That is an NHL defenseman. Notice the C.

And this one…check out that hair! It’s the 80′s and Randy Carlyle is in style.

You know what this next photo is? That’s the Norris Trophy. He won that shit…that’s right. He wasn’t some crap hockey player, turned coach.

How impressive is this? He is preparing to adjust his tie, holding a clipboard and yelling at Corey Perry to stop being such a pussy at the same time…that’s how Randy Carlyle rolls.

(Associated Press)

You are going to tell me this is better? “Oh Scribe, you just picked the worst photo of him you could find.” Are you fucking kidding me? This is the best photo I could find. Every other one looks like he is adjusting his dentures without using his hands. That doesn’t fit in L.A. We’re not Simi Valley, man. This isn’t a fucking assisted living facility we operate at Staples. It’s a damn hockey club trying to win the Stanley Cup.

The old man in the picture, above, hasn’t won one of these as a player or coach, although he did play one year of hockey in fucking Japan.

You know who has as a coach a short while ago?

The same guy in the picture below when I googled “Randy Carlyle smiling.” First image.

(Carlos Osorio, AP)

Don’t fuck this up, Lombardi.