It’s official.

Ask and you shall receive.

The weeks of griping have paid off. The months of mediocre hockey have reached critical mass. Terry Murray has officially coached his last game as a member of the Los Angeles Kings.

For now, John Stevens takes over. We knew this would happen. Luckily he carries the prefix ‘interim’. There is plenty to speculate about in the meantime. How long does Stevens coach? Who does Lombardi hire? Will a new coach clean house with the assistants? Will the Kings get better or still suck?

It’s a lot to take in and quite frankly, jumping the gun a little bit. For now, the Kings just need to focus on winning tomorrow against Boston. It will be very interesting to see how the team responds. Let’s hope they show a hint of renewed dedication and spirit. They have to know that if things don’t improve in a reasonable amount of time, core players will be next to be nixed.

A sigh of relief. Aaaaaah.

A nod of the cap to the man without a job. He did some good things here, once upon a time.

A prayer to the hockey gods that Dean Lombardi’s next decision will be his best. His last chance is upon him.

Terry Murray leaves the Kings a single game away from his 500th NHL win as a head coach. I was initially inclined to feel pity. I then was shocked the Kings had the gusto to drop the hammer so soon. I then had the thought that Murray’s inability to coach his team to his 500th win is rather poetically just and abjectly pathetic.

Murray’s last act as head coach? A one goal loss followed by a slew of line changes. The more things change, the more they stay the same, a sentiment I hope has run its course.

One has to wonder if the ‘leak’ from the LA Times article last night forced Lombardi’s hand to act a bit sooner than he would have liked. One then has to wonder if the leak was Leiweke and placed as an act of subterfuge. A way to control Dean’s movements without actively taking the decision away from his employee. A subtle power play while maintaining empowerment on both sides.

Enough conspiracy theorizing.

Scribe and I have pleaded for this day, along with many others. For the last three weeks I had a petition for the firing of Murray drawn up and ready to go, ever hesitating, awaiting to see who would blink first, Dean or the team’s complete collapse.

The next few weeks will go a long way towards proving our coarse manner towards Murray as righteous or misguided. I remain absolutely confident this is the right choice. The card that had been dealt were rightly folded. The next hand Lombardi plays will decide the game.

Earlier today Hammond said there was zero indication that there would be a coaching change made today.

Just another thing to ponder. Or muse at. Your choice.

Go Kings Go.

The time that was supposed to be now wasn’t, so let the time to come be all the now we can handle.