Kings In Columbus – Battle of the Suck

We suck.

They suck.

Someone will come out sucking a little less this night.

Of the last 2 Kings games I have only seen the third period of the one against Dallas. I’ve been busy. Don’t judge me, save it for someone who deserves it, like people who are snobs about the foam in their lattes. My point is that just like I don’t need to actually speak to the guy in front of me at Coffee Bean to know that his mother coddled him as a child, I also don’t need to have watched the last two games to know that the Kings carry a weight on their shoulders heavier than the average citizen of Columbus.

Want to hear something depressing? Of course you do. During the current 5 game losing streak, the Kings have been out scored 14-6. That means that they have been outscored by two more goals than they have scored.

On the positive side, the Columbus Blue Jackets have given up 19 goals in their last 5 games. Granted, they won two of those games (both in OT), and scored 12 of their own goals, but if there is a team that can’t play defense worth a shit, it’s Columbus. At 26th in the league, the Jackets give up 3.23 goals per game. That’s over a full goal more than the Kings score on average. Considering Columbus only scores .2 more goals per game than we do, the odds are finally in the Kings’ favor, even if recent history is not.

As far as the lineup is concerned, interim bench boss Stevens has the wherewithal to pull Hunter out of the lineup while also giving Slava Voynov the first benching of his budding NHL career, replacing the young Russian with Alec Martinez. Trevor Lewis will skate on the third line with Richardson and Loktionov.

Like the last two games, I won’t be able to watch this one tonight. A fancy party calls out to me and I can’t deny the crowd my dapper self all suited up. So this is your thread, not mine, keep out the foam snobs and keep your own chins up… We’re bound to win a game eventually.


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  1. i hope im wrong, but something tells me they make CBJ defense look as good as the ’85 bears defense.

  2. They need to come out and play like they did in Bos and keep those penalties to a minimum. The scoring drought is about to fucking end here tonight!!!

  3. Seeing Hunter yanked is something to celebrate already. I can only hope seeing him scratched will be a trend to continue regardless of who the coach is.

  4. If we can’t beat Columbus…well, let’s not finish that sentence.

  5. For now, I don’t mind Stevens making Voynov sit out this game because he was not happy with his play. When I read “We met with him this morning and just explained the reasons why, and what we expect from him.” this sounds like either Stevens is just referring to the game against Boston, or what Stevens has noticed behind the bench for the 18 games Voynov has appeared in.

    I am not sure if Terry ever had a talk with Slava, but it’s nice to hear an interim coach giving feed back to a young defense man. At least he’s not scratching him for no reason.

    Remember the 2 or 3 talks Terry had with Penner last season? They did absolutely nothing.

    As for Hunter, Lewis is faster, and has the same hands as Hunter, so he can use that speed to dish the puck. Hunter brings a big body to eclipse the goalie, but that is about all.

    Martinez back in after being a healthy scratch the past 2 games is fine.

    Mitchell not playing is going to hurt. Does anyone know where his injury is? Was it a shot to the knee, ankle or foot? They really need him back.

    Stevens:”We met with him this morning and just explained the reasons why, and what we expect from him.” Is there anything to read into this, or is this just because he is now in charge?

    Can “we” relieve Tampon while “we” are in charge?

    Now that “Sutter Watch” is on day 4, is this delay due to the buyout, or the buy in and terms of the contract for Sutter.

    Does anyone think that possibly Timmy is more involved with which one of Lombardi’ cronies he will try to hire? Maybe this time Timmy is making Deano actually interview someone who isnt a recycled NHL coach before signing off
    or is it going to be Sutter when the Kings return?

    We all saw the smoke screen Anaheim used before giving Randy the boot.

    • I can’t be that upset with benching Voynov either. Drewiskie played his ass off last game and Martinez *needs* to get a look again at some point.

      • VV’s gonna sit here and there because he’s a rookie.

        On the bright side, at least he’s not in Manchester enjoying the winning streak they’ve been on since he left.

        Just kidding (sort of)

        • I hope it didn’t come off like I was against the benching. I think it’s great to keep a young stud in check a little once their play starts to dip. Can’t let anyone get too comfortable.

          • Well not just that but voyonov has developed a habit of holding puck either too long and skating into trouble or quick passes to players in tight positions.

  6. Forgot this was an early start. Got off work early. I just may get to see half of this game after all.


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