Poor Writing & Darryl Sutter’s First Lost In Translation Moment

We got this from Hammond:

As noted in an earlier post, Darryl Sutter spent about 15-20 minutes, toward the end of practice today, by himself with the first power-play unit at one end of the ice. There seemed to be more talking than actual drills going on, and afterward, a couple players indicated that it was more about reinforcement than about reinventing the wheel, so to speak. Sutter has been more hands-on with all of the special-teams work, and it’s not surprising that he would dip his toe into the power play, given that it has scored only two goals in its last 42 opportunities. Still, Sutter basically shrugged and deflected, after practice, when asked about his direct work with the power-play unit.

SUTTER: “With the young guys, they’ve got some different skill sets and different ideas, so we’ll just kind of give them a little more freedom but, at the same time, make sure we understand the importance of us. It was weird. Yesterday we talked about how we hadn’t had a 5-on-3 since I’ve been here, and how we were going to get one. I knew it was going to be that type of game. Then we didn’t score. Then we did an awesome job against, when they had the 5-on-3 too.”

I read the bolded part twice. Who are the younger guys? What is young? Are we talking Drew, Jack, Kopi young? I read the bolded part as the “younger” players providing input to Sutter and wanting “more freedom”, which implies they believe they do not have enough freedom and, implicitly, said lack of freedom is directly related to resident freedom hating assistant coach Jamie Kompon. The second bolded part of that sentence is Sutter’s explanation of “yeah, we will give them more freedom but it’s still team first.” That is how I read it.

All of this is encouraging. The players feel comfortable telling Darryl Sutter that the current powerplay places limitations on them (and it sure as hell shows) and they want more freedom with (and without) the puck – you may have already guessed that freedom means puck possession time and/or reading the play versus the robotic mentality that pervaded Terry Murray’s offense and still exists with that of Jamie Kompon’s powerplay.

Moving on…

Sutter also indicated that he desires more of a collaborative effort with assistant coaches John Stevens and Jamie Kompon — and goalie coach Bill Ranford, who is in Los Angeles part-time — and Sutter chuckled when asked if he would got the rest of the season with the coaching staff intact.

SUTTER: “Yeah. Absolutely. I put a lot of stock into that. That’s the most important part about closing the gap, is familiarity with the players. I don’t believe it’s coach and assistant coaches. I believe it’s all of us working together. We can all handle different parts. When we talked about the power play, it’s not like it’s me on the power play. A big part of it is the players. I’ve got no issues with staff.”

Desire implies what he seeks. That’s good. A head coach should have a collaboration with the assistant coaches. I wonder if Terry Murray was very hands off in that regard?

Regarding the second bolded part, proof reading is your friend, Rich. You probably read that as Rich intending to write if he would “go” (not “got”) the rest of the season with the coaching staff intact. In other words, you read it as asking whether the assistant coaches would be retained or not.

I didn’t.

First, what an oddball of a question. He would go with the coaching staff? Go where? To lunch? A strip club? Does Rich mean (as many people have no doubt taken it) whether he has any intention of recommending changes to the coaching staff (i.e, replacing Jamie Kompon)? If so, why the coy and relatively obtuse question? Why not just ask that? Unfortunately, the bad question creates a vague answer but there is hope.

If Rich intended the question as posed above, then the answer doesn’t make sense. Sutter’s answer reads like a response to the question, “do you intend to keep this collaboration throughout the season?” Read the answer again to that question:

Yeah. Absolutely. I put a lot of stock into that. That’s the most important part about closing the gap, is familiarity with the players. I don’t believe it’s coach and assistant coaches. I believe it’s all of us working together. We can all handle different parts. When we talked about the power play, it’s not like it’s me on the power play. A big part of it is the players. I’ve got no issues with staff.

