L.A. Kings vs. Colorado Avalanche Open Forum

Looking Back

A convincing 4-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks has L.A. Kings fans buzzing. How do Canucks fans at or around British Columbia feel about the butt kicking they were handed?

Darryl Sutter’s Kings look and play like the team we expected, who many picked as a “contender.” Still, there is far more work left to be done, especially on the powerplay.

Tonight’s Game

The Colorado Avalanche come to town on the heels of a Saturday 4-2 victory in Anaheim against the Ducks. They are led by Matt Duchene in goals (12-12-24) but they will miss him tonight as, last I heard, he is on injured reserve (in addition to Peter Mueller, Mark Olver and defenseman Ryan Wilson). Milan Hejduk (which I still like to pronounce Hedge Duck) wears the C but it is 20 year old center (2009 draft, 33rd overall) Ryan O’Reilly that leads them in points (9-19-28). Colorado is 21-18-1 with 43 points, only one behind us but which puts them 9th in the Western Conference.

As I write this, no word on any line changes. We’ll see if the Richards-Kopitar-Brown line was a Vancouver night special as we will also watch if the line I loved of Richardson-Loktionov-Lewis stays intact. It’s not difficult to see what Daryl Sutter is doing, something to which Terry Murray only gave lip service – creating three scoring lines.

No word on Jonathan Quick or Bernier. I hope Bernier gets the start. If Darryl Sutter can break Murray’s mismanagement of the goaltenders and their rotation, this Kings fan will be very happy.

Games To Watch Around The League

Aside from the Winter Classic outdoor game of the Flyers vs. Rangers, the other big matchup with seeding implications is San Jose at Vancouver, the battle of the “who do we hate more?” San Jose has an insane 5 games in hand on us while we hold a two point lead over them. Since there is no way they both lose (thanks a lot, Bettman), Kings fans should want to see San Jose walk away with zero points…I couldn’t bring myself to write Vancouver Canucks w…wi…nope, can’t do it.

This is your open forum. GO KINGS!

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48 replies

  1. … Seriously – racist smack? Is the bottom of the barrel being scraped already?

    No word on Jonathan Quick or Bernier. I hope Bernier gets the start. If Darryl Sutter can break Murray’s mismanagement of the goaltenders and their rotation, this Kings fan will be very happy.

    … What are you talking about, Sutter’s the king of goalie mismanagement. Also, Bernier lost his last start because he couldn’t inspire the Kings to score or something.

    Aside from the Winter Classic outdoor game of the Flyers vs. Rangers

    … Yes please don’t miss the Philly fans booing the Canadian national anthem (stay CLASSY there), which wasn’t even necessary in the first place, considering two U.S. teams are playing in the game.

    Also – holy shit. Brayden Schenn, bitches.

  2. that picture is fucking hilarious!!!!!

  3. That is racist? lol. Goodness love you JT. Sorry you didn’t get the humor. Not surprising though. Would it have been funnier if it was written in German? I speak it well. It makes Surly nervous :)

    Nice to see you got yourself riled up to dislike Sutter and pin the Kings’ success on luck, bounces, players suddenly playing well with no relevant adjustments to the breakouts, regroups, neutral zone and offensive attack. When I wrote he is getting a clean slate from me, I meant it. I don’t like his goalie rotations one bit. I love the adjustments he has made so far to the O. But, like anything, execution still matters and the players are executing on his changes especially getting the puck to the middle of the ice and away from the perimeters. I guess to someone who watches the game’s details, especially live, the changes are more apparent. Your criticism of Richards is a fine example of what I respectfully believe you don’t see, especially away from the puck.

    But hey, let’s hope the bounces and luck continue ;)

    • Bobby no sense in arguing with JT dont you know he knows everything? I mean sure he prolly never strapped on skates or handled a hockey stick (other types of sticks im sure hes handled). Anyways we gotta get some ass tonight. Ill be in PR 11 how bout you?

