Always a good interview, Detroit Red Wings coach, Mike Babcock had the following gems for Helene Elliott:

Regarding L.A. Kings defenseman, Drew Doughty (who he once called as being “touched by God”):

Well, if I didn’t know he wasn’t at training camp — wasn’t he not at training camp — that would surprise me. But this league’s too good not to be ready to go when everybody else is ready to go. Whether you’re a player here that got hurt and didn’t play in training camp, and you wonder why 15 games in you got no stats, all you’ve got to do is look around the league. It’s not by accident. Players are too good. They’re too ready. They come in early. It’s a short training camp but they’re there two weeks in advance skating 10 times just to be ready to start training camp and you can do that on your own, but you’re not as good by yourself. That’s the facts.

Regarding coaches and their firings:

It’s a hard business. Terry Murray did a great job here. There’s a lot of coaches that have done excellent jobs but everybody in today’s NHL — owners and management — thinks they have a team that can make the playoffs and win the Cup and I hate to break the news to them but for lots of teams it’s not true. Until you’ve been there and you know how good you have to be to win the Cup you don’t realize how far you are away. In saying that, there are a ton of teams that think they should be playoff teams and I don’t blame them. It’s so tight. This is what they do. One thing about it is, if you’re a coach, you get to move. You get a new house. You get a different place to live. It won’t be the end of the world for most of these guys. They’ll bounce back.