undeniably elite or completely terrible. In most cases, it’s going to be somewhere in between.

  5. Good summation!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. … Damn, I love those purple and gold uni’s.

    It would be great to win one in them, and win one for Bernie.

  7. Mitchell drops the gloves? Mitchell started it. Love it – come on Kings….

  8. … Gotta say that was a beautiful shift from the fourth line right there, and they did well to draw a penalty.

  9. … Richardson ate his wheaties today. Damn, he’s been on a MISSION. That’ll show Murray up for benching him in favor of Moreau.

    And I’m glad the Stars were so sympathetic to let the Kings have a goal.

  10. If anyone could have gotten tjat goal
    SO HAPPY it was Ritchie!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. And there you have it….wow this is so demoralizing

  12. Kings played Murray’s system perfectly tonight and still lost.

    …JT Dutch, did the Kings dominate tonight?

    • … I liked a lot of what the Kings did tonight. They were able to carry the puck into the zone at times, they were able to keep possession of the puck in the zone at other times. It was encouraging. I’m not sure if they out-chanced the Stars overall, but I’m pretty sure they did 5-on-5. They could have used some better bounces, but that’s the game.

      Unfortunately, what beat them tonight was the penalties. Again, the Kings beating themselves. I don’t see how that was playing Murray’s “system” perfectly, but whatever. I don’t think his system is called “take nine penalties in the game” but I don’t really care at this point.

      I’ve said time and time again that the Kings are struggling this season for a lot of reasons. If you want to pin this on Murray, then feel free. It’s really stupid and it’s really wrong, but there are a lot of really stupid and really wrong opinions out there about this hockey club. If you think this team would be tearing it up under another coach, you’re kidding yourself. They’re playing well overall, but they’re letting little errors and little lapses in execution beat them. This whole “let’s blame Murray for all that’s wrong with the team” is tired. If Lombardi fires him, he fires him. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. Either way, the problems the Kings are having now are still going to be staring Dean in the face.

      It’s a tough loss for Bernier. One goes in off of a bounce off the post, and the other was kicked in. He made some nice saves. I guess we’ll see him again in a month.

      • When the GM says a big problem is attitude, an tonight everyone on the teams say they need to play with desperation, I put these issues squarely on coaching and the captains of the team.

        I can’t say with certainty which one, if either, is more responsible, but I do know I believe in Brown and Kopitar more than I do Murray. They get te benefit of the doubt before Terry does, but I suppose we can just call that a personal opinion, or preference perhaps.

        I didn’t see the game, but if talented players who are capable of executing are failing to execute on a consistent basis as a team, then coaching is most certainly an issue. The problem is never that several individuals are just being unlucky in their own right in a swirling cataclysm of untimely slumps. Systemic problems by nature derive from a defined locale. The Kings problems are most certainly systemic.

        It’s hard to say what that issue is precisely. Could be practice. Could be attitude. Could be system. Could be leadership.

        The problem is not a lack of talent. That is the only thing I feel confident saying. Highly talented hockey players are all underperforming en masse.

        Whatever the problem could be, they all to one degree or another lead back to the coach.

        • The problem is a lack of talent, I don’t see how it can be looked at as anything else.

          The Kings offensively have Kopitar, Richards and who?

          Williams? Looks anything but a scoring line player right now. And not only is he not scoring, he is turning the puck over and taking bad penalties. Perhaps all the injuries he has endured have finally caught up to him.

          Gagne? Has been getting chances, hasn’t really been burying them, but he has been alright I guess. Closest thing the Kings have to a natural scorer outside Kopi and Richards.

          Penner? Has looked better since he has come back. Still can’t be counted on to be a scorer.

          Brown? The ship has sailed, he is not a bad player by any stretch but he is not a natural finisher, his entire NHL career has shown that. Would be an excellent complimentary player (dirty work) on a line with Kopitar and another great player.

          Stoll? Umm no

          Loktionov? Some day perhaps, you can see the talent with the puck, but he is not ready yet.

