Boston Bruins Shut Out Kings 3-0: Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…

We take a penalty early and then follow it up with another.

We fall behind 1-0.

We have a few scoring chances but can’t finish.

For the most part, we throw pucks at the net.

Nothing is going in.

We sustain a decent amount of pressure for a short period of time.

We still can’t bury the puck.

The opposing team scores another, right after we blow a decent chance.

We throw more pucks at the net, by this time without trying to maintain puck possession. It’s the “shot mentality.”

Old habits die hard.

The Die-Hards…are dying inside.

Game ends.

The opposing goalie barely breaks a sweat.

We didn’t get the “bounces.”

The Hockey Gods laugh at our demise.

At this point, I could write a skit to each of our games and, with all the humor and hyperbole, I wouldn’t be too far off.

But don’t worry kids…all of our offensive woes will soon be fixed. Because…

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Darryl Sutter is coming to town
He’s making a list
And checking it twice
Gonna find out whose gritty on the ice
Darryl Sutter is coming to town
He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been playing D
So play D for goodness sake!
O! You better watch out!
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Darryl Sutter is coming to town
Darryl Sutter is coming to town


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  1. Sutter = Another Big Fucking Mistake.

  2. I was pleased with the game. I saw a definite change from murrays system and when richards gets back, we’ll be scoring. I still want Carlyle though. I think we’ll need to make a trade for a top 3 forward also.

    • The game was better…but I don’t know if I would call my reaction, “pleased.” Old habits will die hard but that is irrelevant because…

      You better watch out
      You better not cry…

      Side note, how many scoring chances (not shots) did the Bruins have? Like 20?

  3. Quasimodo is coming to town.

  4. I’m so happy this was an eastern coast game… By the time I got home it was over and it saved me my good attitude tonight (my wife will like that).

  5. Boston failed to finish a lot of chances tonight. Until the Kings generate the same number of chances per game, they will continue to struggle to score.

    There were some good things by the Kings, but it will take a while to get rid of the Murray influence. Still too many low percentage shots thrown at the net.

    Can the Kings beat Columbus on Thursday? Will they score more than 2 goals?

  6. Same Suttin’ result.

    * Seeing more 2-Man forechecks
    * Seeing a few cross-crease passes

    Thoroughly Disliked:
    * Very poor puck possession at times (c.f. #15 in the 2nd period)
    * Continued 1-time, big-ass wind up, slap shots from the point as the primary weapon
    * Tepid backchecking
    * Refusing to pull Quick at the end — that was admitting defeat and laying down.

    Sutt!, Sutt!, Mother Sutting, Sutt!

  7. That poem, or song, or carol was great Bobby. Something, anything to make us smile. There is a great sportstalk host in ny named Steve Sommers, and one of his favorite expressions (about sports teams and situatioins) is ‘you couldn’t make this stuff up”. And wrt the Kings, he’d be absolutely right.

    Only problem is with every progressive game Quisp needs to bring out his calculator to readjust the Kings projected goal total for the year.
    And Niesy said that Sutter will probably bring in just enough ‘whatever’ to take em up to the point where they miss having a good draft pick, but of course won’t make the playoffs.

    And given DL’s decision making, if its bad enough and he leaves too I at this point can deal with that, cause he’d clearly never make a daring decision on a coach. Anyway, as you said yesterday, if this bottoms out then he won’t get the chance to make another hire anyway.

  8. We throw more pucks at the net, by this time without trying to maintain puck possession. It’s the “shot mentality.”

    … Now, now. The “shot mentality” allows for maintaining puck possession; the Kings just don’t do it very often.

    But, enough of that – Is it time for caroling???

    O scoreless night,
    the lamp is never lighting,
    It is the night
    where defense is all they’re worth

    Long lay the games
    in loss and mass lethargy
    till he appears
    his visage inspires mirth

    A palm masks the face
    the weary soul surrenders
    For yonder breaks
    the same old tired song

    Fall on your knees
    For he’s the Bitter Beer Face
    O God, take me
    O God, please make it stop
    O Team, why me?
    O Team, please score a goal

    I suck at these.

  9. Oh SUTT! We’ve devolved to Song Mentality as our only way forwards.

    We’re well and truely sutt’d.

    • … Hey. I Suttin’ tried. Let’s see you do better.

      • Wasn’t complaining about your song…rather the whole suttin’ situation. The poems are symbolic of the whole damn mess…

        I’m an admittedly poor songwriter/poet. A suttin’ pathetic one.

