L.A. Kings v. Anaheim Sucks Open Forum: The Darryl Sutter Era Begins

From Brad Richardson via Rich Hammond

It was obviously a tough couple weeks there. You don’t ever want to see anyone get fired. Everyone has got families, and it’s their job, so it’s tough. Even if you agree with the coach or you don’t, it’s still a tough situation. It was a tough week, and we’re all happy, I think, just to get going again. Everyone was kind of anxious to get here this morning. Everyone was here a lot earlier than usual, to kind of get here and meet Darryl and see what was going on. It will be nice tomorrow. I talked to Darryl after practice and I will probably be playing with Kopi and Brownie. It’s about hard work and getting in on the forecheck. We’re probably going to be playing against the top line, so just play hard against them.’

That is exactly right, Brad.

It is about getting in on the forecheck. Something that our departed head coach could not grasp, no matter the occasion.

I will watch very carefully, with a special attention to the forecheck and the role of the F2 and F3. I will look for pucks that make their way to the net without going along the half-boards and to the point 9 out of 10 times. I will watch for wings set up for one timers. I will hope for zone entries that don’t resemble a casual stroll.

If the puck is dumped, it better be chased. When it is chased, we damn well better outnumber the defenders along the boards. People sometimes think I criticized Terry Murray because he was a defense first coach. Incorrect. I criticized Terry Murray because he was a defense first, defense last coach wherein each night I had to watch a team that looked like it was protecting a 3 goal lead even when it was down by a goal or two.

Skate. Hit. Use your speed. Get in on the forecheck. Get pucks on net from areas other than the point. That is the theme to tonight’s game. That is what I expect to see from a Darryl Sutter coached team.

Does hope spring eternal? Perhaps, but Sutter is getting a clean slate from me. I find it best to go in without assuming the worst. There is no fun in pessimism. I have to believe a coach of his experience and intensity saw and sees what was in front of our collective faces and far more. As he said in the press conference, it is not about wholesale changes but “tweaks” to the attack and said tweaks can mean the difference between losing 2-1 or winning 3-2.

Let’s tweak the shit out of Anaheim tonight, with their balls in our vice.

Let’s take the daft masses of arrested development Anaheim calls a fan base and show them the doors on Figueroa or 11th with our boots up their asses.

We hear Trent Hunter is a healthy scratch.

We hear Jonathan Quick is in net.

We hear Mike Richards is back.

Surly & I will bring the noise. Bring your lungs to Staples, you Sutters. Game Mother Sutting On.


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  1. I will be there tonight in my seats in sec 318. I will bring the noise along with my 6 yr old for her first live game. I want a win tonight, I expect a win tonight. There are no more excuses. Good to see Sutter has at least the sense to sit Hunter. Hopefully he goes on waivers at the end of the holiday freeze. He is as useful as a condom with a hole in it.

  2. What about are defenders? whos in whos out? im at work right now so not enought time to check this and the insider to see the lines.

    • Scuderi-Doughty

      That is how they skated in practice

    • Richardson-Kopitar-Brown

      4th line not reported yet, but Hunter is scratched. My guess: Clifford-Fraser-Westgarth



  3. At the time Surly wrote “Puttin ‘ On My Positivity Cap”, I wasn’t ready to hear it. But the little things DS said that aren’t so little, got my blood flowing strongly. I too look forward to watching the F2 and to see if the D3 becomes an F3 again. I want to see the Dmen jumping in even with a lead. I watched the Hawks n Pens the other night and the Pens’ Dmen were jumping in with a 1-0 lead. And get this, F’s1,2&3 were allowed to set up in the slot for one-timers. I think with the Kings line up, DS can do some damn good things. ……….Kings fans Iguess

    • Iguess hope does spring eternal. The things Brad Richardson mentioned were what I witnessed in the Hawks n Pens game. Damn let it be so.

  4. God knows I wish I could go tonight! I will also be following every move on the ice! I will be chering here at home and texting a lame duck fan………. that being my trader duck fan dad! Gave up on kings long ago! We have fun though me being a kings fan and him a quacker fan! Lol

    • i seriously don’t know how it’s possible to trade allegiances. I had a friend, taught him the ins and outs of hockey, then he became an Avs fan. I dont know how they do it.

  5. Ive got a good feeling aboot this one…..hmmmm Kings -1.5 +175 is looking nice….

  6. lokti is a scratch?

    • Yes.

      Clifford-Fraser-Westgarth is the 4th line. Loktionov would be in Manchester right now if there wasn’t a roster freeze.

      He gets one more week of NHL pay, unless there is another serious injury before december 28th. Fraser is a better 4th line center. Loktionov could use top line minutes in Manchester.

  7. I had butterflys driving up here. Felt like i was going to a playoff game. Calmer now. May combust in 20 minutes when the game starts


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