Humor is a wonderful way to cope. I have often found that facing reality with a smile on your face brings focus. Stress solves little. So, in the days following Murray’s firing, we have infused humor into our articles to help ourselves, and those of you who share the same sentiment, cope.

Fact – The L.A. Kings currently suck. They look good on paper. On the ice, we can’t score goals. They might as well thread a needle using their dicks.

Fiction – We will continue to suck, Darryl Sutter will come in and destroy this franchise, Dean Lombardi will be fired and Los Angeles will return to Kings hockey, circa 2003.

I label the latter as fiction because, unless you are in the fortune-telling business and aren’t a fraud, there is no way you can really ever know how this season will play out under Darryl Sutter’s term and Dean Lombardi’s continued tenure. They could fall flat on their faces. They could give the team an enema and help them fly.

I know this.

Surly & I are giving Dean Lombardi and Darryl Sutter a clean slate.

We will go into this with open minds, hoping for the best and cheering on the team.

It may last a week, month or the rest of the season. Who the hell knows. Perhaps Sutter’s no-nonsense, disciplinary style will shake the team back into the W column.

Surly & I are die-hard L.A. Kings fans. We are tired of seeing this team fail. I have watched it for 31 years. Jacob for…these Sutting kids, piss me off, let’s just say a shorter period of time. That reminds me. It’s still Sutt this, Sutt you, Sutt off, no Sutting kidding. That doesn’t change because it’s awesome and can be either a positive or insulting perspective of our new coach…which means it’s perfect in its duality. I may have to make a sign: GO MOTHER SUTTING KINGS!