It’s game day boys and girls. I am already here, waiting for a table at the Yard House. Surly is on the road and should arrive shortly. My lungs are rested and I am in the mood to kick a desert dog.

I don’t have an instinctive feel for this game yet. What I do know is the Sutter Kings versus the fast paced Coyotes may give itself to a wide open and exciting game. Don’t mistake that with a shinny one. Defense should still rule the day with these two coaches.

I am again disappointed that Jonathan Bernier is not getting the start unless something has changed as I type this.

Coyotes are a good team. Certainly not a team to take lightly. Let’s keep an eye on the powerplay and offense in general to see if the Kings can built on their forward momentum patient puck possession attack style offensive mojo.

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