In every adversity, there is opportunity.

Tonight, I present you with one very near and dear to my heart…one of linguistics.

“Scribe…what are you talking about, you fucker?”

No, no, my brothers and sisters of puck. It’s, “what are you talking about, you Sutter?”

From this moment forth, I ask that you speak and write the frequently used, often misunderstood, always entertaining word, “fucker” and replace it with “Sutter”. For the clever ones, that means you adopt Sutt and Sutting into your growing vocabulary.

Let’s practice.

“Hey Dean, are you really going to hire that fucker, Darryl Sutter?” now becomes, “Hey Dean, are you really going to hire that Sutter, Darryl Stutter?”


“Fuck off!” = “Sutt off!”


“Stop fucking around!” = “Stop Sutting around!”

Do not limit your new-found linguistic excellence to this site. Spread it throughout the internet, on Twitter, Facebook and message boards! Use it in your Sutting daily life. Some jerk pisses you! Sutt You! Feeling horny? Go to your girl. “Hey baby, you want to Sutt?” Yeah, sure, she’ll be confused at first but with confusion, like adversity, comes more opportunity. Before she tilts her pretty little head sideways and responds, “what?”, your pants are off.

So, what are you Sutting waiting for?

Carpe Sutting Diem!