Chad LaRose Anyone, Part II?

On September 8, I wrote the L.A. Kings need a legitimate third line wing to replace Wayne Simmonds.

At the time, I coveted Carolina Hurricanes left wing, Chad LaRose because I was not drinking the Ethan Moreau Kool-Aid and, as I wrote then, I asked if you were. Surly was drinking some of that but, then again, you put almost anything in front of him and he will empty the glass in no time.

I still want this kid.

He is a good fit and a nice complement as a third line wing.

So, I ask that you take a look at that article and read some of the comments, which are interesting in hindsight, and again ask yourself this question – do you want Chad LaRose (9 goals, 10 assists in 34 games this season) or not? And for what?


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  1. Carolina is hurting for a puck moving defense man. You might be able to get LaRose for Martinez. That’s if bitter beer face plays Voynov over Martinez. I think he would opt for the NHL experience Martinez has right now though. LaRose would be a good addition though. Maybe we could send Hunter and Martinez for him.

  2. Carolina and the LA Kings make good trading partners. Had that thought for months. Also, heard some things months ago (and it won’t die) that lead me to believe a trade may happen before the deadline.

  3. … I like LaRose as a player, but let’s not kid ourselves. He’s not a third line winger; hell, he gets more ice time per game than Justin Williams does. He’s out there on the PP with Skinner and Jokinen, and he’s fourth among Carolina forwards in ice time at even strength.

    If he were here, he’d either supplant Williams as the second line RW or he’d replace Brown on the first line, with Brown being bumped down to the second and Williams to the third.

    Again, it comes down to what you want to give up, and whether this is something compatible with the way the team has been built up to this point. LaRose will turn 30 before this season is over. Are you going to deal more youth away as part of a deal for more older veterans?

  4. Anyone watch the Flyers game tonight? Would just like to point out again how well Simmonds is doing over there…

  5. Loved Chat Larose and Dennis Seidenberg when the Canes last made it to the ECF during the playoffs. I couldnt believe no one snatched Seidenberg in free agency, and then Florida just gave him away.

    Obviously Seidenberg is awesome still. Larose would be GREAT for the Kings 3rd line, but in terms of a top-six guy he sort of faded since that postseason. Hes pretty cheap for what he provides Carolina too, doubt they would want to trade him. I may be mistaken but I believe they view him as a heart and soul type of guy.

  6. And for what?
    That is the million dollar question isn’t it?

    I like him, but don’t know what we have until I see what Sutter is going to dick around with.

    If he looks at the problems that are plaguing the Kings right now, and makes adjustments accordingly (nutral zone, and possession through the middle in the offensive zone), then I say we don’t need to make changes.

    If Sutter just plays the Status quo, but spends his time chewing everyone out with intensity, then Martinez would probably not be enough, but that would be where I’d start.

  7. I honestly think its time for something on a bigger scale. Whether that’s Parise or someone else of his stature, it’s time. Jack Johnson is the trade chip. He is always going to be more physically talented than a Voynov with his size and all, but I think Voynov can turn into the better defenseman in the same way that Eric Johnson is much bigger and more of a thoroughbred than Kevin Shattenkirk, but Shattenkirk has the poise and hockey intelligence that makes him the superior player.

    It’s the Brian Rafalski vs. Jay Bouwmeester syndrome. I think Between Doughty, the emergence of Voynov, WIllie Mitchell, Scuderi, you can afford to give up a piece like Johnson on defense. Does it hurt the D? Yes, but right now the need is much greater at forward. I think you can get a top-line forward for Johnson+, and that’s what I would do. Columbus still needs help on defense, I would deal Johnson for Carter in a heartbeat. Might not even have to add extra assets in for that trade, as opposed to Parise. Honestly, I would try to get both of them. If Columbus is in sell mode, maybe you don’t have to give a good asset for Carter. Stoll, Greene, picks/prospects for Carter, then Johnson + for Parise, send a 5th round pick somewhere to pick up a physical bottom-pairing dman to replace Greene, have Voynov replace Johnson..

    Parise – Kopitar – Penner
    Williams – Richards – Carter
    Clifford – Loktionov (or you trade for someone cheap) – Richardson
    Couldnt get any worse than it is now – Couldnt get worse – couldn’t get worse

    Willie Mitchell – Doughty
    Scuderi – Voynov
    5th round pick – Martinez/whoever


    I havent checked the cap numbers, but if you’re unloading Greene, Stoll, and Johnson, thats about 11 million I believe, so it should be enough to fit Carter at 5 and change and Parise at 6 and change. You may have to do a few other tweaks but its workable.

    And, in my opinion, not only is that a much better roster than the Kings currently have, its a REAL Cup Contender, maybe THE contender. Finally, like the Blackhawks, you have two true top line players on each of the top two lines, and the Kings would even have better supporting pieces for the 5 and 6 pieces in Williams and Penner.

    So thats what I would try to do, one way or another. Turn Johnson, Stoll, Greene, next year’s 1st round pick, Forbort, maybe Hickey, and add a few mid-prospects like Moller, into two top-line forwards. Thats a ton to barter with, I think the smart GM could swing that. Most certainly, one top line forward should be cake when you offer up Johnson and a bit more.


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