L.A. Kings Executives Are “Poised” To Fire Terry Murray This Week

No, this doesn’t come from us. It comes from Helene Elliott and Lisa Dillman of the L.A. Times.


Kings executives are poised to dismiss Coach Terry Murray this week, hoping to halt a string of disappointing performances and revive an offense that has produced a league-low 2.24 goals per game despite a beefed-up payroll that puts the team near the salary-cap limit for the first time.

People familiar with the situation but not authorized to comment publicly said a candidate has not been found to replace Murray, who took over before the 2008-09 season. Murray installed a solid defensive foundation but has not been able to take the team to the next level and capitalize on resources enhanced by the off-season additions of skilled forwards Mike Richards and Simon Gagne.

Murray, who coached his 1,000th NHL game Nov. 12 and is one victory from No. 500 in his career, has twice guided the Kings to the playoffs but lost in the first round in six games each time. The Kings (13-12-4) are in 12th place in the 15-team Western Conference and have scored 65 goals — fewest in the conference — while giving up 67, far short of expectations.

General Manager Dean Lombardi has been reluctant to make a move, but the team’s problems have mounted. The Kings’ 2-1 loss to Dallas on Saturday was their fourth straight defeat — they have scored six goals in that span — and left them 8-9-1 at home.

On Monday, Lombardi was scheduled to fly to Boston, where the Kings open a four-game trip Tuesday against the defending Stanley Cup champion Bruins. When contacted Sunday, Lombardi declined to comment on his plans.

For the rest of the article, click on the link, above.

So the time has finally come.

There are so many questions left to be asked and answered. Helene Elliott and Lisa Dillman report at the end of their article.

Assistant coach John Stevens, like Murray and Lombardi a product of the Philadelphia Flyers organization, might be asked to serve as interim coach, but his similarities to Murray make him an unlikely long-term choice.

The Kings are not thought to be interested in Randy Carlyle, who was fired by the Ducks on Nov. 30.

Who leaked this?

If correct, which I believe it must be, what happens now that the news is out?


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88 replies

  1. It’s about time.

  2. Disappointed that it had to come to this. But, it did.

  3. What happens now that the news is out? I’ll tell you…we raise our glasses, say a toast to Murray , and let the Kings get busy winning. Okay, it might not be that simple, but I do think that Murray has been a major roadblock in the path to offensive success. This was inevitable and nobody wants anybody to lose their job but it’s just business. Think of it as just a correction in coaching behavior, not a personal attack on Murray.

  4. … LA KINGS – THE TIME IS NOW! to throw someone under the bus

    I’m curious to see who the Kings bring in. It’ll tell me all I need to know about this regime.

  5. Lisa and Helene are trusted reporters. Is the telling piece that Dean is headed to Boston?

  6. So many questions: Is Jamie Kompon going with Terry? Does Dean have anyone in mind or is he going to take a wait and see approach with Stevens? Is Dean concerned about pulling the trigger early on a 3rd coach given his failure with two in 6 years. Did Tim Leiweke leak this? If so, what is the motivation there? veiled warning to Lombardi? That is what Howard Roark thinks. Did Luc leak it? Is Helene more stealth that Surly? Was she hiding under the desk? Is Helene Surly? Is Surly Helene? Was the resume article from earlier today evidence of either? A person can go crazy thinking about the possibilities?

    • Just for your excessive questioning, the hockey gods will deliver us Wayne Gretzky as head coach just in time to return us back to the depths of hockey oblivion.

  7. New coach of the Kings: Darryl Sutter.

  8. I’ve been holding firm on my position that Murray should be given more time, but we can all see the writing on the wall now and I’ve come to terms with it. And as the hour approaches I immediately thought back to Howard Roark’s post in November and I think it bears repeating:

    “I have made fun, often viciously, of Terry Murray in the past and will do so again, possibly as soon as tomorrow, in an effort to entertain our readers. The beauty of this medium is that allows novices like myself to express our opinion. But, I never forget that Terry Murray and his fellow coaches are human beings. They love their wives, hug their kids at night and are the breadwinners for their families. I don’t know Terry and have no reason to believe that he is anything other than a decent human being. I would like to think, perhaps naively, he and 99% of his fellow coaches would never avert their eyes from the sodomizing of children in order to win another game. It is probably inevitable that Murray is finished as the coach of our team. When it happens, I hope that we realize that firing him may mean a new start for our hockey team, but it will also be a cheerless day as well. A good man will have lost his job, and for that, I hope we will all be a little sad.”

