Kings vs. Jets.

It just feels right to write it again.

For far too long, every time I heard the team name “Jets”, I immediately tuned out because I assumed there was a football (you know, that sport where there is 13 minutes of action in 3 hours) discussion about to take place. No more! The Winnipeg Jets are back and the Winnipeggers couldn’t be happier about it. They are a loud and enthusiastic bunch. Coincidentally, L.A. Kings fans go into this game hoping to hear those same ‘Peggers quiet and somber.

Winnipeg is a good team. They rebounded after a rough start. They are one of the best home teams in the league – 12-6-1. The Jets are 17-14-5 overall. They are offensively led by Evander Kane who has 17 goals and 11 assists with a +9. He had all of 19 goals and 24 assists last season. In goal for the Jets should be Ondrej Pavelec. You may recall the 7-0 ass kicking we were handed in Atlanta? Pavelec was in goal for that.

If the Kings play like they did last night and keep this up tempo momentum they have had since Terry Murray’s firing going, L.A. can beat anyone on any given night. However, this is a back to back. Last night’s game against the Blackhawks was a hard skating game and, as I wrote in the post game, a great team game from everyone - G to D to F.

I hope to see Jonathan Bernier in net. I hope to see the Kings with their legs for 60 minutes. Should be fun.

Speaking of fun, you have all no doubt seen Drew Doughty’s cup check moment with Jarret Stoll.  I tried to get Surly on a mission to interview Drew but he said he wasn’t going to Winnipeg…something about too far, too cold and fuck that. So I tried to imagine…if I asked Drew the reason for his unique post game celebration and he was going to answer me candidly, what would he say? Here is my top 10.

10. What video?

9. That video has been modified and misrepresented by The Royal Half.

8. I make $7 million per season and I can do damn well what I please.

7. Jarret is a good looking guy, I am a good looking guy…hey, Justin Williams is a good looking guy too… now, if he would only score a goal.

6. I missed.

5. You are all a bunch of homophobes.

4. I mistook Jarret for Brandon Kozun.

3. Are you saying there is anything wrong with that?
(for the record we are not saying there is anything wrong with that)

2. It was a dare from Surly & Scribe – they wanted to see if Rich Hammond had the balls to ask me about it, pun mother sutting intended.


1. It’s part of the new Darryl Sutter “hugging, appreciating, patting, petting, yanking” era…or what the players call h.a.p.p.y. for short.

This is your open L.A. Kings vs. Winnipeg Jets open forum