With the expectation that Terry Murray must be hard at work on his resume, I asked Surly to break into Terry’s office and retrieve it.

“Why the hell do I have to do these things!?” he protested.

“Because every stealth mission you have undertaken has been successful and the readers are counting on you!” I beseeched.

“Fuck you and your motivational tactics”, he retorted, “I am not doing it.”

Surly then proceeded to show me the bruise that still hadn’t healed from the time Dustin Penner accidentally kicked him while he was hiding beneath Terry’s desk as well as related scars and burn marks from the numerous previous missions.

“Those are symbols of your resolve, Jacob,” I reminded him. “Just like your ancestors’ 40-year sojourn in Sinai’s wilderness, you have to march into that office and steal that resume.”

“My ances…what the fuck does that even mean?” he scowled.

“It means, this is your destiny”, I answered trying to maintain a straight face.

He sighed. I knew that meant yes. Surly is a warrior.

Less than 24 hours later, he returned and with him came exactly what I knew had to be on top of Terry Murray’s desk. I decided to ask him about the bite marks later.

So here you go our faithful readers. Surly and I bring you Terry Murray’s resume.

As an added bonus, our friend and very talented photographer, Chaz Curry, created the “Many Faces Of Terry Murray.”