It’s Con…A Con…Shit.

From the Canadian Press via TSN.

LOS ANGEGLES, Calif.  — Los Angeles Kings forward Simon Gagne is not travelling with the team on its upcoming two-game road trip due to an upper body injury.

The team confirmed Tuesday that the 31-year-old veteran will remain in L.A. and is expected to be placed on injured reserve within 24 hours.

Kings officials would not confirm that Gagne is suffering from a concussion after getting “banged up” and sitting out the third period of Monday’s 4-3 win over the Phoenix Coyotes.

The seven-time 20-goal scorer has a history of concussions and other injuries. He was shut down in the 2007-08 season after being diagnosed with a concussion.

The Kings take on the Blackhawks in Chicago on Wednesday and visit Winnipeg on Thursday.

Yes, they really spelled “Los Angeles”, “Los Angegles.” Let’s see if it’s still there by the time you click on the above link. I can’t figure out if it is intentional, like “defence” or “offence” or some kind of fucked up insult. If so, Canandians suck.

Oh, shall we break out an oldie but goodie from Surly? Who didn’t see this coming? Surly? Let’s analyze Simon Gagne’s history of injuries…we have one more to add it seems.

Does Andrei Loktionov stay? Does Trent Hunter get the spot? Gross. Does Dwight “I have NHL experience playing as Kopitar’s left wing under Terry Murray so that should count as something” King get a call up while Lokti goes down? Brandon Kozun anyone? Anyone? Bastards.

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  1. It wags stilgl theregere.

    Simon GagMe.

    Damn Kings.

  2. If the spelling of Los Angegles was unintentional but normal to them, as if it were some European vestigal spelling habit, I think they would have said Lous Angegles to give it more colour.

  3. French Canadian Phonics akin to the ever endearing Dutch pronounication of coloquial Americanisms such as “azzole” or “fokuu”

  4. An-geg-les? Sounds like one of the monsters Godzilla fought in the movie “Destroy All Monsters”.

  5. 9:56pm … still there.

  6. Hmm. Every comment is about the typo. Not one about Gagne. Either a reflection of the commenters or nobody gives a damn about Simon. :)

  7. At least “Simon Gagne” is spelled right?

    I’ve seen it repeatedly spelled “Simone Gagner”. Which was a heaping serving of WTF.

    Ranks up there with the Jason/Justin Williams issue.

    • hahaha… I had a friend in high school who for some reason I could never remember if he was a Justin or Jason when I first knew him so I just took to calling him Jastin. Unfortunately for him it stuck.

  8. Ohh Gags. Maybe a head injury is what he needs to get his game really fired up (granted, he’s right behind Richards, Kopi, and Brown with goals, but they could all be doing better).
    I hear that’s what Anasilme has to deal with when it comes to their balding captain. He goes on all his scoring streaks after a good hard hit to the head (according to one devout fan I know, who will go unnamed because she’s somehow a die hard Kings fan as well).
    Or maybe he was feeling too healthy and wanted to shake things up.

    Hopefully someone realizes Hunter has been pretty useless (even more so than Donuts, and that just hurts to say) and doesn’t decide to put him up on the first line, like we saw earlier this season.
    Fraser seemed pretty comfortable with Brown and Kopi, and having the extra muscle would probably help keep Kopi from wearing himself out while trying to play every position (he’s so amazing, but he doesn’t need to play the heavy hitting game, that’s how he’s going to get hurt again). Granted, that would tear apart the Line of Mass Destruction, but they haven’t been getting much ice time as it is. It’s definitely time to bring Loktionov back up, regardless of how the line-shuffling goes.

  9. Give Kazune a shot. He deserves a call up. Lockteeonandoff has been somewhat disappointing. Bring Kohzun in and let’s see what he has to offer. He can’t be any worse than lohktee.

    • I don’t really call 17 points in 30 games and a -4 deserving of a call up. Then again no one in Manchester jumps out at you on the stat sheet.

      Hmmm… Might be a good time for another evaluation by Jungle Dave.

      • No one does over there but they’re still playing well as a team. Nolan has similar production and more size and physicality. He can drop em good too. Probably not a good top six player though.

  10. Im for kozun and thas not the gin talking

  11. Well I am a huge Kings fan and I live in Canada, trust me when I say it is obviously a mistake that someone overlooked. So get off your high horses I’ve seen mistakes made left, right and centre (sorry thats “center” for you Americans) from Americans when talking about Canadians. So before slamming a nation over one spelling mistake, just remember two words “George Bush”. BTW we don’t live in igloos and ride dog sleds everywhere and eat maple syrup for every meal. Anyways on another note I would like to see Kozun get a shot, the kid has speed and creativity and was great up here in the WHL.


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