    Make this applicable to Kompon as well because I think he will surely be part of the clean out.

  9. If Suter is hired, I will seriously quit. Fucking quit…quit defending Lombardi and will dedicate a site just to his firing. I will call it:


    • I think this hiring will tell us how much power Lombardi still has within the Kings organization. If they bring in another Murray type, like your example of Sutter, we will know he still has full control of things and they will play the way he wants.

      I truly don’t believe Lombardi wanted to fire Murray but was getting a ton of pressure from above (and rightfully so), and I fully expect we see someone named on an interim bases.

      This interim coach and Lombardi will probably have 6-8 weeks to right this ship and if around the end of January this team is still out of the playoffs and struggling to score you will see the real changes, which will be a new GM who will bring in his own coach and be allowed to make some major personnel decisions at the deadline that will lead us into next season.

      This will be a critical time for not only Lombardi and the new coach, but the players also the players. If this team continues to stink and changes are made a lot of players could be on the move before the start of next season. Pretty much anyone not named Kopitar and Richards could possibly be moved.

      The Kings have truly reached a crossroads, get your popcorn ready the fun is just beginning.

    • I would promote that site like crazy.

  10. Sad day, Terry was the best. All you who wanted him gone are asses. Its not the system its the players.

    Back on Earth, in reality, I thank Terry for all he did with the team. Like any stagnent relationship, eventually you part ways (or be miserable your whole life, or bring another girl into the picture). In the business world, especially sports, you fire the coach whether it is the players fault or not. Whoever is in charge takes the blame. The offensive system obviously hasn’t panned out this year so the coach takes the blame right or wrong.

    Good luck Terry, Godspeed, and thank you for the many bets I’ve won pciking the under on the Kings.

    • Ill have 2.24 beers in honor of Terry the day it happens.

      • I’ll have 1.9 isn’t that how many goals we’ve averaged during this losing streak. Maybe my math is off I guess I can round up in the name of not wasting any good beer.

    • Yes, it’s always the fault of the players, but it’s the coaches responsibility to turn that kind of mental problem around. Some of it may be the system, some of it the players, and some of it just bad luck, but the consequence of these pieces as a whole is that the Kings, who we all thought would kick ass this season, have been sputtering. Who knows what was going on in the locker room? Not I. All I can see is what happens on the ice, and the Kings don’t look nearly as good as they did last year. I want to see what they can do when pushed to the limit.

      I like TM. He seems like a nice guy. Unfortunately when it comes to coaching a top-tier NHL team, nice guys dont win cups.

  11. Scotty Bowman is still breathing, yes?

  12. Or maybe Michel Bergeron. Just sayin’… Either way the fact that coaching change is in the air is a good thing.

  13. My concern is that if/when Mitty is fired what happens if the kings still struggle? If Mitty is gone and a new system is used and we still can’t score then who do we blame and what does this mean for the season. I think Mitty needs to go but at the same time he is a bit of a scapegoat, only time will tell.

  14. Is this Helene Elliot’s way of saying “there is a deal in principle”?

  15. I guess mayorwhatever might actually be wrong after all? (smirk) This is finally something worth reading. Even if the Kings stink, at least I and other Kings fans will have a glimmer of hope left for this season, and something to root for. I’d much rather win a few games 4-1 or 5-3 or 6-4 (and get blown out ourselves every so often) than the travesty we’re watching right now. Please, not the same ol’ broken system and and a total regression by our offense, defense, special teams, and to a lesser degree even goaltending. See ya gramps, nice knowing ya.

  16. I dont think Stevens is the guy to replace Murray. Kings need a new voice and some new ideas.

  17. Is Wayne Gretzky an option?

    • Wayne was not horribly successful in Phoenix although that may have had a lot to do with the personnel. Also, I am not sure Wayne really wants to work that hard at this point in his career. Remember, he is independently wealthy.

