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  1. I enjoyed the interview, he was very relaxed and well spoken . You have to love how genuine his humilty is when asked about the fact he’s lead teams to championships at every level, he replies he’s lucky, same with being chosen Captain of what may be the best World Juniors team assembled in recent history.
    That is a part of what made his solidiers in Philly loyal to him… that he considers himself a platoon guy, shoulder to shoulder with them i the trenches, and when he plays all balls and heart, they follow. (Being part wolverine helps too)

    . I loved that photo of him as a Little King Richard the Lionhearted. Even then the hockey gods had annointed him the one to get the cup to LA…

    He spoke about owing everything he had now to his parents. In a press conference the week between the ECF and 2010 Stanely Cup, he was asked about where he got the strength to push thru on that last goal (game 5 ECF) when he willed himself past Hamerlk and even whe npulled down, pushed all that was left to get the puck to Carter to score in the empty net.
    He said ‘I’m not a skilled player, I have to work hard for everything i get” and he believes that. When the national reporters (taken a bit aback by him saying that he wasn’t skilled) pressed about that, he tensed up and got a bit uncomfortable but relayed that his father was his first coach when he was very small (like in the photo above ) and told him’ ‘you have to work hard for everything you get, don’t ever forget that’ he paused a moment and nodded saying that was something he’s never forgotten.
    Fortunately for the Kings, it’s part of his fiber…and that helps him in that leadership role.

    • This is the goal I mentioend above. If you didn’t see that game ,he’s best game as a pro…that epic shorthanded goal where he dove into Halak, 2 clutch assists and over 23 minutes played of all heart, hustle, body and smarts.
      This goal was descrbied as ‘determination personified’ and watching what he does, dog tired…you can see what a team will go to war for him

      • How about this one? (hope the embed works)

        • Close. Fixed it for you. You just forgot an “=”.

        • What makes that goal epic for me is not the goal itself but his decision in that game situation (ECF down by 1 goal in 1st, team flat and Montreal on PP) tired (already killed off close to 30 seconds of the penalty when he went after Bergeron to start that shift) and he wills himself to choose to dive head first for that. Disregarding injury (and the slow mo shows Halak’s skate gong right past his throat). It changed the complexion of the game, his teammates commented that watching him do that fired them up and they couldn’t wait to get out for their shifts. Lappy still talks about that decision and how for him it defined the degree of Richard’s leadership (Lappy-‘no better Captain’).

          • Lappy had an interview on mayorsmanor about Pronger and you can read between the lines to get at what he’s really trying to say. It’s not negative but it isn’t really complimentary. Now you’ve got Bryzgoalie at odds with the coach. Kinda makes you question him as a coach a bit. Seems like an overbearing guy (I mean dry island? wtf is that shit? These guys are adults)..

          • Prongers overbearing (being polite and not using a more colorful description) personality fractures every lockeroom he’s been in and that (IMO) caused the division. Those guys were loyal to and liked Richads and were afraid of Pronger and his temper/attitude. Lavvy loves Pronger, they are very similiar in personality.

            Lavvy is a taskmaster and pushes his team hard…last year too hard and it broke them.
            He also had a rough start with Brindamouir , capt of his Canes team. They didn’t sepak for the first 2 years Lavvy was there. (per Rod Brindamour in an interview after his number was retired in Carolina)
            He’s got a temper and uses it and I hope he learned from his mistake last year, because it really hurt them.

            He does have the ability to push a team to perform beyond their expectations. The Flyers started off last year better than this year and at about this time were 1st in the NHl. But as the year wound down, he pushed them too hard and they broke…he never got them totally back.
            Last years team had more vets to shoulder that pressure, they have a lot of youth and I’m not sure they can withstand that pressure, race for points and being rookies.
            We’ll see…I picked them in preseason to finish 3rd in div. 6 in conf. and out in 1st round due Bryz mistake signing, he sure as hell isn’t worht the 10 mill he’s getting this year, not with a 3.57 GA at home.

    • What about his last shift as a Flyer before he became a LA King? Game is over, Flyers are eliminated, Richards requires surgery. Think that is going to stop him from diving to block a shot and try to save a goal in the dying seconds? One of the best acquisitions in franchise history.

  2. Scribe,
    Love the picture of him as a kid, with a Kings jersey on. You should bring that picture out again if Richards ever wears a throw back jersey to the old Gretzky days, and there’s a picture of him in one as an adult. List the years in between. Good stuff

  3. btw he seems to get a little choked up here talking about the trade. He seems like the kind of person to take things personally and get a bit of a chip on his shoulder. It’s not bad, you can tell he is really competitive and wants to prove people wrong when he is slighted.

  4. Every time I see or read an interview with Richards, it makes me more and more appreciative of this trade. What makes me even happier is that Richards is a genuine guy and when he says he’s feeling more comfortable and enjoying his time in LA, it’s believable. It’s obvious that the trade was a big shock and really hurtful but, in the end, the Flyers really made a mistake but I’m so very glad they did.

    • I don’t know if a team that gets a Simmonds and a Schenn and a high draft pick can really be said to have “made a mistake”.

      But Richards is good value. You gotta spend to get, and we spent big to get big.

      Lawdy, Lawdy, please keep him from getting hurt!

      • I didn’t really word that too well. I meant a mistake in the way they handled the trade. Trust me, I was floored when I heard about the trade. I never in a million years thought that Braden Schenn would get traded and the loss of Simmonds has definitely been seen. A hole was made that has been difficult to fill. But, the leadership and humility that Richards has brought to the team has been what the Dr. ordered. It is just sad the way the Flyers decided to handle the trades with Richards and Carter.

      • Watching the Winter Game I imagine the Flyers are quite happy.

  5. I love Mike Richards.

    • Oh, and that 2005 Canada Jr team was fucking nuts:

      Crosby, Perry, Phaneuf, Weber, Richards, Carter, Seabrook, Ladd…. to name a few.

  6. Thank you guys for the video posts..want to see them on home computer..
    Mikey..doesn’t it brimg a smile to your face when you say him name..our future HOF.
    One of the top 5 acquisitions in King’s history IMO


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