Kings Beat Columbus 2-1: No Such Thing As A Bad BJ

I have to go back and watch this game from the beginning.

Got home to too late to catch the whole thing.

There is a rumor we scored 2 goals in the third period. I find that…

This can’t be right. Is this right? Davis Drewiske scored a goal? That is…

We took two penalties in the first period. No surprise there. But, we killed them both! Not only that, but we didn’t fall behind in the first period. Amazing and…

This is your post game forum.

I will fill in my observations later.

Holy shit, did we really win? We broke the 5 game losing streak? This really happened? Just…

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  1. No such thing as a bad bj? Sir, have you been married? To an angry wife at your in- laws? Therefore, some bj’s do suck ( no pun intended )

  2. How weird is it trying to get your fingers to type “W-E W-O-N”? Gotta say, Penner looked pretty good again. Maybe with a uniform level of suck cast over everyone, the pressure finally fell off his shoulders and he’s playing good. Kopitar was the reliable warrior we expect. Loved Scuderi sliding the discarded helmet along with the puck carrier to keep him from getting a clean lane. Get dirty, Mutha Sutta’s!

  3. Cool – we beat the streaking Blue Jackets. Now on to Detroit!

  4. very interesting side comment on yahoo about tonight’s game:

    “Scouts from no fewer than 11 teams—Edmonton, Tampa Bay, Vancouver, New Jersey, St. Louis, Toronto, the New York Rangers, Ottawa, Chicago, Colorado and Montreal—were at the game”

  5. We did it!! We’ll be dragged back to Earth on Saturday after the game with Detroit but who cares! That’s two days away.

  6. DL is going to get rid of one of the d-men. Count on it.

  7. i was bored, and found myself fast forwarding a lot. The way they play still annoys the crap out of me, and I finally figured it out why they shoot as soon as they enter the zone. It’s from all those bastards who yell, “Shoot!” at the games. I want to start yelling, “Don’t shoot it yet! Hold onto it for a moment!!”.

  8. We need to get someone like simmonds or avery back on are 3rd line sombody whos big and will fight but also score those dirty goals

  9. And hello third line winger.

    **crossing fingers**

    You really hold hope no matter what. Yep, big Daryl will turn this team into a big bad defensive minded scoring machine, running slip shod over the rest of the nhl.
    As that ny jets player screamed in an interview after they’d beat New England last year ‘Can’t Wait’

  10. I am not saying it is going to happen, but after reading on TFP the rumor of Jack Johnson being shopped around, and the breaking news that Pronger is going to be out for the season, I would not be surprised to see JJ, or possibly Alec Martinez going to Philly.

    We all know about “Philly West”, so Homer and Deano have no problem making deals happen, and I think Deano would try to somehow crowbar Scotty Hartnell out of Philly. He would definitely be a good “fit” for our fearless leader to try and go after. Something like this would, more than likely, not be a straight up “hockey deal”, as other players/prospects/picks would probably be thrown into the mix.

    In all honesty, the only way I see something like this going down is if the Flyers implode defensively, which I don’t really see happening, and if Giroux isn’t going to be out for an extended period of time.

    Nothing more than something for us “Armchair GM’s” to think about.


  11. Darryl Sutter’ office, yes this is Dean, one moment please. Hello? Darryl, Dean how are you? Well just gettin my affairs in order, out on the farm branding cattle, in the smoke house, making some venison jerky for you as a present for getting me out of this hell hole me and my brother have created.

    LOL Dean in the background. Well uh Darryl the reason I called is, I think I am going to give John the title of Head Coach, no longer interim. After sleepless nights, thinking about how I fucked this up, JS seems better suited for the job.

    WTF you hear Darryl screaming Darryl, calm down, Dean hold on a second. Hey Jethro, that fuckin wolf is back, didn’t you say you killed him?

    Sorry Dean you were saying, Darryl, I am going to just move JS into the head coaching position. I or we feel he is more in touch with todays NHL, and after that abortion of my friend Terry, I just can’t keep using the old Philly discards, so I am going to use younger Philly discards.

    Jethro you hear in the background, kill that fucking wolf. Oh and tell Ellle May and Granny no cement pond.


    It’s amazing that even being scoring challenged and taking the hockey short bus to the games, the “urgency” has magically appeared like lucky charms are magically delicious.

    2 games with Stevens and he’s 1-1. I know its temporary but get rid of the cancer in the room, and behind the bench, and the Murray mutiny is over.

    For the 1st time this season, I finally heard someone who is trying to be politically correct bash Dean Lombardi. EJ Hradek who I do not give much respect to, because he is usually a wet noodle, dancing his way around the tough questions.

    EJ blamed the recent state of the Kings on Dean. He blamed Dean for screwing up the Drew Doughty drama, even throwing in the it was 200,000.00 you were fighting over and you caved in, but too late.

  12. If jj gets traded it better be for somebody well worth it

  13. Even though they won I wasn’t all too impressed with it. To me we’re not a whole lot better than the BJ. Maybe with Richards back the team can start surging again. I do like the intensity though and how they are entering the zone more with the puck. At this point they need to start looking for the open guy for a tip in rather than shooting it on net so much. That backdoor guy is there now.


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