        • This is good for an A for effort but nothing else…

          We wee Kings of Los Angeles are
          Wasting the gifts brought from afar.
          Greene and Doughty, Scuderi and Brown,
          Wallowing below yonder Stars.

          O Wings of wonder, Wild of night,
          Hawks with royal beauty bright,
          West they’re leading, we’re receding,
          Guide us through this darkest night.

          Born a Kings fan – sure to lose on Abraham’s Plain,
          Cup n’er to this Crown; oh such pain,
          King forever, winning never
          Waive us all to the Reign.

          O Wings of wonder, Wild of night,
          Hawks with royal beauty bright,
          West they’re leading, we’re receding,
          Guide us through this darkest night!

          Pretty suttin’ bad.


    • LOL. Song mentality. LMAO! That is brilliant for an old Sutt like you.

  10. No goals again BUT it felt as if a Heavy weight has been lifted. The team showed Way more creativity and puck possession. What happened to that TM saying about it’s literally “impossible” to enter the zone with the puck. BULLSHIT!!! And they proved him wrong many times during the game tonight. The team needs to be Un-Murray-ized and then the goals will start flowing. TM wanted them to have more creativity but he didn’t understand that he needs to let off the gas pedal rather than ramming X’s and O’s down their throats to where they just glaze over.

    Even though they were down, with the way they were attacking tonight I thought they at least had a chance to come back. That’s saying a lot from the team with TM behind the bench. The season’s still young…

    • That’s some suttin’ insane optimism.

      • Just my observation…when the team would normally dump shit in they took that extra stride, entered and held on to it. I say keep Stevens behind the bench for a while, let the team start to become human again after being robotized by TM and we’re on our way to the 2nd round.

        • I want some of your meds…

          • Don’t need em…if they continue to improve on the way they played tonight…Richards back in the lineup…Pens is getting his shit together…DD is getting his shit turned on again (I have a feeing it was his text to Lebrun)…Voynov, Johnson, Gagne and maybe Richardson… shit’s gonna get crazy soon. Loktionov on the PP…Finally someone with some fucking sense on the coaching staff. You know Stevens was off to the side shaking his head thinking “Damnit Murray put in Loktionov you dumbshit!”

          • Damn, I miss my optimism.

  11. Tough game to watch and get a feel for. It was sloppy at times, but I expected it for two reasons. The teacher is out sick and they got a substitute in BOS, which meant some shit was going to happen that you know wouldn’t otherwise be allowed. Second, you knew they were going to try open things up creatively to push the limits of what has been locked away for 3+ years.

    The turnovers are going to happen at this point, while they try and work new break outs, transtions and attacks. You don’t suddenly change from a N-S team that plays 98% of your game along the boards, to being able to making backdoor, drop and cross ice passes. I saw ALOT of non-chemistry out there, due to guys not being used another suddenly trying to pass to them in some circumstances. One that sticks out was a pass from VV o Stoll coming out of the Kings zone basically up the gut near the blue line. VV fed him on Stoll’s backside toward the boards going left, but Stoll peeled off right. Stoll never expected the pass and it lead to a turnover. There were plenty other instances just like this all night.

    This goes all back to the ‘system’ and it’s ‘lack of creativity’, couple these with the non-stop line juggling and you’ve got no cohesive chemistry out there. At times it looked like pick-up hockey with guys that have never played together. Again I expected it as they tinker with how they will play moving forward.

    The intensity was better. At least they showed up in the 1st and played the entire 60. Again the early penalties just have to stop, especially against good teams. At this point if I am the coach anyone taking a dumb offensive zone penalty or some type of reaching penalty (holding, slashing or hooking) – I sit the guilty party. I don’t care who it is, they need to stop this early parade to the penalty box.

    Definitely liked the forecheck. Was more aggressive and I feel the 2nd man was better positioned than they have been for weeks. They did a better job of taking away angles and speed. They had a game I think it was against DAL earlier they ran a more aggressive forecheck like this and just killed them all night. I saw some of that tonight. They had some good sustained pressure up in the BOS zone and at center ice with this forecheck.

    Some improvement tonight, but obviously another disheartening loss and ZERO goals. Still praying the Sutter era doesn’t begin. I put in my email to TL. If this does happen though I think it is a case of TL and AEG giving DL “enough rope to hang himself”. I see a contract for Sutter through this season and next. At that point if the Kings haven’t pushed into the second round (more like the conference finals imo), then DL and Sutter are out.

    Keep the faith sisters and brothers


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