Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf & Bobby Ryan Are Available…You Know What That Means?

(imagine the organ at Staples Center or Surly’s ear-splitting assault from section 315…)

Dun Dun Dun DunDun

Dun Dun Dun DunDun

Dun Dun Dun DunDun


Bob Murray’s getting fired.

Hey, how did that whole coaching change work out for you? Not too well? Told you it wasn’t coaching didn’t I? So…

Dun Dun Dun DunDun…ok, not doing that again.

From Helen Elliott’s Twitter account:

“Murray says he has two untouchables–Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu– but anyone else is in play. Says he’s not rebuilding and seeking draft picks. if he trades a core player, it would be for another core-type player.”

The Fins have no trade clauses. That’s why they’re untouchable.

Do you want Bobby Ryan? Ryan Getzlaf…lol…Corey P…I can’t even write it. Can you imagine? I can’t. But, if you could and do it with a straight face, what would it take to land one of these Ducks?

Surly hates this article.

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  1. The only one i would even remotely consider would be bobby ryan. Hes already friends with a lot of the guys on our team. Hes also not a total asslicking douchenozzle tool like perry and Ryan “huge dome” Getzlaf

  2. Drewiske and Moreau for Ryan.

    Its worth a shot.

  3. Ryan for jj and amart plus whatever filler u need to square it up for both sides. The salary swap I think is pretty similar which is important for the ducks. We’re really perfect trade partners since our wingers suck and their d is dreadful.

  4. Hates it very much.

    But I’ll play along. Jack Johnson for Bobby Ryan is as far as I go in terms of a big trade and that’s only if Dean promises to never ever trade Voynov. Ah, I kind of take that back. It’s gross.

    Speaking of gross, there’s the rest of their roster. Hickey for Palmieri or some such nonsense.

  5. What could we get for Jack “Not So Mother F*cking” Johnson??

  6. Sorry dude, carlyle is as far as I would go. And yes, Getzlaf does a breathe through a blow hole in his bald spot.

  7. I don’t want a duck, I hope they get traded to one of those oh so grand canadian teams that don’t win Stanley cups.

    Fuck em’.

    • Hey I am as big a Kings fan as the next guy, but lets not sound totally retarded here. Montreal have 24 cups, Toronto has 11 Kings have, wait for it…..0. If we have a chance to land any of the big three from the ducks we would be completely stupid not to try and trade for them. Perry and Getzlaf are better than any one of our Kings (including Kopitar)

      • I do not believe that either players are better than Kopitar. Perry had one great season that was better than a season Kopitar has had. Overall and specifically right now? Kopitar trumps both of those idiots.

      • Your a fake kings fan you shithole. All kings fans know kopi is god and never give props to any mighty fuck. You suck!

  8. Trade possibilities with the Ducks that I could live with? Maybe the guy who runs the glove warmer behind our bench… A Staples Center usher… a bucket of AIDS.?

    Yeah I’m only keeping AIDS on the table.

  9. Ryan would fill the need. JJ and maybe fillers if needed.

  10. Johnson and Gagne/Loki/Williams for Perry. That is, JJ and one of those 3 for CP. Yea I said it.

    • This might have to be the first comment ever deleted from this site, such is my disgust.

    • i just threw up some of my roast beef from Arby’s. the sight of that douche bag in a Kings jersey is to much. he can take his scoring title and SC ring someplace else.

      trading for Perry is the same as bangin’ some broad that you know is going to be a psychotic lunatic stalker on the back end. you just don’t do it

    • OK if Gagne went along with JJ for Ryan…not Perry, through Gagne may be a bit pricy for the Ducks

      We now return to our regularly scheduled lineup.

  11. The rumor mill today is that Rick Nash will wave his no trade clause and bjs want a complete reboot– johnson, bernier and martinez for nash i coukd get a little hard for

  12. If Ryan does come we’d have to get rid of Hunter or Westgarth to make room. given that Gagne comes back. Giving up JJ would be a tough to take but for Ryan I could live with that.

  13. Bobby ryan is the only one id take but dont know if i want to give up jj

  14. I’d take Bobby Ryan for Jack Johnson+. Not that it would every happen, but if they were dumb enough to offer, I would take it. They have no reason to trade their franchise talent with us next door, they could get better packages around the league, and I question the veracity of Murray’s statement. Sounds more like he is trying to motivate his players through the media. If ownership wants to cut cost, they will ship out Visnovsky. Not Getzlaf, Perry, or Ryan.

    • i’m with Telos on this. I think it was Murray just blowing off steam and at the same time trying to light a fire under their ass. GM’s talking to the press about tradebait, usually is the first step before making a move.

      Ryan is the only guy I would want to see move up the 5

  15. sorry but no Ducks at all…..just could not stand it…no trade….no nothing with them….please it is bad enough that I work surrounded by idiot Duck fans…they can’t migrate to my team….

    It was bad enough last year having Jason Blake play in my company’s annual golf tournament and having to see his albino disgusting face all day and during the dinner…..I still have nightmares….so funny when he was out injured for such a long time…..

    My Kopi bobblehead is nodding in agreement with me…..

  16. Fuck Ryan up the ass.

    And while you’re at it, fuck Perry and Getzlaff, too.

    Be patient. Let the Ducks sink lower.Let them founder in waves of self-abasement. THEN work a trade — a trade that doesn’t jam a broken nightstick in your tuchuss.

    If you wanna unload JJ — which I certainly do NOT — it’s uncouth and distasteful to ship him just a few miles down the road.

  17. The funniest part of all of this is Bob Murray saying he hasn’t given up on the season and that he has delusions of a playoff run.

  18. You’re gross.

  19. Problem with the Ducks is that instead of rebuilding for a couple of years, they’ve tried to extend the status quo. We went through a simialar process holding onto Gretzky longer than we should of. Mismanagement kept us there years afterwards, but that’s besides the point.

    If the Ducks made some hard choices to let go of some veteran players go a few years ago, they’d be a power house again instead of barely staying a float with no farm system, and aged veterans still holding the team hostage.

    The Kings are struggling also, but have peices in place to turn it around, and a deep pipeline. The Kings still have to do the work, but the Ducks could still do the work, and still be handcuffed when it’s all said and done.

    Still wish we could see them in the playoffs.

  20. If there was some way of getting Corey Perry, I’d love to see it. The guy nearly single-handedly carried the Ducks into the playoffs last year. He’s a 50 goal scorer and if you’re saying you wouldn’t take him on your team, you’re nuts.

    Imagine a line of Perry, Kopitar and Brown. That’s a nasty-looking line, in my opinion. I think that line would cause loads of troubles for the opposition and free up Richards (Gagne and Williams as his wingers?) from the heaviest checking lines.

    But, to be honest, I can’t see Ryan or Perry moving (especially to a division rival). I’d even be surprised to see Getzlaf move, but as we saw with Philly, any and all trades are possible.

    • I would love a player like Corey Perry. I just can’t ever bring myself to want that particular dipshit on my team. Is it irrational? Of course it is. My love for the Kings is also totally irrational but I stand by both of them.

      • Irrationality is part of our makeup as Kings fans. If we weren’t irrational, we’d probably like the Wings or Hawks or Penguins or some other relatively successful team. Instead, we root for the Kings.

        However, I can’t share your irrational hatred of Perry. I’m not exposed to him up too much. Instead, I’ve got the Sens, Habs and Leafs to irrationally hate.


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