If Nothing Else, Dustin Penner Is A Funny Guy…

As most of you know, Kings left wing Dustin Penner has been a frequent guest on MayorsManor since arriving in Los Angeles last February. He’s often brought a great sense of humor and insight to this site when talking about hockey and life in general. A lot has gone down since he was a last minute scratch against the Columbus Blue Jackets last Saturday. The following open letter comes directly from the man himself…

So it seems as though I need to address Pancakegate for those in the sports media world, as well as those following #pennercakes on twitter, in light of the recent phenomenon I’ve created.

Right off the bat, I’d like to clarify a few things.

For example, they were vegetarian pancakes. The injury happened as I was sitting down to eat, not mid-bite. And yes, I did finish them.

There has been some feedback from the media as a whole regarding the lack of transparency involving injuries. So, I decided to be candid.

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  1. Make my pancakes gluten-free, and I would gladly sit down with Penner and have some pancakes. I would probably choke from laughing, the guy is that funny, but it will be for charity, so why not?

  2. You Rock getting this and Thank You to Mayors Mannor.. nice guy!
    I so enjoy the human interest parts of our players..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. I say we all buy gobs of tickets for Surly/Scribe so they can run him through the ringer. :D

    • It’s one thing being blog tough, acting on it while downing pancakes across from Penner is not good for ones health.

      • Well that and we aren’t total douche bags. If we got the chance to interview him we’d ask some rough questions he may not like but in the case of sharing a stack of pancakes, knowing Penner’s humor and ours, I imagine the breakfast would be a nonsensical joke fest.

        It would take a special kind of asshole to blast the guy during A) breakfast, B) something charitable he put together and C) when the guy is already being self-deprecating.

  4. FYI word out of Montreal is Cammaleri wants out, he blasted the team in the press yesterday. Given that and his poor play this year the price tag might be reasonable…….

    • And Lombardi admit he was wrong about the guy? Hahahaha.

      Cammy is exactly what this team needs though and should have hung on to in the first place. The last true elite sniper the Kings’ developed.

      He may be a scorer but he is a selfish ‘all about me’ player who had his chance here. He was a locker room cancer and we do not want that disease here to infect our Boys.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • … I’d appreciate it if this site didn’t deal in the same myths/made-up things that other websites do. It’s bad enough with the Doughty hater guy writing two articles here that are chock full of fabrication and portraying a player in the most negative light possible. I would hope this sort of thing doesn’t become an epidemic ’round these parts.

        I don’t see the Kings acquiring Cammalleri due to cap constraints, anyway. I don’t think it’s anything Kings’ fans need to concern themselves with.

      • @hockeyjockey See, I don’t agree at all. That is all the bullshit Dean Lombardi implied or fans otherwise made up but the Cammy I saw and I heard came across as a leader by words off the ice and example on the ice. I loved him and I have never forgiven Lombardi for trading him. That “he was just a one year asset” was such garbage. He wouldn’t have been that if he paid the fucking guy. It reminds me what he did with Moulson, but to a lesser extent. Dean said about Moulson (according to Matt) that he wasn’t a hard working player when Moulson has a reputation for being exactly the opposite. I recall reading that Moulson was offended and I didn’t blame him. I never saw Matt in any of the games he played here as being soft or not working hard out there.

        • Of course he wasn’t hard working, Bobby. Scoring is easy. Everyone knows that.

        • Well we all have our opinions as you said..I mever spoke personally with him, and certsinly do not agree with all of Dran’s decisions. But for what I know I still stand behind what I said. I was disappointed with Molton’s trade, but even more with the trade of Brian Boyle! I liked him so much. I knew he would become an asset to his team.
          GO KINGS GO!!
          p.s.I would bench Doughty’s ass on that last goal! So busy whining to ref he doesn’t get back to play. Good call/ bad call keep playing ..let the Refs ref. :(
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. MM: So, (Trevor) Lewis tells me that (Mike) Richards likes to eat candy. I remember last year you saying you were trying to get off the Sour Patch Kids. Has that been a problem this year, with him sitting next to you?

    Penner: No, he shares and we have an understanding – ‘What’s yours is mine.’ So, we’ve strengthened our friendship through Sour Patch Kids.

    MM: You might be able to bully him into sharing, given the size difference. But, what about the guy to your right [Kevin Westgarth]?

    Penner: Westy usually just mostly grunts. We don’t talk unless I’m grunting with him.

    MM: Is it intimidating at all, having to sit next to a Princeton grad?

    Penner: No, I went to Maine.

    MM: Oh, that’s the same level now?

    Penner: When you’re sitting beside Westy it is.


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