From Rich:

Dustin Penner made it through a full practice today, and afterward said his back felt better. Penner said he suffered back spasms yesterday morning while — and I promise I’m not making this up — eating pancakes. Penner kept a good sense of humor about the whole episode but understandably didn’t think the back pain itself was very funny. His status for tomorrow’s game will likely be determined in the morning.

Rich’s status as “Insider” is forever tainted. If a player misses a game due to an injury suffered while eating breakfast and the beat writer for the team can’t bring himself to ask the very next set of questions as well as print them, then I am out of words in defending him!

Some examples…

“What really happened?”

“This happened at home? IHOP?”

“Was this your first plate? Second? Twelfth?”

“Do you have a history of breakfast induced injuries?”

“Are you sure it wasn’t while taking the post breakfast dump?”

“Have lunch or dinner caused any maladies that have kept you from playing on the ice consistent with your $4 plus million dollar per season contract?”

“Are you fucking for real?”

Update: I asked The Mayor to please follow up and find out what happened.