    • Nice to see you got yourself riled up to dislike Sutter

      … Not true, at all. I just know what the Kings were getting themselves into – Sutter loves playing the number one, probably even more so than Murray does. I think Sutter even mentioned it himself, didn’t he? About the number one getting a lot of time? Pretty sure he did.

      I like that Sutter, for all intents and purposes, is sticking with the same game plan. I like that Sutter puts his arm around players and talks to them personally and directly; I liked that about Larry Robinson, too. I don’t know if that makes Sutter a better coach, but I personally like it. I like that Sutter is trying different combinations and giving more ice time to certain players within games where he can see those players are on their game. He has a good sense of concentration and understands the game flow. I’m not saying Murray didn’t, but Terry seemed to be more stubborn in terms of keeping the lines static as much as possible.

      Your criticism of Richards is a fine example of what I respectfully believe you don’t see, especially away from the puck.

      … It’s not being seen because it doesn’t exist? I dunno. It’s like the Easter Bunny, I guess. Some people really believe in that stuff. Forgive me for being more focused on what is tangible, and what tangibly helps the team win. I still think people are loving Richards because a) he’s a good player, and b) he hasn’t been around long enough for Kings’ fans to hate him (yet). That’s pretty much all it is. It’s a bandwagon.

      Bobby no sense in arguing with JT

      … Holy crap why are you obsessed with me, it’s creepy

  4. Well technically speaking I suppose it’s racist, if you are the sensitive type, since the definition of racist has evolve to essentially mean any mention pertaining to race. Even though making fun of Asian mispronunciation of L and R is like saying ‘omg black people have dark skin’, it’s obvious and factual. I would argue, who cares? It’s only Racist when a value judgement is attached. Had Scribe posted the picture and then followed it up with “and therefore all Asians are crappy humans”, the racist flag would fly. But he didn’t, so it’s not racist and learn to laugh.

  5. Haha that picture is awesome! Go KING GO!

  6. In meaningful news, Voynov is out and Martinez is in.

  7. Since when is this site politically correct anyways? I liked it. On Colorado, REVENGE! Avs dealt Quick his first loss of the season 3-2 back in October. On Vancouver fans whining about the Kings rough play that was sooooooo uncalled for, that’s the exact type of play that they lost the cup too. Deal with it.

  8. It would be nice to ride the wave from the Canucks game into this critical homestand. I’d like to see a solid 60 min. effort and a very strong first period where they dominate and take a lead into the second. If all 4 lnes play strong (and I thought Fraser had some solid games in the last week) and push hard, keep pressure on , the Kings should get 2 important points.

    Although I don’t like Richards on LW, I understand why Sutter did it, esp after reading his explanation . But for me it still defeats the purpose of having 2 strong centers, Loki is good but he’s not as good as Richards or as solid both ways or as strong as Richards. I like the speed of the Loki-Richardson-Lewis line and would leave them together as the third line.. But I’d rather have Richards centering Stoll and Williams.
    Maybe when DL gets Kopi an upgrade at wing b4 the deadline, the lines will become a bit more permanent.
    I thihk Sutter has helped DD’s game ALOT and read DD’s comments today and it seems he said the whole team likes playing for him.

  9. … Daryl’s speech has been longer than his Kings’ career.

  10. … Is THIS what you’re talking about Bobby? The little things away from the play from Mike Richards, like interference penalties on the PP?

  11. One good chance for each line on consecutive shifts. Now that’s some good pressure. Have I bury one before the Avs can weasel away from the ropes.

  12. Both Richards and Brown need to pull their heads out of their respective asses.

  13. … Well, that was a nice goal to complete a NICE shift. Puck possession is so much better because the Kings are more intense and thinking the game better.

    • And Brown and Richards pulled their heads out they asses :)

      • … You know what I like about the Kings’ play tonight? Their patience. They’re not reacting way too early and they don’t have happy feet.

        Problem is that sometimes they’re almost too confident, and trying to get too cute at times.

    • You don’t miss dump and chase repeat and recycle every other shift with everyone playing every other position other than strapping on the goalie pads? :D

      • … I miss the days when people didn’t exaggerate about Murray’s game plan.

        Oh wait – those days never happened.

