Here is the link to the Darryl Sutter press conference.

We can talk about everything here, both pre and post conference.

I hope to see some direct questions regarding the offense. By direct I mean questions that actually demonstrate some working knowledge of the game rather than, “what are you going to do to improve the offense?” in which case Sutter should reply, “score more goals.” Hope springs eternal.

Share your thoughts here about the Darryl Sutter press conference and all things L.A. Kings. The new chapter in L.A. Kings hockey has begun.

Post Press Conference Update

Well, that was short. Let me give a very earned grade of D + to the Los Angeles media who attended. Except for Helene’s question as to why he decided to come back to coaching, the others only showed off that very few people who cover the game in this town know very much about it. I should have known there would not be a single direct and pointed question about the mechanics of the offense or even a follow-up one when Sutter all but gave the opening for one when he commented that there are only little fixes here and there that will get the Kings to score more goals.

I found his comment that this is a 3-2 league interesting. He is right, if you score 3 goals you win on most nights but, again, nobody asked how you get over that hump.

Sutter equated “overachieving” with getting the most out of the players. In other words, he expects players to exceed expectations, not meet expectations. Illuminating and not something you hear every day.

He confirmed what I think most of us knew – that he pushes and pulls players and the players need that. This is true. Unlike Terry Murray’s belief system, “motivation” is still a valuable commodity in coaching, as in life.

Sutter downplaying his disciplinary style as being “blown out of proportion” is exactly what I would expect a hard ass disciplinarian to say.

As a student of psychology and one who listens for tone and watches manner as much as hearing the words, I saw a man up there who is very intense. Most people will comment that he was awkward or aloof. A guerilla is also awkward but will separate your head from your body in one fleeting moment. I didn’t see a coach who was trying to sell up there (unlike Dean Lombardi). He wasn’t playing to anyone. Until you are in the locker room, you really don’t know what you are dealing with, but my perception is that players like Doughty, Williams, Brown, Penner, Hunter, Lewis and Westgarth better have their act together. The one player who may benefit from Sutter the most is, perhaps to your surprise, Anze Kopitar.

As we get more information about the one on one interviews, I will post them here so come back to this post and share your thoughts.

Update Number II

Matthew Barry, of the new BigMouthBarry Blog, has the word for word transcript of the Q & A. Click on the link.

Update Number III

Rich Hammond also has a transcript up.