Not Quick, Not Any One Player, A Great Team Effort Beats Blackhawks 2-0

The L.A. Kings weathered the first period storm.

The L.A. Kings owned the Blackhawks in the second.

The L.A. Kings didn’t back down in the third.

The L.A. Kings to a man were moving their feet, forechecking, holding the puck and waiting for seams, fuck the shot mentality, fuck it to oblivion, tonight it was about smart hockey, creating traffic, havoc, picking up loose pucks and, never underestimating its importance, a suffocating defense that kept pucks to the outside. Both teams had a lot of shots on net (38 each) but it’s not about the shots, it’s about their type, direction and those ever critical second and third chances.

Trent Hunter is a jerk. Where was this guy? Skating? Hustling?

Our powerplay still sucks. Jamie Kompon is either a) Dean Lombardi’s long lost brother, b) Dean Lombardi’s lover, c) The 8th Sutter, d) It’s the holidays and he’s gone in January.

Take nothing away from Jonathan Quick. The Blackhawks had their moments, as they should. They are the highest scoring team in the league for a reason. He didn’t “steal” this one but he was outstanding. His rebound control especially in the first ten minutes of the first and the Hawks’ brief flurries in the third neutralized Chicago’s offense and kept them from building momentum. With that said, Bernier in net tomorrow. It must be.

My three stars:

3. Drew Doughty

2. Jonathan Quick.

1. Willie Mitchell

Tonight’s win was nailing that chick who is out of your league but making sure she can’t walk straight the next day. I am mother sutting proud.

There is so much to discuss but I leave that to you. GO KINGS!

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  1. I can’t blame it on the boom boom anymore…

    This game was so amazing to me since the Kings played exactly how I knew they always could. I have to say I really love how Sutter talks with the players during the game, and he looks like he is coaching, and encouraging at the same time. I’m still in awe of this game.

    So good!!!

    • I also loved this Sutter quote regarding Gagne’s injury: “Hey, to be perfectly honest, some of veteran players haven’t been productive in terms of offense anyway. So it’s an opportunity for a younger player. The game is about depth, and there are injuries. You move on in a hurry.’’

      Best game I’ve watched in a while.

  2. Clearly they should bring the fathers to more games.

  3. … I liked that the Kings were again able to take advantage of some nice bounces. I’m not a big believer that “you make your own luck” but I do believe the good and successful teams take fullest advantage of the luck they DO have.

    The Hunter goal was a good break; usually that’s not a loose puck, but the Kings worked hard and Hunter showed some nice hands to put it away. The second goal, same thing; hard work, Williams trying to put it in with his forehand but can’t do it, puck somehow stays loose and isn’t covered up, and Stoll puts it away with a backhand.

    I thought Quick played really well, don’t get me wrong. But his success reflected the team’s. The Kings out-played a superior team on the road. That’ll put a charge into any fan of this team. It’s a great night.

  4. At last, Scribe!

    You didn’t put the whammy on the team.

    Now shut yer bloody fucking ‘hole so we can win in Winnipeg.

  5. Our powerplay still sucks. Jamie Kompon is either b) Dean Lombardi’s lover :D

    That’s some funny shit! Quick was a fucking brick wall. Be good to see Williams putting up some numbers here.

    • Williams played well. When you work hard and play smart, even if the goals don’t come, you contribute and, eventually, the goals will come. Justin has always been streaky, like Kopi. They are both due to start burying the biscuit

      • That one play when he hustled in to keep the puck alive down low for the Stoll goal was good to see him hustling like that. I was hoping that the woulda knocked that in but hopefully sooner than later.

  6. When Bob Miller was interviewing Clifford’s dad, did anyone else expect Bob to say “I will take the ring to Mordor!”

    Fuck a duck that guy was HUGE next to him.

  7. Funny how we get so pissed at 2 goals or less for weeks, than the Kings score 2 tonight, and we’re all shits and giggles. Scoring chances were good tonight, and I think the difference was that at no time did I get the feeling the Kings were hopeless to score, or that Chicago was going to open up the game and run away with it.

