L.A. Kings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets: A Saturday Afternoon BJ…

The last time we met Columbus, they offered up a BJ at just the right time. We had lost 5 in a row, depression had set in, our boys were flaccid and we needed a win. That was then…

Today, we come in confident, riding the Darryl Sutter wave of hugs, motivation & good cheer all around. The players are having fun. The fans are happy. Everyone is excited about the team’s expected inevitable success after Terry Murray’s firing. And who is there to greet us as we stand ten feet tall with a wry smile and hard as a rock? Why those giving Columbus Blue Jackets.

Afternoon games under Terry Murray have been garbage for the better part of his 3 + seasons. Whatever caused the L.A. Kings to not get it up for these day matches better be behind us. Personally, I would consider anything less than a four goal blasting a failure. It’s time for the boys to unload on Columbus. It’s time to show our O face. Let’s hope lock-jaw doesn’t set in and the team skates off the ice, and we leave Staples Center, satisfied…

This is your open forum.


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  1. Scribe . . . you’re gonna put the whammy on it.

    You and your “four-goal blastings”. Shut the fuck up! Just let us get outa this one with two points.

    There are lotsa teams I wanna humiliate. Columbus is not one of them.

    • You and your limp superstitions. You sound like Surly. There is no whammy. Just a rock hard desire to win

      • Hey, my superstitions are purely clothing related.

        Need I remind you of your own superstitious answer for not wearing a jersey the last few games?

        • I’m not allowed to poop during games any more. I went during a commercial break once and by the time I got back San Jose had scored two goals (and I poop fast). :X Not gonna risk testing that superstition…

      • You did this, Scribe.

        I warned you not to goose-step on your dick but you wouldn’t listen. Limp superstitions, indeed.

        Every time you fuck with the Primal Forces we take it up the ass.

        One-nothing to the Columbus Doormats. Satisfied now?

    • Ya, Scribe, it’s not very nice to pick on the retarded kid.

  2. The “O” face innuendo had me laughing for a good minute

  3. Uggh..today you ate a Nasty man..
    moving on.. let’s get some goals amd kick ass

  4. So far no BJ, just someClit.

  5. Personally, I would consider anything less than a four goal blasting a failure.

    … And you’ve been a fan of the Kings for how long? Don’t you know by now?

  6. … How long has this unbeaten streak been, and the fans are BOOING the team? Talk about a bunch of gay babies. They should rename Staples the Emo Palace.

    • I think they are booing because we’ve had 5 min of pp time to start the 3rd period and can’t score on them against the last place team. I think that sums things up nicely and clearly. :P

      • … Yeah, I suppose actually supporting the team is out of the question. Crying about it certainly will help matters.

        And I couldn’t care less if they’re against a last place team. The Jackets are working hard today. That’s why they play the games.

        The Kings beat Vancouver, in what would be labeled an upset … it’s not like the Kings aren’t capable of being upset themselves.

        • Hey Hockey is a business. Fans are the client. If they don’t like the on ice product they are allowed to voice their displeasure. Happens everyday in any other industry. ;)

          • … Hockey is a SPORT first and a business second, and the day it ceases to be a sport first, it will dissolve.

            And sure, fans are allowed to be ungrateful whiners. It just makes them look very bad.

          • We can argue names but players are getting paid; its their job. Hence, the sport has become a business.

  7. Kings are playing like they dont want to win. not even trying at all

  8. It really is difficult to score goals when you don’t have any speed or skill on the wing or any true snipers on the team at all.

    I don’t know why we should even be surprised, this is the kind of team we were told they were going to try and build when he was hired. AEG is getting exactly what they deserve for turning the franchise over to Dean Lombardi.

    It really sucks because now it’s going to take the new guy a couple of years to totally overhaul the offensive personnel and system that Lombardi has totally ignored.

    I didn’t believe in curses, but now I am starting to wonder. How does one fan base deserve what we have been through.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying over and over and over and over. Some people think it’s down to system. I don’t. I think it’s EXACTLY as you say. Even in a pathetic system a 2nd or 3rd line player should be able to score 10-12 goals on the year. Not 3.

      DL absolutely positively has to take responsibility for this offensive ………. (I don’t know what word to use). They’re actually scoring less than when TM was in charge.

      • And personally I wouldn’t be unhappy to turn it over to a ‘new guy’ because you certainly ain’t gonna win a SC with a team of forwards like this.

        DS has to be bloody Houdini to just create something even resembling a first line.

        My worry is ….. who would AEG pick next as a GM? I don’t think they have a clue.

    • With all this talk of bride coaches, is Lombardi the bride GM?

  9. 0 for 8 on the PP against Columbus.
    Throw a fucking woman’s team out there…hell, throw some fuckin 13-14 year old “B League” team out there and they’d score at least 1 against Columbus.

    What a fucking joke this team is on the offensive side of the game. The other team doesn’t even need to put a goalie between the pipes. Our guys couldn’t hammer one into a god damn soccer goal right now.


    • Disagree..

      It could definitely go into a soccer net

    • Now now, did we really think this was going to change because Bernie Nicholls skated around practice a couple times? And just what does Jamie Kompon do for this team now? DS was drawing up the last power play…does JK serve a purpose other than being “a good man?”


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