See how it all makes sense? But the poorly worded question sounds like Rich asked Sutter whether Kompon and  Stevens were going to be retained or fired and that is not what Sutter answered even if that is what Rich intended to ask…as a side note, if Rich didn’t ask that question, who did? And why was it printed as such in such a vague manner? Poor writing drives me crazy for exactly this reason.

UPDATE: The Mayor clarifies it in an article today. From him:

So, after practice today, I asked Sutter if he could elaborate on that statement or help clarify if the current coaching staff will be here for the remainder of the season.

“Yeah, absolutely,” said the new Kings coach. “I put a lot of stock into that. That’s the most important part about closing the gap, is familiarity with the players. I don’t believe it’s coach and assistant coaches. I believe it’s sort of all of us working together. We can all handle different parts. When we talked about the power play, it’s not like it’s me on the power play. A big part of it is the players. I’ve got no issues with staff.”

Murray had gone back and forth on the roles of the coaches. At times Kompon was in charge of the power play, at other times that was his something he took charge of. How do you distribute roles and responsibilities?

“We’re all together on it. We can divvy stuff out, but at the end of the day, you have to all be together. What you see on the ice, you’re doing it together. When you close the doors, you’re not breaking out that much.”

There you have it. Another topic that can be checked off the list.

That means The Mayor asked a good and direct question, Darryl Sutter gave an answer that, bluntly, makes little sense to me and Hammond stepped on his you know what when interpreting the question and writing it. Good times.

Your turn. Discuss.

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  1. 3Teamfan said they should’ve drafted Kuznetsov. They would have done well in the last three years to draft any winger with a minimum of skill. Even Toffoli as I understand it is not a very big guy. Can’t remember if he’s a center or winger. But I have to believe that a bit of better drafting and development of forwards, especially wingers might help this seemingly inept power play to be a little ‘less bad’ than it is at the moment.

    Am still very ‘uncomfortable’ with how extreme DL’s drafting philosophy is. Maybe he should check out his buddies in Philly. They drafted Giroux mid first round and also that rookie Read who has twelve goals already. He’s only one behind Richards and ahead of Kopi. This team will go to a level…. probably a good level, but if it wants to go beyond that, DL will have to awaken from his seemingly intractable thing about dmen and forwards who are tough to play against. Anyway, he pulls in Gagne as a ufa and he’s not difficult to play against.

    • Assuming that talent is the problem with the power play, then adding highly skilled rookies might have helped develop the power play like Philly. I disagree that talent is the problem though, and from a coaching stand point, it’s easy to see the flaws in the power play.

      I think the drafting philosophies have been fine too, just that the coaching philosphies haven’t matched the talent, and that’s on the GM.

      A lot of Deans drafted offensive talents have developed offensively with other teams (or Europe), and they went to those teams for next to nothing, or nothing at all. The next generation of offensive talents are a fine bunch, but would of fell to the way side under Murray. We don’t know what we have with Sutter yet, so can’t say wether the next ones will fail here or not.

      Teams like Philly have a history of developing offensive talent, and play a style that enhances offensive gifts. The Kings have yet to develop even 1 under Dean Lombardi’s rule (Kopi doesn’t count because he was drafted by Taylor, and his development would have succeeded under any coach, but offensively, he could be so much more).

      I know he drafts offensive talent well because I see them scoring on other teams, but he loses it on his choice for offensive coaches, and the power play sucks because his coaching choices can’t design a solid offensive system.

      • Dom, what you say does in fact make some sense. That said, there was someone on LAKI who responded to one of my posts and said that DL had missed so many good available forwards. I haven’t researched it w a fine tooth comb. As much as I love the Kings, I’m not into spending ‘goth time’ making myself more miserable about his choices. He’s effectively gonna do whatever he’s gonna do and I hope it helps get them to the next level rather than eventually flaming out at the top of the level right behind the elites. Time will tell.

        • Just to add a little more back ground to that, The Kings haven’t developed any of their own scorers, lost many who developed else where as scorers, and fell to a low point offensively this season when they dipped to 30 th in the league offensively.

