Lisa Dillman of the L.A. Times gave us this interesting quote from Dustin Brown. I found it unusual I didn’t find this quote reported by Rich Hammond as it appears to be a post game statement and it is a bold one. Perhaps there may be a logical explanation for it. Perhaps Rich wasn’t there to hear it.

Here is the passage from Dillman’s article (emphasis added)

King captain Dustin Brown was asked if he thought individuals were anticipating a shakeup, in terms of a player move.

“It’s hard to say. I’ve never been on a team that’s good, that’s gone through this,” Brown said. “That’s probably the biggest difference for me. We have a good team in here. We’re capable of doing everything we need to with the people we have in here.

“I don’t think guys consciously think about that. Maybe it’s in the back of some guys’ heads.”

Brownie then went on to talk about desperation, etc., referring to the players, which Rich does cover in detail and Lisa Dillman just summarizes (appropriately) in her article with, “His school of thought was that there was not enough desperation, using that word several times.”

Dustin Brown’s comment, in direct response to a question about anticipating a player shakeup, is telling. Our captain has, in the past, talked about the team’s needs. At one point, he even irritated Dean Lombardi when Brownie commented about the L.A. Kings’ need for a left wing (this was after Murray’s first year I believe), which caused Lombardi to retort that he wants players to think about their own game and not what they “need” from the outside.

Now, Dustin is telling everyone this L.A. Kings team is one that is “capable of doing everything” the Kings needs to do to win. In other words, it’s no longer a personnel or talent issue.