    The Kings played an excellent game, and the ice didn’t seem tilted even though Chicago played an excellent game also. I feel we got their best, and earned the win. Nothing to be ashamed of for either team.

  8. Kings fans can save money on little blue pills and porn by just watching that second and third period over and over.

  9. fuck the shot mentality, fuck it to oblivion

    … Yet, that’s exactly how they scored their goals? I don’t know, man. You confound me at times.

    • On the radio they mentioned an interview they did with Johnson, he said it wasn’t a new system, just unlearning bad habits– specifically holding on to the puck to create better passing lanes and higher percentage shots (paraphrased since I was high on the fact that we were not getting killed by a team we havent beat in… I can’t even remember)

      I think the shots we are putting on net now are higher percentage and we now have better pressure to make better second opportunities. I think before the mentality was just get over the blue line and lob it in and maybe we’ll get lucky

      • Stoll was interviewed (after the game?) and made a similar comment. Essentially they should hold the puck longer, and that they actually have more time to make plays than maybe they were lead to believe under Murray. (although he never mentioned murray)

    • Puck possession creates more time for players to make a play and create a scoring chance. When u just throw it to the net, u turn it over if the the other team recovers it. Maintain possession and let your playmakers go to work. I don’t think murray knew how to run an offense. Either that or the players were too lazy to play offense. Keeping it in the O zone also keeps it out of the other team’s possession. Good win.

    • Shot mentality referring to throwing every puck at the net regardless of having a lane and passing up better shots (higher percentage shots) in the process. It doesn’t have to be either extreme. Murray’s shot mentality extreme or playing catch all game. There is balance. The Kings are doing that now. Sometimes, the puck is fired quickly. Sometimes, you look for seams. The Kings were not doing that or, better stated, were not doing that enough. That’s all, my friend.

      • Murray’s shot mentality extreme or playing catch all game. There is balance. The Kings are doing that now.

        … Welp. I disagree 100% on this. They were doing it before, but the puck wasn’t going in. I said so many times that they couldn’t stay unlucky forever, and that the pucks would start to find the net. And now, they are. Unfortunately for Terry Murray, they are finding the net too late to save his job.

        • Freud says there is no such thing as coincidence :)

        • All I’m sayin’ is I see multiple cross-seam passes per game now where before it was like playing Where’s Waldo? to find the one per game they were doing.

          • I have seen such passes during Murray’s time, this season. It’s not like all of a sudden Sutter came in and the team started taking one timers or passing lateral. However, it was few and far between. Hell, I wrote articles about it – where are the one timers? For a while, it was nonexistent within the Kings’ repertoire. Now, the players are looking for it. The patience with the puck is the most obvious difference to me this game. Before, they were like robots. Get the puck along the half boards, to the point, shoot. Now, I see options exercised, the cycle is back, sometimes you see the point shot if it is there. If not, I see plays down low or lateral, especially from the defense through the slot to a forward. Options. That is what a good offense is all about.

          • The D is pinching to the half boards more often, two men are entering the zone, the cycle is back, the D is shooting without hesitation and most important has stopped playing lateral catch in the D zone and move the puck forward on the angle

    • I think TM has ruined that word so thoroughly. It’s meaning has been perverted for Kings fans to mean really, really shitty shots with absolutely no chance of going in. So yes, fuck shot mentality. Feelsgoodman.jpeg

  10. My observations:

    a) Stoll was nowhere on the ice at the beginning of the second. I thought he had a hang-nail or worse but apparently he went to the locker room, grabbed his scoring ability, and came back soon after. Good move.
    b) New rule: dads come to every game.
    c) Rich Hammond will be replaced by Kyle Clifford’s Dad and the guy that replaced Heidi Androl will be replaced by Willie Mitchell’s dad.
    d) Holy Sutt, Sutter’s suit was amazing…. I mean, schnoz and all that man was looking good. Incredible!

