I went to bed in a bad mood. I woke up in a bad mood. I went to work and came home…in the same mood. Simon Gagne is out with his 23rd concussion. Maybe it’s his fourth or his second with two previous aggravations compiled on the first. Whatever. He’s had a shit load of concussions since 2007. He is out indefinitely, we are not hearing mother sutting jack about his status (which is nearly always very bad news) and, at a time when the L.A. Kings have turned the corner, fired Murray and are playing an up tempo style that attacks the net and the middle of the ice, we need his sniping skills more than ever.

From Surly back on July 3 about Simon Gagne’s history of injuries:

If it weren’t for Simon Gagne’s long and storied history of injuries, Scribe would be joining my cow in it’s journey over the moon instead of simmering slowly like a kabob about to burn on the spit. Simon’s propensity for frailty is certainly nothing to ignore, but let us examine exactly what these injuries were. As we know, there are several types of injury prone players. You have your unfortunates, like our own Justin Williams, who seems to have a knack for accumulating every type of injury possible. You’ve got your naggers, such as Adam Deadmarsh who had as much trouble passing up a good concussion like an alcoholic trying to avoid happy hour. Then you’ve got your wear and tearers, a la Ryan Smyth who play a style of game that will inevitably lead to a series of injuries lest they replace their bones with titanium and their muscles with rubber. So where does the Kings’ prize of 2011 free agency fall?

After giving us the long list of Gagne’s injuries, Surly offered:

The one that jumps out is the concussion. In the 2007-2008 season, Gagne missed a total of 57 games due to a concussion and it’s symptoms (dizziness), as well as all 17 playoff games the Flyers played. He had one concussion earlier in his career, in 2003. Concussions are worrisome, however two concussions separated by 4 years is hardly a reason to suspect Gagne will suffer the same fate as Adam Deadmarsh.

He ended his article with:

Ultimately it seems that Gagne has had two major injuries in his career. The hernia in 09-10 and the concussion in 07-08. Neither have cropped up as problems since. In my estimation, what we have here is another in the mold of Justin Williams. A guy who has been playing for a long time and as a result of being unlucky, has sustained his share of minor injuries and a couple of really bad ones. This is not a case of the Deadmash’s, this is not Gaborik symptom, the Flyer we signed is not Eric Lindros.

If Gagne does sustain injury in the upcoming season, though no one will be surprised, it likely will be out of left field as opposed to the old ‘well no shit, it was only a matter of time before that happened’. My guess? He played 68-75 games.

So King fans, does this make you feel better or worse? Bobby, have I eased or added to your woes?

Since he asked, I answered his question in the comment section of that article with:

I was busy fixing your typos, what is the question again? Oh, injuries, that’s right. Do I feel better? Well, the vodka on rocks, twist of lime, 3 speared olives, while figuring out the best transitional sequence of a critical scene in the second to last chapter did make me feel much better. As for Gagne, I dig your positive vibe. You’ve been waiting for this cerebral lay with Simone for a while and I am happy you got it. That, by itself, is enough for me to feel good about the trade. As for my symbolic cow, she, like my waitress, remains of a Hindu faith and she, like me, isn’t quite ready for a Telos style lunar leap. I stare at an empty glass. “Waitress!”

I am guessing I was drunk when I wrote that…I believe that because that is typically how I write when I am drunk. Regardless, and the point was, I was happy that Surly was happy. I didn’t doubt Simon Gagne’s skill set. I doubted he would remain healthy. The concussion worried me the most.


Or, better stated, fuck.

Bad luck? Our reader JT just tripped over himself to write, “there is no such thing as luck in this context, this is Dean Lombardi’s fault!” He may be right. The point is this. Our left wing sniper, top six left wing sniper, two years and seven million dollars for a $3.5 million dollar per season cap hit top six left wing sniper is out with yet another concussion. This sucks on several grounds:

1. We lose his scoring which I believe would have gotten back on track given the L.A. Kings’ current offensive attack; and

2. We are stuck with his cap hit. Even if he goes on long time I.R., Dean Lombardi’s options for a trade are limited because he can’t be sure that Gagne is done for the season and, even if he is, he has to think about the contract he takes on (unless it is a rental) that may go into next season or beyond.

Where does this leave us? Me in a bad mood…and it’s 51% Surly’s fault, 48% Lombardi’s fault and 1% JT out of principle.