Greetings L.A. Kings puck heads. Have you heard? It’s 2012. What better way to ring in the new year’s morning than to talk about puck, eh? In 2012, I will be doing the post games in my own loony way. Enjoy.

Scribe’s Three Stars

3. Matt Greene

2. Anze Kopitar

1. Andrei Loktionov

The Great

Mike Richards’ offensive instincts. A joy to watch. He is dangerous. He is captain hustle. Plays that have the look of going nowhere suddenly turn into scoring opportunities. That post he hit…I jumped out of my skin. In our own end, he is every bit as responsible as we knew he could be.

Andrei Loktionov was in beast mode. His energy, that beautiful first step and mid range speed put the Canucks on their heels. His two assists on Richardson and Greene’s goals showed the instincts of a born playmaker.

Kopitar broke his goal scoring drought in style as did Justin Williams. Williams could have scored 3 last night. He had that many scoring opportunities.

Brad Richardson…you sneaky bastard. That little shoulder check on Henrik…Daniel…Henrik…the ugly one after the second goal (which caused the ensuing scrum) was dirty. Secretly, I fucking loved it but, seriously, only do crap like that if it doesn’t put us a man down…which it did not this time.

Willie Mitchell’s long stick. It turns me on.

Darryl Sutter. Putting Richards, Kopitar and Brown on the same line to create a “super line” to counter the Sedins was brilliant and worked brilliantly. Giving Brad Richardson (a constant healthy scratch under Murray) the chance to shine has paid dividends. Last night’s game (and the last four) are a system and style with which Terry Murray is unfamiliar. Puck possession, speed through the neutral zone that sustained itself in the offensive zone and getting pucks to the middle of the ice. Bravo.

The L.A. Kings defense (and not just defensemen) – they were pounding Vancouver’s skilled forwards out there each time they had the puck. We took a page from the Boston Bruins and how they played these bastards.

The Goat

A special acknowledgment to Keith Ballard, Andrew Alberts and Alexander Burrows for displaying their grade A pussy skills on the ice.

The Sedins, well what you can say about the Sedins. All skill in a soft marshmallow wrapping.

Oh and Luooooongoooooo

The Grotesque

Vancouver’s Canucks’ discipline. Hard to come back in the third period down a few goals when you keep taking penalties, eh ladies?

Those yellow, red or orange and what is that, brown, Canucks’ jerseys with a V for Vagina on the front that go back to 1983 or something…if you are going to riot in your city, have the decency to throw all of those into the fires. I refuse to post a picture of one. It would screw up the site’s aesthetics.

Our powerplay still needs work. It was better this game. Hell, we even scored a goal on it. But, there isn’t enough movement away from the puck.

Did You Love?

The playoff intensity of this game?

Pucks to the middle of the ice?

The L.A. Kings looking dangerous each time they were in the offensive zone?

Looking Back & Ahead

No rest for our soldiers. A short but solid ride since Terry Murray’s firing. 4-0-2 under our new coach. The tweaking and changes to our attack are obvious. Even on defense, the regroups and breakouts have changed to reflect an attack mentality by getting the puck up the ice faster. I don’t have much of a voice left this morning, but maybe one of you can ask Dennis Bernstein to write an article about how Terry Murray’s system had little to do with the L.A. Kings’ lack of success…maybe he can get a “stick tap” from a certain blogger.

Up next, we play the Colorado Avalanche at Staples Center. Monday night, 7:30pm start time.

On a personal note, before last night’s match, I got my mojo back…that fever pitched intensity I used to bring to games, which started a lot of Kings’ chants. It’s not the winning that did it. It started during the Jets’ game. Terry Murray’s brand of hockey set the fire low. What I am seeing on the ice, good hockey and the L.A. Kings playing an aggressive offensive style to balance one of the league’s top defenses, is what I expected to see from day one.