  11. I think before the mentality was just get over the blue line and lob it in and maybe we’ll get lucky

    … And that’s exactly what happened tonight!

    Hunter’s goal started with his own initial shot – which was an incredibly sharp angled shot, not dangerous whatsoever – but it was that shot mentality, get the puck on net from anywhere, that created a rebound and a loose puck, which is exactly what Murray preached. The loose puck and Fraser keeping it alive down low gave Clifford a chance to get in and get involved, and gave Hunter enough time to get back to the net area and somehow the puck was still loose enough for him to gain possession of it and score the goal.

    Second goal, same thing – shot from the point by Doughty, it’s blocked, but the rebound comes directly back to Doughty (a break), Doughty tries again and gets a shot through to the net, Williams is there and the rebound squirts DIRECTLY to his stick instead of sliding away from him (a break), he tries to jam it in a couple times and is denied, but the puck stays loose (a break), and Stoll has enough time to get himself in front and put it away.

    These are exactly the kind of goals that shot mentality brings to the table.

    • Calling this style “shot mentality” is not the same thing we saw under Murray’s “shot mentality.” Saying we’re scoring now because of shot mentality I feel is off the mark– we are scoring because of what we are doing now AFTER the shot that we were not doing before after the first shot. And we are getting more opportunities now holding the puck and making plays. Not all of them are going to go in, but eventually some of them are.

      • Calling this style “shot mentality” is not the same thing we saw under Murray’s “shot mentality.”

        … Disagree. It absolutely is the same thing.

        we are scoring because of what we are doing now AFTER the shot that we were not doing before after the first shot.

        … Are you saying that the Kings weren’t going to the net looking for rebounds before Sutter became their coach? Really? Honestly, you should go back and look at some of the games the Kings won this season under Murray, and last season, and the season before that, and the season before that.

        And we are getting more opportunities now holding the puck and making plays.

        They were doing the same thing before, when they scored goals for Murray. Exactly the same thing. When the team got away from the system, when they started overpassing and giving the puck away like it was a hot potato, they struggled.

        I just … I don’t know, guys. The hatred for all things Murray is pretty amazing, I gotta say – whatever’s the trendy, “in thing” to do, I guess. If not for a completely soft one and a borderline soft one allowed by LaBarbera, this team is still maintaining a 2-or-fewer streak. I don’t see this massive change in offensive philosophy. I see the old philosophy simply working a little bit more now than it did before; I see the Kings executing passes and holding the puck longer than they did before. That’s it.

        • It seems to me they are getting the puck through the middle more and not driving along the wall as much.
          Dumping the puck seems to be more of a last resort rather than a strategy.

          They also seem to be in much better position in all areas of the ice.

          They were really doing a great job of taking away time and space from the Hawks and breaking up plays. Just trying to keep the puck away from them at all costs. Which is the way they’ve gotta play. If they can play this aggressively night in and night out they are going to win a lot of games.

        • You want to go back to the last two months under Murray and show me a turnover we forced in the offensive zone? Or a pass to someone high in the slot? Or a pass made to someone other than from the half boards to the point and back again to end in a blocked shot? You’re absolutely right, the last four games have been won by playing exactly the same way, doing the exact same thing but we’re just lucky now. Keep rubbing the lucky rabbits foot and let me know how bingo works out for you.

          • You want to go back to the last two months under Murray and show me a turnover we forced in the offensive zone? Or a pass to someone high in the slot? Or a pass made to someone other than from the half boards to the point and back again to end in a blocked shot?

            … All of those things were happening when Murray was the coach, and in many games they happened multiple times. And, I suspect many here (including you) know that very well. The only way you wouldn’t know it is if you skipped those games

            Like I said, it’s become almost a bandwagon everywhere I see. I guess there’s such a need here to blame someone, find that scapegoat somehow. So, hey, don’t stop on account of me and don’t let the facts ever get in your way. Please.

      • Right, lately there have been Kings around the net and there has also been more puck control behind the net. Another factor is Penner finally joining the team

    • Oh, what’s this?