          This team reminds me quite a bit of the 02 team except instead of one dominant line the Kings have two dominant centers and no one to play on their wing. I don’t know if it’s been looked at, but could Kopitar or Richards slot over to the LW and the Kings could load up on one line. Would they really have anything to lose, they are offensively the worst team in hockey right now. And it’s not unheard of, Malkin has played on Crosby’s wing before, Sakic switched to wing and played with Forsberg when the game situation warranted it, same with Datsyuk and Zetterberg.

          Kopitar – Richards – Brown
          Gagne – Loktionov – Williams
          Penner – Stoll – Richardson

          I like this better than any of the multiple lineups TM has used this season/

          • Mike, at this point I’m starting to tell it like it is. Every post I preface this by saying what a big supporter I’ve been of DL. I shouldn’t even need to preface comments anymore.

            Dean Always builds from the back on out. The guys on nhl home ice were talking about it this last week.
            Well, guess what. The team plays good d. That’s fine. In the meantime, we’re five years into this thing and he STILL HASN’T FOUND ANYONE TO PLAY WITH KOPITAR! Whose responsibility is that?
            And to think he inherited Kopitar.

            Brian Burke meanwhile in less than three years managed to make bold moves and build from scratch a first line thats getting big time results.

            Fine to concentrate on d, but when you only draft dmen and forwards with intangibles who are hard to play against…. or late round smurfs hoping that one of them will function, this can happen.

            Never would have thought even with that that it would be this bad. But your observation is spot on. No wings (other than Gagne who has been just ok, and JW hasn’t been playing well this year).

          • The Kings offensively have who, you ask?

            They have 6 guys who have scored thirty goals in this league. Two more on top of that who have scored 20. Try have two of the most offensively gifted defenseman.

            That’s who.

            6 30-goal scorers in the top 6 isn’t enough?

            I’m not expecting 6 guys to get 30 goals, but to say that the talent isn’t there, when it most definitely is there, is basing an opinion off current struggles and demonstrating a lack of belief in the players abilities, a lack of relief that mirrors what the team is going through itself. Your attitude of believing that guys who have ALWAYS been able to score in this league simply aren’t talented enough is the exact same attitude that is in large part responsible for the problems the Kings are facing.

          • I am not disputing in the past that these guys were better. But it’s almost 2012.

            One of the former 20 goal scorers is Ethan Moreau, the other is Trent Hunter. Nothing more needs to be said, Moreau and Hunter are 20 goal scorers as much as Jonathan Cheechoo is a 50 goal scorer.

            Justin Williams last scored 30 goals six seasons ago with Carolina at the age of 25, the Hurricanes as a team scored 240 goals that year.

            Dustin Brown’s 30 goal season came back in 2008, under Marc Crawford. Brown was 23 and the Kings as a team scored 226 goals.

            Simon Gagne scored 34 goals in 2009. He was 28 at the time and the team as a whole scored 260 goals.

            Penner, 32 goals in 2010, very recently. on a team similar to the Kings with only 206 GF. I really have no idea what happened here and why his play fell off so much. You have a point with this one.

            Just to add, you also have to remember who manages this team and who coaches this team and the style they run. They don’t expect to score a lot of goals. They expect to win low scoring, ugly hockey games.The Kings at this point will be lucky to crack 200 goals and TM and DL probably have no issues with that as long as the defense is solid.

            A new coach is not going to change the fact that the GM wants to play low scoring defensive hockey.

          • Actually one of them is Stoll. I didn’t count Moreau.

        • I would slightly amend your remarks: Systemic problems by nature derive from multiple locales – exactly what we are seeing. So many, in fact, that it is very easy to get lost in the particulars.

          This is NOT a swirling cataclysm of untimely slumps – we have “enjoyed” a period of relative stability for a few seasons – a few players joining the roster and a few leaving every year. We have had a good, long look at who’s here.

  13. TM – “I liked the compete tonight. That’s a good team over there. I liked the shot mentality, we just have to get more pucks to the net. That’s a good goalie over there. We had a couple of bad bounces. I thought we made a great effort in the third. We were getting some pretty good looks at the net…”

  14. Another ho-hum performance tonight.

    Too bad all the shitty players on the Kings can’t play well for the great and amazing Terry Murray, right JT?

    To play so bad for such an awesome coach is downright disgusting. Fire the Kings players. Keep Terry Murray.


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