Video: Holloway to Moller… In The Wrong League

When hockey videos make it to the main Yahoo pagen, it’s usually not the kind of video you wish was getting mainstream attention, and this case is no different.

Today Greg Wyshynski posted this video of Oscar Moller.

Amusing, yes, but I’d prefer to be watching Moller make a nice play with the LA Kings tonight. Oscar, please come home, we miss you.

More amusingly, apparently the guy who made the pass to Moller was Bud Holloway. Bud, you’re a moron and a douchebag and stay oversees please. You’re the reason we had signed Trent Hunter and you will never be forgiven.

For the rest of Greg’s article, click here.

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6 replies

  1. Those are the biggest face off circles I’ve ever seen!

  2. The little engine that could signed a 2 year deal. Even if he wanted to come back next season, he couldn’t. Kings do own his rights as far as the NHL till he’s 27. but hopefully he doesn’t wait that long to take another stab at the NHL. Big mistake bailing to Europe and not signing a year to year contract, but he lost faith in the coaching staff to be able to use him properly, and Kings management to keep him up, and saw no future here. Hope that mindset changes, but I’m not sure it would be any different since the only thing different is Sutter.

    • I didn’t know he signed an extension. That’s really unfortunate. The fact that Moller isn’t a 15-20 goal scorer in the league is, to me, a huge failure on the part of the LA Kings to develop forwards.

      • Surly, sorry but I have to totally disagree with you. Richardson got his 2nd of the year last night, Cliffy has one, not last night of course, but he still has one. Hey, he could have none. What do you want guy?

        And who else? Ummmm, Richie has 13 I think, oh but thats right, the Kings didn’t develop him. Well, maybe your point is well taken then.

  3. Hiccup, come home!!! we miss our little viking….. :C

  4. Just watched the vid again. I see now why neither are with the Kings. It takes skill to do what Holloway did, and of course deft soft hands to catch it as Oskie did. Remember, DL isn’t that keen on forwards with skill…. I don’t think….. unless they once played for LA East.


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