          Many believe it is a lack of talent, but the numbers on the talent we have, and the talent in Manchester look really good, until they actually play in a Kings uniform.

          Then all the advanced stats fall apart, till they play somewhere else again.

  2. Apparently the question of the coaching staff was asked of Sutter by Mayor after the practice today. You can go to Mayorsmanor for a little bit of clarification as to what was asked and the answer. I guess Rich was just writing about something he overheard as opposed to asked. He (Rich) should have made that clear. I am still under the impression that Kompon’s time is limited. When your players are telling you they feel almost hand-cuffed as to how they have to play the PP, something has got to give.

    • I saw that too and just updated the post. Wow, Rich. Way to fumble that ball. The Mayor asked a very direct question. Still though, Sutter’s answer sounds like he is answering something else.

  3. I think its a dodge of the question because Fucker (was that correct?) knows he is firing some of the staff soon and doesn’t want to make it obvious.

    • Who exactly is “Fucker”? And what did they do to gain that distinction?

      • I believe “fucker” is the two-way translation from Scribe’s earleir post pre-hiring where he said he would use the word Sutt for fuck, sutter for fucker, etc. So, I guess when you mean to refer to the coach, Sutter, which is synonomous with fucker, you have to use fucker in order to be clear. This has yet to be approved by the Scriban dictionary auteur.

  4. I tired of the Insider site for mahy reasons, mostly because he let some piss-ant rant about the arena experience saying things such as, “…game host Jay…the “guy” that represent all the dance-offs, intermission games, etc. couldn’t the Kings have found a more effeminate person? Where did they find him? Was he a homelss person walking the streets of West Hollywood?”
    That is gay-bashing, and it is so bad that it offended a straight guy, me. Imagine some gay person that is a fan reading that. Plus, as an aside, the guy mis-uses the word effeminate, or makes a typo leaving out a word. The same guy went on to talk about the ice girls positively, then said, “But then there’s the male crew, a bunch of 90 lb. weakling, sideways baseball wearing Justin Bieber wannabe’s. How about giving the female hockey fans some eye candy too. The Kings should go to some of the local callages (sic), hire a bunch of student athletes, put them in tank tops and tight shorts and watch them whip tee shirts all over Staples without the use of an air gun.” Does this guy have some latency or what?

    When I objected to this guy, my post was deleted. When I objected to the deletion, Hammond put me on moderation. For me, I don’t want to visit a site where ugly stupidity is allowed to broad-swipe freely, while at the same time I am not allowed to point out that a guy is violating the rule against slurs. So fuck ’em.

    Also, though, Hammond has either zero effort at proof-reading or else he is not at all good at it. It is clear he uses transcription software, but he often lets sound-alike words remain where the context makes it obvious the word is wrong. People also doubt his journalistic integrity, and the “zero evidence of any coaching change” quote did not help, but even putting that aside the site is sloppy in it’s reporting, soft, indistinct and/or vague in the questioning, and is erratic and contradictory in enforcement of its own rules.

    • Yeah, I had a few typos myself, but then again I am not representing an organization as a supposed professional. I am a guy up too early and not happy about it that was too lazy to spell check this in Word before posting it.

      • LKI has lost it’s focus. It has become a battleground of half-wits claiming knowledge but, at the same time, crying out for a Zach Parise trade, et al, fully believing that the Kings management can pull off any deal because, hey, it works on NHL 2011 or whatever.
        But beyond that, the constant ass-kissing of Hammond and his blog has blown (pun intended) that site into a barely readable mess which is why I come here.

      • Player-X,
        Love your posts, and wondered why I hadn’t seen your posts as much on the insider. Your probably one of the few original posters on there that I can really talk about strategy with, and can break it down better than I can.

        Not sure but the poster sounds like a woman. Either way the posts sound like the guys really retarded, and out of touch with mainstream society.

