The L.A. Kings weathered the first period storm.

The L.A. Kings owned the Blackhawks in the second.

The L.A. Kings didn’t back down in the third.

The L.A. Kings to a man were moving their feet, forechecking, holding the puck and waiting for seams, fuck the shot mentality, fuck it to oblivion, tonight it was about smart hockey, creating traffic, havoc, picking up loose pucks and, never underestimating its importance, a suffocating defense that kept pucks to the outside. Both teams had a lot of shots on net (38 each) but it’s not about the shots, it’s about their type, direction and those ever critical second and third chances.

Trent Hunter is a jerk. Where was this guy? Skating? Hustling?

Our powerplay still sucks. Jamie Kompon is either a) Dean Lombardi’s long lost brother, b) Dean Lombardi’s lover, c) The 8th Sutter, d) It’s the holidays and he’s gone in January.

Take nothing away from Jonathan Quick. The Blackhawks had their moments, as they should. They are the highest scoring team in the league for a reason. He didn’t “steal” this one but he was outstanding. His rebound control especially in the first ten minutes of the first and the Hawks’ brief flurries in the third neutralized Chicago’s offense and kept them from building momentum. With that said, Bernier in net tomorrow. It must be.

My three stars:

3. Drew Doughty

2. Jonathan Quick.

1. Willie Mitchell

Tonight’s win was nailing that chick who is out of your league but making sure she can’t walk straight the next day. I am mother sutting proud.

There is so much to discuss but I leave that to you. GO KINGS!