      • … Wayne Gretzky wasn’t successful in Phoenix because he couldn’t turn chicken shit into chicken salad.

        He wouldn’t be my first choice to replace Murray, and I don’t think he even wants to go back behind an NHL bench at this time – but Wayne has said many times that the biggest disappointment of his hockey career was that he couldn’t bring the Stanley Cup to Los Angeles. Seeing him come back and win as a head coach here would be a dream come true, but it all honesty it’s a billion to one shot.

        The only way I see Gretzky coming back to the Kings is as a consultant or an assistant GM. The only way he’ll be an assistant coach one day is if Mark Messier gets a job as a head coach and calls Wayne up.

  18. With our luck, Bettman will block the dismissal of Murray. :)

  19. I prefer to think of this as a motivational leak. Maybe, but probably not. At least it wasn’t the “vote of confidence” while simultaneously scheduling the news conference.
    My gut reaction is dread, I don’t want it. I guess it depends on who replaces him IF Muray is fired. It will also be telling to see the team’s reaction, as in attitude/desperation/intensity.
    Fucking Kings.

  20. Fuckin eh! Scurly and Shribe’s source is now going directly to Helene!!!

    God, I hope the source is telling the truth….this time.

  21. My friend and I have concluded that Lombardi was simply waiting until the Boston trip so that he can fire Murray over a nice cup of chowder…

  22. Bring in a rookie coach who doesn’t have a system. The Kings have raw talent and I’d love to see it sometime.

  23. This is part lombardis fault. He signed no-balls gagne and didn’t get shit in return for smyth. But I’m pleased with this news, a kind of an early xmas present if you will.

  24. How has Jamie Kompon Survived the other Murray firing, and the Crawfish firing. Murray could of saved himself with removing the Tampon from his bench, but maybe Kompon is a YES man.

    Before this season started, I saw Jamie Tampon at the Roller Hockey Junior Olymics….if he was in need of pointers from another source, how can systems that deal with No Offsides, No dump ins and 4 on 4 translating.

    Bottom line….Kompon HAS TO GO !!!!!!! there is no point firing Murray without Kompon.

    So not only are there slim pickens for head coaches, but we will need an offensive coach as well.

    • Truly. I hated the PP in those days too. Utterly predictable – Blake from the point, retrieve and repeat. A beautiful weapon – except that they KNEW it was coming. Just like we did.

  25. So far I like the Tony Granato suggestion, but my personal fav is Ted Nolan…..

    The drawback is Toronto, we may never get a call our way with the Nolan/Lombardi tandem.

    • I’d be very happy if they got Ted Nolan to coach them. The guy is a great coach and his teams always seem to overachieve. I’ve been a fan of his since he brought the Memorial Cup to my hometown Soo Greyhounds twenty years ago.

      Though, I suspect Nolan has coached his last game in the NHL already. He’s been blackballed pretty effectively.

  26. Mike Milbury. Bring the ShoeMan to Los Angeles.

    Just dont leave him in charge of trades.

    Or drafts.

  27. Hammond reports that Lieweke has no comments for the personnel changes. The question now is the firing before or after TM’s 500th win? At this rate that 500 may be a few games out.

  28. Looks like Murray is trying to mess with S&S until the very end. Look at the line changes. They are so close to what S&S have been talking about, but still, just a little off.

    As for the rumors, if true, adios Murray. I am sure you will do great for another team as an assistant coach. Regarding the Kings though, I have to agree with JT. This next coach will reveal all.

  29. I’m just glad the Voynov is on the top PP unit. Now if only Loktionov was used instead of Hunter.

  30. I’m not a big fan of this “leak”. This will cause more damage than good (until its done). Now TM knows there’s a strong possibility he might lose his job and it just makes things worse. I’d rather they just fired him and save all this speculation. The kings got enough to worry about (how to score goals). They don’t need this extra drama.