        I don’t have anything against gays, but I don’t like people forcing their preference in my face, or flaunting their alternative values and dragging me along for the ride. His hockey ideas would make the Kings the laughing stock of the NHL.

        I am a traditionalist by nature, as are most hockeyfans (even gay fans) and those kind of changes don’t belong in any sport, and no league would oblige that kind of out of the box mentality.

        Wish I could of read the exchange before Hammond deleted it.

  5. Absolutely ironic. I went onto the insider, and I’m on moderation. Don’t know what for, but it’s probably some automated thing, and nothing personal. Just found it weird that just as I posted somewhere else on someones moderation, I got moderated myself.

    • Yep, spelled my name wrong. I’m an idiot.

      • not shocked, not convinced it’s a coincidence, either. I know he didn;t kill Kennedy, but the guy is clearly vindictive toward me and if it goes for one then it can go for another

        • You are absolutely right on, he’s had me on moderation over a year and when I emailed him asking when he was going to take me off, he never replied.

          • I think you gotta pester him a couple times, he may have missed it or is too busy. I was on mod for a long time probably for talking to someone like they were dumb (they were). Asked him once, no change. Asked again a few days later, done.

          • That’s what I did, told someone they didn’t know jack about the game.

    • Also, I will be posting here, and Bobby has even extended the compliment of letting me compose original articles, so it’s good to see you here and I hope we can talk here more often from now on.

      • Good to know we can converse regularly again. Very refreshing talking systems with a fellow blogger, and I learn a lot from your input.

  6. Just to clear a few things up first: Matt Moulson not a Kings draft pick, Purcell not a Kings draft pick.

    This is my bigger question: Why has Lombardi failed to sign a Marquee UFA?
    Why? Is Los Angeles somekind of cancer? or is there some serious “STAY AWAY” from Lombardi?

    Making a trade with Minnesota on draft day, and getting MINN 17th (Trevor Lewis) and Patrick O’Sullivan. He traded Demitra for O’Sullivan.

    Trading Mike Cammalleri to Calgary for the 17th, then trading the 17th and 28th, and having the 12th, and trading down to 13th.

    Just for the record if Lombardi had held onto the 12th, Tyler Myers was there.

    Lombardi claimed Randy Jones off waivers

    He let Frolov walk after the 2009/2010 season, and later after all of the good UFA’s were gone, signed Ponikorovsky.

    Teubert wasn’t progressing, so he was dealt to Edmonton for Penner.

    Not having a plan B if the Kovalbuck drama didn’t pan out.

    He is only able to bring this kind of talent via trade.

    The coaches he hired, did not last. Murray got the Kings into the playoffs for the 1st time since 2002.

    At the same time Murray had horrible player management, and his system prevented both vets and rookies for growing, then blaming the players for not living up to expectations, or failure to progress.

    Doughty fell into Lombardi’ lap, unfortunetly it wasn’t Stamkos. I keep hearing Norris candidate (based on 1 good season) which is as meaning less a the Calder. Lombardi overpaid for Doughty, and broke his promise to Kopitar.

    2000–01 Evgeni Nabokov San Jose Sharks G
    2001–02 Dany Heatley Atlanta Thrashers RW
    2002–03 Barret Jackman St. Louis Blues D
    2003–04 Andrew Raycroft Boston Bruins G
    2004–05 No winner because of the
    2004–05 NHL lockout – – –
    2005–06 Alexander Ovechkin Washington Capitals LW
    2006–07 Evgeni Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins C
    2007–08 Patrick Kane Chicago Blackhawks RW
    2008–09 Steve Mason Columbus Blue Jackets G
    2009–10 Tyler Myers Buffalo Sabres D
    2010–11 Jeff Skinner Carolina Hurricanes C

    Nabokov, Raycroft, Mason?
    Jackman D?

    IMO the Norris isn’t for the best defensive defenseman, its more predicated on points. The Norris is like the Art Ross for defensemen.