      BROWN: “You talk about a shot mentality, but I think that since the start of that road trip, it wasn’t really about a shot mentality but about a scoring mentality. Part of that is getting shots, but more importantly, it’s getting guys around the net, ready to score. I think that’s probably been the biggest difference for us. Again, having a shot mentality is one thing, but having a scoring mentality is a whole other. I think we’re starting to have more score mentality, of having guys around the net and getting in position to score goals, as opposed to settling for shots.’’

      So it’s not just shot mentality…. Huh. But that can’t be fit, JT said there was nothing different. “As opposed to just settling for shots”. Let that sink in.

      • … It’s sad (or hilarious) that you’ll turn to everything except for how the actual goals were scored in the actual game to support your desire to make Murray the scapegoat for the Kings’ poor play.

        • I can do that too.

          Those goals aren’t scored under Murray because the players aren’t in position to crash the net and are instructed to wait and see where the loose puck happens under Murray, instead of just going for the net come hell or high water like they did last night. Your logic truly makes no sense. How about that I gave you facts in the other thread that you won’t respond to? Or how about that you just keep ignoring facts and diverting attention away from arguments that are successfully made against your assertions. You said the Kings are doing the same as shot mentality. The captain of the team flat out says they are not. What’s pathetic and funny is that you can’t seem to even acknowledge that he said it.

          I see your points. The Kings didn’t suddenly get more talented. There aren’t huge differences in the system and gasp, a point shot and low percentage shot off the boards led to goals. Big fucking deal it proves absolutely nothing. You are the one who simply refuses to see that someone other than yourself may have a point.

          And Murray was responsible for the teams poor play because as I’ve said over and over and over and over, the biggest difference is not the system, it’s the attitude, and the coach is responsible for the attitude. Murray wasn’t able to get his players excited or to play with the intensity that they are playing with now that Sutter has taken over. I don’t have a desire to make Murray the scapegoat. he was the scapegoat. I don’t need to prove that. Also just because others were responsible as well for the poor play, like individual players and the leaders on the team, that doesn’t mean Murray’s wasn’t also as if not more culpable. Why must you see everything in such binary terms?

  12. I want to argue with someone about what compete means

  13. 1st place tomorrow!

  14. Outstanding effort. Determination and grit are evident with the Sutter hiring. Interesting how the cycle is working again with DS as the coach. JQ was again a stud. My choice for 1st Star. I believe the JB will start tonight. Big game again against the Jets. No letdown. Go Kings Go! I love your blog. First time posting I believe.

  15. Was interesting…. if anyone saw nhl overtime on Versus. Mike Keenan felt the big change was that the Kings didn’t have much of a personality before. He called them ‘vanilla’. That was interesting. He then pointed out that DS was upping the level of compete.
    That for him seemed to be the key difference. So we can talk all we want about high to low, cross ice, seams and all….. and I’m sure there is something in all that. But to me, what he said seems quite significant, because they were playing like a team that was vanilla. Now I’m seeing more grit and more determination, and actually better focus.

  16. This is the difference, and there hasn’t been anything really tweaked by Sutter, just not enough time yet. The Sutter philosophy now: Kill or be Killed! Attack before getting attacked. Strike before they strike.

    If that other guy behind the bench had the system focused on being proactive instead of reactive, maybe different results.

    The players were just not listening to that other guy, he wasn’t doing anything, as reported. It almost seemed like he just told the players to say this when being interviewed.

    Dean Lombardi never seemed to influence the other coach, and was just allowing him to continue doing what he was doing. Blaming the players for following a game plan, and system that was more focused on preventing the other team to score, and hope you got the odd chance which you converted on, is the biggest difference.

    As, Sutter said,” You move on in a hurry.”

    I just wish the NHL Network would do the same. How many times do they have to ask about Sidney Crosby, when it has been stated over and over and over, that when there is anything NEW to report, they will let you know.

    “You move on in a hurry” MOVE ON!


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