Andrei Loktionov sits.

Slava Voynov sits.

Kevin Westgarth plays.

No, Terry Murray didn’t sneak into the L.A. Kings’ coaching office. John Stevens did this.


He didn’t like what he saw from the Russians. Both have come off games below their standards but really? You sit a play making center and one of our better offensive weapons at the blue line? It’s a good thing we’re playing the no talent Columbus Blue Jackets for a second straight game because if this game was against a talented team like the Detroit Red Wings, you could call John Stevens’ line up adjustments downright obtuse and you wouldn’t be too far off…sarcasm/off.

WWDSD – What Would Darryl Sutter Do? We’ll find out against the Ducks on Tuesday.

The Red Wings are lining up like this at forward:


With a line up of no talent goons, it’s obvious why Stevens would choose Kevin Westgarth over Loktionov…damn that sarcasm button. It turned on by itself.

Who else is playing tonight? Why Trent Hunter of course! Yeah! Watch the third line of Richardson, Lewis and Hunter carefully tonight. Hunter has magical powers of making anyone with whom he plays rise up and play to new levels! Ok, clearly the sarcasm button is broken…

Seriously, what is Hunter going to do? Wave goodbye as the Red Wings’ forwards blow by him? “Hit them with your purse, Trent!”

Sutt it. This is your open forum.