From George Johnson of the Calgary Herald:

That bitter beer face. Those caustic rejoinders. The contemptuous snort. The manipulation. The condescension.

Ah, the memories come flooding back …

Why, it’s enough to make the hardest-hearted scribbler dab away a nostalgic tear from the corners of leaky lids.

In the short term, if mounting speculation is to be believed (and there are no persuasive reasons to doubt it), Darryl Sutter, recycled as coach only, will make the L.A. Kings better.

Don’t for a moment, despite the messy way his grating one-man show ended here, be conned into believing otherwise.

Outside of a couple uncomfortable sightings on the Saddledome JumboTron, the man who went from messiah to pariah in this town has kept a low public profile since his dismissal — sorry “resignation” — almost a year ago.

He’s expected to re-surface soon, though, as early as today, and be officially named head coach of the 13-12-4 Kings.

Yes, he can be as much fun as foot fungus, his methods are archaic and manner overbearing, but the man’s bench resume can’t help but instil increasingly disillusioned Kings’ fans with fresh hope — whipping teams like galley slaves to certain levels of effort and achievement has been his history.

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