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  1. so many goals…

  2. The Canucks are enemy #1 in my eyes (even more than the Ducks). I just can’t stand the players or their fans.


    Best way to end the Year..WIN!
    On a side note…
    Bobby or Jacob..
    I have a trrrible time trying to verify our boys
    practice schedule ..get tired of having to call and
    pester Toyota Center.
    I heard Hammond puts on his..could you?
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. man…all that skill. Brings back such great memories. After watching this, im like… how the hell could we have traded all these stud, young guys like sydor, zhitnik, etc without really getting anything back.

  5. Happy new year, Bobby and Jacob. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog.

  6. Thank you! They need make the Kings watch this before every game! Lol
    I rember those days well!

  7. Some encouraging words from Sutter:

    SUTTER: “Quite honestly, from all the tape I’ve watched, and being with them, the one thing we’re trying to do more is get guys in the middle of the ice. We were a real perimeter power play, like fadeaway jumpers. They’re highlight films, but not very often are they goals. So we’re just trying to get more to the middle of the ice, that sort of thing.’’

    The first step is recognizing the problem.

    Kings Darryl Sutter – ‘virtually all our practice time is on offense. Team needs to play more in middle of ice. Too much perimeter work’

  8. I kept hearing names like Gretzky, McSorley, Huddy, Kurri . . . where did THOSE guys come from?

  9. Richards playing left wing with Kopi. Interesting.

  10. Richard’s comment at the first intermission being interviewed – “Brownie…good leader for our team.”

    Love to hear that – especially coming from Richards – a leader himself…

  11. Oh hockey gods, please forgive me for missing this game, because I will not be able to forgive myself.

    Our Kopi, whose shot it heaven. Hallowed be thy game.

    Go Kings!

    Fuck the Canucks!

    Keep up the pressure boys. Don’t sit back.

  12. Nothing more satisfying than watching the Kings kick the shit out of the Canucks in a packed bar here in Vancouver!!! Best New Years EVER?!!! YEAHHH!!!!

  13. From nothelen:

    Sutter has won raves from players for allowing them to be more aggressive and urging them to play a more up-tempo game than they played under Murray. He has also been relentlessly upbeat, a note that resonated with the Kings as they struggled to meet heightened expectations.

    • You could just tell that our boys were frustrated and seemed like they were being held back.
      We sure have seen renewed enegry with Sutter.
      I had forgotten we jad that kind of speed til we matched pace with Chicago.
      GO KINGS GO!!!


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