  31. Ungrateful band-wagon bitches, the whole lot of you!

    To fire a coach who’s been forced to remake a steadily improving team, to transform its philosophy overnight by the acquisition of new personnel, the most important of whom is down with injury, to create an offensive machine where our past successes were based on size and a solid blue line.

    Have you no tears for the Man Who Brought Hope To Los Angeles?

    Is all you can think of just to publicly shame him and toss him out with the char?

    For Chrissakes, do the decent thing: Leave him alone in his office with a cocked Luger on his desk.

  32. Murray quote time!

    “We’re trying to win hockey games. ,I’m going to approach every game and every practice the same as if we had seven or eight wins in a row. You want to win the next one. So that’s the approach that I take every day, every game. I like the way we’re playing. The effort, the compete, the intensity, the chances that we’re getting, everything is in place. We just have to find a way to get a `W.’”

    So even in his final hours he doesn’t realize that if things aren’t working you can’t keep doing the same thing?

    • Penner quote time!

      “If you look at it, as a whole, every team I’ve been on it’s the same kind of story at some point (in the season). Can’t score, power play… It happens every year. It’s just the trials and tribulations that you go through, unless you’re the Red Wings or something. But even them, they had a slump early on. It’s all about how you bounce back, and that’s what we’re faced with now.’’

      Tragically hilarious phrasing!

    • except when it comes to the line combo’s, then they’re different all the time

    • So even in his final hours he doesn’t realize that if things aren’t working you can’t keep doing the same thing?

      … I don’t see any reason for him to change anything. If it were me, and I read something in the paper about how the team was preparing to fire me – I’d be damned if I went down doing things any way but MY way.

      Right now, Murray is being made to take the fall for the collective failure of this organization. Again, it’s scapegoating – something which the Kings have grown awfully accustomed to during all the years I’ve followed them. The fact that someone from the organization leaked this to the media is horseshit in and of itself. But that’s the L.A. Kings, right down the line.

      If you’re gonna fire a guy, fire him. Get it over with. No coffee, no danish, no bull. Just the axe, quick and hard. Just walk up to him in the hallway of the hotel or whatever and say “Good morning, Terry. We’re making a change. I have a great deal of respect for you, but we feel this is what we need to do. Good luck to you in the future.” Murray’s a long-time pro; he’s been through it all before. Respect him as such.

      The upper management, the GM, the players … all have fallen short of expectations. Murray definitely has his flaws as a head coach, but then, name me one member of this organization who doesn’t have any flaws. They ALL have them.

      • Well JT, you can’t fire everyone. Call it scapegoating but when a group fails, someone has to take the fall. This is nothing new, drastic or specific to the Kings.

      • Agreed – except for the light portion of responsibility you place on TM.

        Given what this team looked like when he took over, and the good that he has done, I salute him. He brought order, discipline and toughness. We looked like a load of bitches the day before he got here. But he has also made us into post-trap J. Lemaire’s Minn. Wild. Nobody wanted to play them, but they were not heading anywhere but to the top of the second division.

  33. It’s official…..the axe has fallen.

  34. I’ve been hearing Granato’s name being thrown around here and there and the more that I think about it, it’s starting to sound better. Yes he didn’t do that well with the Avs but that was then. He’s asst coach to Bylsma and the Pens got their shit together despite Cindy Crosby. He was a former King and no less was on that 92-93 squad. He’s a forward. What better guy to bring in, inject some much needed offensive strategies into the lineup and take vengeance upon that dreaded series loss to the dirty Habs??? And the guy’s relatively young = he can relate to these younger players better. TM is a dinosaur and probably tells them stories about how they had to cut their own ice with a shovel and hose.

  35. THE DEED IS DONE!!!!!

  36. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NO MORE TM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Murray gone. Need to get rid of Stevens too…

  38. KOMPON????????


  39. Anyone hear if it is just Murray, or does Kompon walk too?

    • If they have to name Stevens as interim coach I would imagine they feel they *can’t* fire Kompon yet, whether they want to or not, until replacements are lined up. I hope he goes too though so we can really get fresh perspectives in there. Keeping Stevens will at least in part maintain the positives of what Murray brought to the Kings.

  40. I’m hearing Kompon stays. For now.


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