Sutt Yeah, Mother Sutter!

In every adversity, there is opportunity.

Tonight, I present you with one very near and dear to my heart…one of linguistics.

“Scribe…what are you talking about, you fucker?”

No, no, my brothers and sisters of puck. It’s, “what are you talking about, you Sutter?”

From this moment forth, I ask that you speak and write the frequently used, often misunderstood, always entertaining word, “fucker” and replace it with “Sutter”. For the clever ones, that means you adopt Sutt and Sutting into your growing vocabulary.

Let’s practice.

“Hey Dean, are you really going to hire that fucker, Darryl Sutter?” now becomes, “Hey Dean, are you really going to hire that Sutter, Darryl Stutter?”


“Fuck off!” = “Sutt off!”


“Stop fucking around!” = “Stop Sutting around!”

Do not limit your new-found linguistic excellence to this site. Spread it throughout the internet, on Twitter, Facebook and message boards! Use it in your Sutting daily life. Some jerk pisses you! Sutt You! Feeling horny? Go to your girl. “Hey baby, you want to Sutt?” Yeah, sure, she’ll be confused at first but with confusion, like adversity, comes more opportunity. Before she tilts her pretty little head sideways and responds, “what?”, your pants are off.

So, what are you Sutting waiting for?

Carpe Sutting Diem!

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25 replies

  1. Does anyone think that Murray sutted up this team more than we realize? I saw a team tonight that looks drastically different than two nights ago. It almost looks like they’re afraid to play offense. Murray must have really sutted with their heads. Man, sutt Murray!

  2. Jack Mutha Suttin’ Johnson!

  3. why stop there?

    sutter = fuck

    dean= dick

    shitty = terry

    idiot = lieweekly

  4. Sutting llove it.

  5. But I like fuck… It’s my favorite word for so many reasons…

  6. Ring the bells, ring the bells
    Terry Murray’s fired.
    Dean decides to hire Brent Sutter,
    What just transpired?

    Ring the bells, ring the bells,
    this team got even worse.
    no more offense, no more hope,
    this is the King’s curse.


    Dashing on the ice,
    the defense is pushed back,
    We have almost no,
    offensive attack.

    The reasons are quite clear,
    offense they do fear,
    when they shoot the puck,
    it’s never ever near.

    At first the nightmare made me mad,
    the next day was kind of sad.
    After months and months,
    the firing made me glad.

    Then I heard the news,
    it made me start to worry.
    Our new head coach looks,
    like a clone of Bill Murray.

    He is a D coach,
    Just what we did not need.
    I guess coming up short every year,
    is the LA Kings creed.

    That’s the end of this,
    Fuck these dumb ass rhymes.
    Fuck the coach and the gm
    They’re both fired in due time.

  7. Well, I guess we can guess what the next Suttin ticket contest will be. Write a mother sutting Christmas Carol for the Kings. Oh, sutt — I pity the sutting fools condemned to judge this one.

  8. Depression has turned to …
    I don’t want to say you have ‘lost it’… but unfortunately I can understand..
    as can all/most King fans.. if I did not have so many other things that I must get done I might be making up stuff of my own :)
    So discouraging.. the boys played with more intensity.. but you see one goal against ..then two.. and then they start to lose a step.. they sure need some
    morale boosting.. to go along with the tongue lashing/ass kicking they probably are getting from all sides.. selves included.. I am one who believes they have to be as upset as any of us are at the way the season is going.. ahhhh

  9. I just got finished reading some comments on Hammond’s blog. I realize we are not getting graded for vocabulary, grammar and proper structure when we comment, but I think what pisses me off, even more than the current state of our team, is trying to take serious the people who spew their opinions in some unintelligible abortion of the English language. That, combined with the inability to correctly spell a persons name (I do not know of anyone by the name of Lyndstrom that plays for Detroit), give credence to the argument that we as fans do not know what the Sutt we are talking about when it comes to our team.

    Now that I’ve getted that off my chest, whenever I hear people, whether it be players, coaches or armchair GM’s, highlight positive aspects of a negative outcome, I keep thinking back to a polished turd. You can do whatever you want to try and dress it up, but at the end of the day, it is still a piece of shit.

    I do not hope the boys can pull through this. I am confident they will pull through this, regardless of who is behind the bench and who is calling the shots at the top. I will be there to support OUR boys, because in my opinion, that is what they need the most.

    I realize that I am as full of it as anyone else, but I just felt I needed to write/type that down and post it, for everyone to see and criticize.

    Oh yeah… and uh… Sutt!

    • Yeah, I’m reading this a day later. At the time you posted 1:50 a.m. EST I was safely asleep trying to suttin forget about this nasty distasteful situation.

      So now, eating my groovy ‘east coast orange’ for breakfast, I had the joy of reading your comments, and for those who didn’t laugh the first time, I’ll repost them here:
      Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, whenever I hear people, whether it be players, coaches or armchair GM’s, highlight positive aspects of a negative outcome, I keep thinking back to a polished turd. You can do whatever you want to try and dress it up, but at the end of the day, it is still a
      piece of shit.

      That really made me laugh. And laughter will probably be the only thing to get us thru this next few months. What exactly do we do though when they win a few games. Because figuring in the return of Richards and the fact that sooner or later Kopitar will start to score again and one of the other guys might actually score the odd goal, that ought not change our perspective and get us thinking that we’ve found the second coming in our new coach. Second comings are only reserved for the holiday season.

  10. This is both prejudice towards women and Daryl Sutter.

    But Im pretty women Kings fans will more than take that trade off. Even 50 insults towards any of us is worth it if we can have 1 insult towards Daryl Sutter.

    (Its not really prejudice towards women. Or Daryl Sutter, for that matter. Prejudice implies its illogical and undeserved. Just like saying white men cant jump isnt prejudice because they cant, and therefore its fact, so is being negative about Sutter justified).

  11. That reads like im saying Im a woman. Im not. I meant in addition to the women, the rest of us should also be okay with 50 insults towards if we get one towards Sutter.

  12. No people, Murray isnt the problem anymore.

    Scuderi in an interview said “luckily our system isnt changing much (under Stevens).” Means Scuderi thinks their system is good.

    Means Stevens has told the team the system isnt changing much, which means Stevens thinks the system is good.

    Dean Lombardi is looking to hire Daryl Sutter, who will bring the exact same system, which means Lombardi thinks the system is good.

    The problem isn’t Murray. I dont think anyone in this organization thinks the system was the problem besides maybe the skilled players. Certainly none of the coaches or management. As usual, the issue starts at the top. It extended far past Murray, it just took his firing to realize where Lombardi really lied. He didnt want to change the system, he loves it.

    Meet the problem.

    • Sutt it, I say Anschutz should fire himself. Then our team can wander through the woods like the headless horseman at the whim of a panicked horse. First it was Murray, next it’s gonna be Lombardi, then Lieweke…

      I wish I could fire some fans, too. Where is the accountability?

      • Dude, the accountability lies with whoever it is in that little photo of yours. It’s so suttin cool. I love it. i’d love to get a hi res jpeg of it so I could put it on my desk.


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