        • That second period, all the crease passes and behind the net to front of the net one timer play, I don’t remember seeing much of that under Murray. I haven’t seen much of that so far under Sutter either. But I saw it in the second period and I want much, much more of it.

  14. Im not sure intermission is long enough for my heart to stop pounding. What hockey!

  15. Another brilliant call by the zeebs. So he’s in the opposite corner with Williams back to him so of course he saw the high stick no problem. Did one of the Kings bone his daughter for new years???

  16. … Kopitar and Stoll on the draw so far tonight: 8 wins, 7 losses.
    Everyone else on the draw: 4 wins, 11 losses.

  17. Another quality call

  18. … Why is Lewis even out there if he’s not seeing time on the PK? Christ.

  19. … Yep, Doughty dove there. I agree with that call.

    All he simply had to do was keep his feet moving.

    • Same here. It was the kicking legs in the air that did him in. Just fall and it’s only a hook.

      I’m still pissed about the icing that led to the Avs goal. That shouldn’t have been icing.

      • … If Clifford had cleared the zone, we wouldn’t even have THAT conversation. The gap control got all screwed up as a result.

      • … Yeah, go ahead and write your love song about Richards now. That’s why that dude belongs on the fucking second line.

        Whatever. They couldn’t handle their business at home against an inferior team. Confident and patient turned into sloppy. They have no one to blame but themselves for this tie.

        • Hey, Richard has a bad game, his worst as a King. But don’t take that to mean anything about his normal play. Tonight was awful for him but it was an aberration.

        • They can blame themselves certainly, but the refs and Toronto need to take some credit for disallowing a clearly good goal. The view from the other side of the ice was pretty damn conclusive.

          Regardless of some sloppy parts, I’m still having way more fun watching them these past few games than I was at the end of Murray. Even before the losing started it was starting to get boring and predictable.

  20. Bad game by Richards. The boys looked tired in the last half of that third. I heard 5th game in 8 nights. That would do it. Two days rest is well timed. Our PP needs work. It is the one area of our game I have seen marginal improvement but not nearly enough. Still, a point. And I fucking HATE the shootout. Once again, RUINS the ends of games for me. I said earlier, so this is what it feels like to thoroughly outplay the other team and have THEIR goaltender steal one.

  21. Post game will come when I get home people, which will happen after I drive there, which will be shortly after I smash my head against the steering wheel repeatedly.

  22. My comment: you can pin this one (imo) on Lombardi. What? How’s that?
    This team has No One who can turn a half chance into a goal. Also, goal scoring as we all know, is an art. You have a feel for Where to be on the ice and then the hands to turn that into a goal.

    DL has Never provided that for the team in going on six years. Yes, I know that those guys are hard to find, but Caro has Skinner, Pens (well they drafted super high for so long but also traded for Neal), Gabby in NY, Philly obviously, Anaheim w Perry, Vanc w Sedins, SJ (Couture, Pavelski etc), do I need to go on.

    My best guess….. one player on the team like that and they take a 2-0 lead into the 3rd period. It’s not like it’s just tonight. It’s most nights this season, but especially when it’s so glaringly obvious that they outplay the opponent. It wasn’t just Varlamov stealing one. Wings like Richie and Lewie just don’t have that touch around the net. End of story. They are one-third of your first and second lines. That’s too much.

    • Actually both are 2/3 of our 3rd line with Lokti centering them. They had a pretty good game against Vancouver, and now their dog shit?

      Kings have Kopi, Brown, and Richards. They also have Voynov, DD, and JJ on defense. DL should take the blame, but not for the players in the line up, but for sticking with Murray for so long.

      If the system wasn’t so defensive, for so long, then we wouldn’t have had to fire Murray. Problem is, it is too defensive, and the players have all been groomed in a system that can’t create.

      That isn’t the players fault, and there is no lack of talent, or effort on this team. Just a lack of offensive system. It is getting better with Sutter, but it will take time to erase 3 years of defensive structure, and get them thinking offensively again.

      Should of been done after last season, and that’s on Dean.


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