After Jack Johnson’s goal, I kept hearing people talk about his TiVo celebration. “TiVo”, I thought? Is that still around? And what does that have to do with Johnson’s goal? If you haven’t seen it…

I didn’t get it. Then again, for me, if it’s not hockey related, it’s not sports related.

I was later told, “No, you puckhead. Tebow! He is a quarterback for the Broncos.”

Quarterback. Broncos. That sounds like football. That hideous game with a ball shaped like Stewie’s head, played by overgrown beasts crashing into each other while some dude throws said head across a field with a bunch of numbers on it.
The game that takes 3 hours to complete during which more time is spent by these behemoths getting up and adjusting themselves than actually playing. That game. Nothing good could come out of football and I refused to take on faith that a hockey celebration had anything to do with a nefarious sport.

So I did a search for “Tebow Celebration.” Here is what I found.

That doesn’t look like football. That looks like BU beating Cornell. Nice goal.

My research continued.

Er…that looks like a sport I understand as well. So far, this is all hockey. There must be more to this.

Well, Jesus. I don’t know about the rest of you, but these compelling series of videos demonstrate to me that Tebow has nothing to do with…baseball I think it was, but is rather a hockey trend where players, after scoring goals, strike the “thinker” pose…

Or for you sensitive types who are easily offended by religious insinuations…

So enough with the Tebow mischaracterizations of Jack Johnson’s goal celebration. That is not football related anymore than Dustin Brown is signaling a touchdown.