Investigating The Tebow Celebration

After Jack Johnson’s goal, I kept hearing people talk about his TiVo celebration. “TiVo”, I thought? Is that still around? And what does that have to do with Johnson’s goal? If you haven’t seen it…

I didn’t get it. Then again, for me, if it’s not hockey related, it’s not sports related.

I was later told, “No, you puckhead. Tebow! He is a quarterback for the Broncos.”

Quarterback. Broncos. That sounds like football. That hideous game with a ball shaped like Stewie’s head, played by overgrown beasts crashing into each other while some dude throws said head across a field with a bunch of numbers on it.
The game that takes 3 hours to complete during which more time is spent by these behemoths getting up and adjusting themselves than actually playing. That game. Nothing good could come out of football and I refused to take on faith that a hockey celebration had anything to do with a nefarious sport.

So I did a search for “Tebow Celebration.” Here is what I found.

That doesn’t look like football. That looks like BU beating Cornell. Nice goal.

My research continued.

Er…that looks like a sport I understand as well. So far, this is all hockey. There must be more to this.

Well, Jesus. I don’t know about the rest of you, but these compelling series of videos demonstrate to me that Tebow has nothing to do with…baseball I think it was, but is rather a hockey trend where players, after scoring goals, strike the “thinker” pose…

Or for you sensitive types who are easily offended by religious insinuations…

So enough with the Tebow mischaracterizations of Jack Johnson’s goal celebration. That is not football related anymore than Dustin Brown is signaling a touchdown.

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  1. No it is not Tebow look it up on twitter under RGrimaldi 23 college kid drafted by the panthers i believe. His ppst has been the same picture for a long time now. So it is a hockey players move.

  2. Bobby,

    I have a question that is completely unrelated to Tebow or JJ’s goal celebration but I don’t have access to my email at work but do have access to your site. Anyway, I was listening to Hockey this Morning and they were discussing how the Players Association shot down the reorganization planned for next season and how this may be a sign of how things are going to go during the CBA negotiations. Although I know all of this is speculation at this point, I was wondering what your thoughts are on this. Do you think there’s a chance for another lockout?

    • When the NHLPA did not accept the reorganization plan, the NHL had the option to take the matter to court for a decision. The NHL decided this was not a good time to do such due to the upcoming CBA. Therefore, they will put the reorganization plan on the shelf and revisit the idea after the new CBA is put into place. IMO: No chance for another lockout.

    • A lockout would really hurt the league and the small market clubs. no way a lockout will happen. If it does I would be shock.

    • I am undecided although I believe the media is making too big of deal out of the NHLPA not giving consent. In other words, the media wants it to be a story (especially with the CBA coming up) so they will make it read as such, even torture it a little bit despite the NHLPA’s perfectly logical reasons for turning down realignment as written. FWIW, the more I looked at the realignment plan submitted by the NHL, the more I disliked it.

      • Still waiting for resident Bettman expert Howard Roarke to write an article on this…

      • the NHLPA’s perfectly logical reasons for turning down realignment as written

        … All I’m going to say about this subject is that I totally agree with this quote and with the NHLPA’s reasoning.

        I believe the media is making too big of deal out of the NHLPA not giving consent.

        … This is 100% correct, as well.

      • What I dislike the most is the fact that some conferences have 7 teams and some have 8. I would like it to be the same across the board.

  3. I read that last night.. and thought TiVo.. what??
    But I don’t always get all words of what you are saying.. I chalk it up to being
    female and move on..
    That is funny.. because I knew who Tebow was.. my peeps like football so as a
    courtesy I try to keep up with a little of it(is there really any other sport buy Hockey..seriously).
    When they did a Kings Vision piece on JMFJ a few years back the segment was on him going to a USC practice.. he is a sport nut and loves football and USC.
    so his celebrating made sense to me..
    Now Brownie.. he has been doing the arms up along with a fist pump and other
    assorted for a while.. just depends on his mood I guess..
    IT would be fun to do a
    ‘How do players signal they have scored and celebrate a Goal’ article..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. You’re a great hockey blogger. But I get so annoyed when arrogant football fans talk pretentiously and ignorantly about hockey… and I hate when hockey fans talk pretentiously and ignorantly of football. Whichever one is talking down about the other, just comes off looking like a narrow-minded jerk.

  5. I’m waiting for the day when a player scores, skates to center ice at full speed, slides to the ice on his knees, and flipps off the opposing team with both fingers.

  6. At this point………..I just want to see MORE Kings goals!!! I don’t really care how they celebrate! DD, more cup checks??

  7. What celebration move will DD give Willie Mitchell after his next goal????

    A Mitch Cup Check………..

  8. I will tell you the those Football people just don’t understand the rules….. It took me 2 years of kings playoffs and one full season to get into it and understand. Now I cant get enough of the kings and hockey!

    Converted Hockey Lover


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