Dean Lombardi & Darryl Sutter Get A Clean Slate

Humor is a wonderful way to cope. I have often found that facing reality with a smile on your face brings focus. Stress solves little. So, in the days following Murray’s firing, we have infused humor into our articles to help ourselves, and those of you who share the same sentiment, cope.

Fact – The L.A. Kings currently suck. They look good on paper. On the ice, we can’t score goals. They might as well thread a needle using their dicks.

Fiction – We will continue to suck, Darryl Sutter will come in and destroy this franchise, Dean Lombardi will be fired and Los Angeles will return to Kings hockey, circa 2003.

I label the latter as fiction because, unless you are in the fortune-telling business and aren’t a fraud, there is no way you can really ever know how this season will play out under Darryl Sutter’s term and Dean Lombardi’s continued tenure. They could fall flat on their faces. They could give the team an enema and help them fly.

I know this.

Surly & I are giving Dean Lombardi and Darryl Sutter a clean slate.

We will go into this with open minds, hoping for the best and cheering on the team.

It may last a week, month or the rest of the season. Who the hell knows. Perhaps Sutter’s no-nonsense, disciplinary style will shake the team back into the W column.

Surly & I are die-hard L.A. Kings fans. We are tired of seeing this team fail. I have watched it for 31 years. Jacob for…these Sutting kids, piss me off, let’s just say a shorter period of time. That reminds me. It’s still Sutt this, Sutt you, Sutt off, no Sutting kidding. That doesn’t change because it’s awesome and can be either a positive or insulting perspective of our new coach…which means it’s perfect in its duality. I may have to make a sign: GO MOTHER SUTTING KINGS!

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  1. Worst case scenario: We fail to make the playoffs, Dean is fired, Sutter is hired as GM, we fall into an endless oblivion for another 20 years.

    It is the way of the Kings. :P

  2. Sutter is what the team needs. No more emotionless play and some actual accountability.

    Enjoy the last two games of the emotionless Kings. I will be happy with a split of the next two games.

    • Interesting…I didn’t expect this from you. Are you you or is this the new version of you? Is this the you that thought Terry Murray would make adjustments because he said he would? I liked that you. He was fun to tease.

      • Same one. Either Sutter turns the team around and they enjoy playoff success or he fails and Dean and Sutter are replaced in April. Win-win.

  3. if it works and the Kings make the playoffs and win the Cup then DL is a genius ,but if he fails then i guess we all can say bye bye DL

  4. Any thoughts on this tidbit from Hammond?
    “The only remaining question is the make-up of the rest of the coaching staff, although John Stevens is expected to stay aboard for at least the rest of this season. Sutter has already been in communication with members of team management, to get scouting reports on the current Kings players.”

    Maybe if Sutter has the wisdom to swap in an offensive coach that will be a yen to Sutter’s yang this could all turn out better than expected. Do you think Stevens should keep his position?

  5. Something I’ve been thinking about for a little bit that’s been bothering me a bit… if the King’s can’t get their shit together do you think Quick will bolt @ contract renewal after next season? Might be a good but unfortunate reason not to trade Bernier that could hold us back from getting a missing piece.

  6. Hey Bobby, I was pleasantly surprised to see your post on the Yahoo Sports article, and you even spoke in the Sutt language! Funny stuff man.

  7. Sutt it all. I too have watched these mother sutters play since ’79. I hope DL is here as long as Lamorello in NJ. But if that sutter hir Sutter, all sutting betts are off. Damnit i am sutting drinking much sutting earlier in the day (kinda sutting fun). For sutts sake, why wont he listen to sutting reason and hire sutting Carlyle or Granato? SUTT!

  8. … I don’t have a problem giving Sutter a clean slate. None at all. I can wait and see on this.

    As for Lombardi – hell no. He won’t get a clean slate, and he doesn’t deserve a clean slate. This team has been undercut by the leadership of this organization from day one of this season. The marketing department over-hyped the team, and Lombardi must have believed in that hype despite knowing the team was nowhere near a Cup contender, because he allowed that marketing campaign to go on. He allowed a leak to the media which stated his head coach was about to be fired, and got on a plane to the east coast to fire him; that head coach never should have been on the flight with the team in the first place (unless the firing and the leak were the brainchild of Leiweke, which is also part of the problem with this organization), and the Kings had to endure a period of time where the interim head coach was the lamest of lame ducks, because everyone knew who was going to be the new permanent coach.

    Where in the hell is the leadership of this franchise? Who’s running this terrible show? Lombardi, when he was hired, was a very highly touted executive. I can’t believe that he would have agreed to a situation where he didn’t have control of the hockey product. But, it’s either a case where he absolutely doesn’t have control of it, or he’s been about the worst-prepared hockey executive I’ve ever seen. There’s no direction here; no rudder. The new head coach might achieve some modest success during the remainder of this season, but there won’t be a hope in hell that the Kings become Cup contenders until they have a REAL GM and they have some REAL plan on what they want to do with this franchise. This is year six of the regime. I’m tired of the bullshit and I’m tired of the excuses. Sure, the players are accountable, but this is Lombardi and Leiweke’s team. THIS is what they wanted, right? If the Kings miss the playoffs, how in the hell has this leadership group shown they’re worthy of keeping?

    Might as well give both Lombardi and Leiweke lifetime contracts if there’s any notion of them getting a clean slate. I’ve had about enough of both of them. If we’re going by pure results, Lombardi ranks as one of the worst general managers the Kings have ever had – and that’s saying something. And as for Leiweke, the day that snake entered this franchise is one of the darkest days in its history.


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