    I have a bigger issue with the 2010 and 2011 1st and or 2nd picks:

    For the past 3 years, there has been a need for a LW who could eventually play on a line with Kopitar. Some of the 1st round picks other teams choose were able to make a jump from the CHL or CCHA.

    2006 1 11 Jonathan Bernier G
    2006 1 17 Trevor Lewis C
    2006 2 48 Joey Ryan D
    2006 3 74 Jeff Zatkoff G
    2006 3 86 Bud Holloway RW
    2006 4 114 Niclas Andersen D
    2006 5 134 David Meckler LW
    2006 5 144 Martin Nolet D
    2006 6 164 Constantin Braun LW
    2007 1 4 Thomas Hickey D
    2007 2 52 Oscar Moller C
    2007 2 61 Wayne Simmonds RW
    2007 3 82 Bryan Cameron C
    2007 4 95 Alec Martinez D
    2007 4 109 Dwight King C
    2007 5 124 Linden Rowat G
    2007 5 137 Joshua Turnbull D
    2007 7 184 Josh Kidd D
    2007 7 188 Matt Fillier LW
    2008 1 2 Drew Doughty D
    2008 1 13 Colten Teubert D
    2008 2 32 Vyacheslav Voynov D
    2008 3 63 Robbie Czarnik F
    2008 3 74 Andrew Campbell C
    2008 3 88 Geordie Wudrick LW
    2008 5 123 Andrei Loktionov C
    2008 6 153 Justin Azevedo C
    2008 7 183 Garrett Roe LW
    2009 1 5 Brayden Schenn C
    2009 2 35 Kyle Clifford LW
    2009 3 84 Nicolas Deslauriers D
    2009 4 95 Jean-Francois Berube G
    2009 4 96 Linden Vey Canada RW
    2009 5 126 David Kolomatis D
    2009 6 156 Michael Pelech F
    2009 6 179 Brandon Kozun RW
    2009 7 186 Jordan Nolan C
    2009 7 198 Nic Dowd C
    2010 1 15 Derek Forbort D
    2010 2 47 Tyler Toffoli RW
    2010 3 70 Jordan Weal C
    2010 5 148 Kevin Gravel D
    2010 6 158 Maxim Kitsyn LW
    2011 2 49 Christopher Gibson G
    2011 3 80 Andy Andreoff C
    2011 3 82 Nick Shore C
    2011 4 110 Michael Mersch LW
    2011 5 140 Joel Lowry LW
    2011 7 200 Michael Schumacher LW

  7. I accidently found this site because someone called out Hammond and rightfully so, I’m just surprised that the person hasn’t been put on “Moderation”. Hammond doesn’t care to being called out and if you critisize one of his cronies you really get blasted. Evidently there are just a few people here in So.Calif. that are supposed to be the only ones that know anything about the game and if you don’t believe me just check out LKI. I like this site because I see where a person can give their opinion without being blasted out of the water. I was put on moderation over a year ago and you’d think I had the plague. An about all the ass kissers, whoever said that was dead on the nail head. I guess if you hang around the Toyota Center all the time and meet the guys, after awhile you get to become an expert of the game weither you ever played at a high level or not. Anyways I’m glad I found the site (so far …. first post)

    • What is this thing you speak of… mod-Er-A-shun? Never heard of it. ;)


      • That’s funny Surly Jacob, It happens in the far off Land of Hammond. Thank you for the welcome and here’s hoping you and our Kings have a great New Year.

    • You’re going to get blasted for your opinions here as well, or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter. Get used to it. The problem with the Insider is the sheer volume of posters means the overall quality of discussion is lowered. Kinda hard to have a meaningful discussion when you have people posting “FIRST!” and then a bunch of morons acting like they’re a GM and copy/pasting Eklund trade rumors as their own.

      That’s the avg intelligence and level of analysis on that site.


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